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Vermilion and Sage

An Airman and a Marine, putting pen to paper to tell tall tales of pretty ponies.

For your butthurt needs:

An Introduction and Guide

Hello everyone, we'd like to welcome to you to our story page! To make sure that 'we' is understood, this is a joint account run by Vermilion (Splice of the Facebook Military Bronies), and 'red Sage. Our stories are tagged in the description by author, and comments or blogs we usually highlight be text color or sign our names. For reference, anything by Sage will be green, and by Vermilion will be, well, vermilion.

Hey guys, this is Sage. I'm an airman, and living the dream. Finished school with an electrical engineering degree, but wanted to branch out and learn how to write too. Guess that interest turned into a huge hobby and now just look what happened. Anyways, hope you enjoy your read. Stay a while, and be sure to let me know what you think! I always like hearing from my readers.

Hello, I am Vermilion. I do stuff, and occasionally things.

Oh, I'm also a Marine.


Ink On Life's Paper · 12:26am Mar 8th, 2016

[Note: ch3 of It's Not You They Fear has been edited and updated. 'Bout darn time.]

So I was gonna write some deep post about silver linings in pain and training hard for your struggles, but I realized the struggle for today was finishing those edits. Check it out if you have the time and boredom to do it. And here is an adorable picture of Luna in case you need to smile.

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Absolutely. I'm not half bad at keeping an eye on it myself but a helping hoof is always preferred.


Well, if you want feedback bad enough to take your case to Semper Filly, how could I do otherwise? If you want some serious edits, let me know.

Hey ya'll, thanks for the watch!


The forums are for discussing anything and all things Fallout: Equestria. There are threads for more specific things, like Pre-Reading, Project Horizons, group collabs, and other stuff - but generally, anything in the context of Fallout: Equestria is appropriate.


Can do! Thanks for introducing yourself, and thanks for the group add! I do have just one question, what exactly do you use your group forums for as a general rule?


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