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Rumors race through Ponyville when the townsfolk are afraid Twilight’s new spell threatens to uncover their secrets. With her friends away, can Twilight face the the music for what she’s done?

All characters copyright Hasbro.

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:ajbemused:Really? The ponies of Ponyville are that easily convinced of stuff? Well, shouldn't be that much of a surprise. *cough cough*Flim and Flam*cough cough*


Pfft. The ponies of Ponyville are stupid. :derpytongue2:

It actually went better than the expected! :twilightsmile:

This was really nice! A great little slice of life and concept exploration at the same time. I love seeing earth pony magic. ^^ Good job!


Very well done, this is one of the best depictions of Equestrian magic I've seen on this site.

And when I talked about secrets and spells without a good explanation, I made a lot of people very nervous.


Thanks for the feedback. I struggled with 'people' vs. 'pony' in that line. There is a 'pony' in the line before and 'everypony' in the line after. Three lines in a row with pony references felt cliched when I reviewed it. I will work harder to keep humanized references to a minimum in the future.

Magical is my first story that to get to the Popular Stories list on the front page, if only for a little while. Thanks to everyone for the views, likes, favs, and comments!

They need a episode like this.

7312526 Thank you, that is high praise indeed!

You've already seen my review of this; I'm just popping in to finally give you the upvote this story deserves! :twilightsmile:

7908913 Thank you for the review, the upvote, and the feedback!

Aww that was heartwarming!

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