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Trying to get these wonderful ideas out of my head and down for everyone to read...

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It finally happened... · 4:44pm Dec 31st, 2020

Last night, I finally attracted my first imbecile...

And applied my first block, after YEARS of being here.

I have discovered, to my amazement, that there are individuals here who write the most fulsome trash known to man; then spend their other waking moments playing "Kelsey Grammar N*zi" upon other writers, amongst other literary abuses...


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You're quite welcome!

I normally don't read serial or incomplete works; but I was intrigued with this idea myself. I couldn't find a way to plausibly rectify a pre-industrial technological society with an interstellar one. And I really didn't want a "human in Ponyville" trope or a "Twilight found a broken spaceship; let's see what she does!" sort of thing. I also rejected the "portal" idea as well.

So it would have ended up Alicorns and OC's, and Data putting his foot in his mouth regarding Picard riding horses right in front of Celestia. It makes for a terrific one shot gag, but how do you get there to start with, and where do you go after that?

Kinda like this approach...

Thanks for the favorite on Star Trek Phoenix! .:twilightsmile:

Sure thing!

Maybe It'll help get that folder smaller. Some ideas--some really good ideas...and I lost the handle on them and they rolled away under the refrigerator...

It's not fair to them.

Celestia learning to cook. It's been in there for years, and now with the retirement, it should really go somewhere now...

I certainly hope my series is of some help to you then!

If there's something you'd like for me to cover, send me a DM and I'll consider it.

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