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I used to write horses with swords. Or horses with guns. Pick your poison.

My Work

Info about me.

Birthday: June 6th
Age: 20
Height: 5'9
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: Auburn/brown
Home town: Columbus, Ohio
Favorite color(s): Red and Navy blue.
Favorite type of food: I'm stuck between seafood and Japanese food.
Favorite movies (in no order): MCU and (most) DCEU movies, San Andreas, Jurassic World, Zootopia, Big Hero 6, The LEGO Movie, etc.
Favorite book(s): American Sniper & Memoirs of a Royal Guard (hardcover!)
Favorite music genre: Pretty much everything except for death metal and some country.
Favorite singer/band: Imagine Dragons, plain and simple. There's not a song they have that I hate.
TV shows: The Flash, Designated Survivor, Steven Universe, Stranger Things, The Punisher, Aggretsuko, and The Last Ship.
Video games: Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite, Battlefield 4, Cities: Skylines
Nationality: American, although my roots come from Ireland, Italy, and Scandanavia.
Hobbies: Commercial & modern military aviation, a little bit of art, Lego, gaming, writing (duh), weather, movie making, and the military itself.
Current job: Ramp Agent for United Airlines at CMH
Dream job: I'm interested in going into meteorology.
Dream Car: Ford Mustang GT.
Dream house: Either a beach house on the northern parts of the eastern seaboard, or a nice house beside a rocky river in the wilderness outside of a small town. Or, somewhere in Canada.
Fears: Tornadoes, drowning, being alone, & wasps.

Other info:

I wear permanent glasses. The downside is I can't wear sunglasses and still have good vision, and I hate eye contacts, so I'm screwed there.
I'm also homeschooled and have been since the 4th grade after I was stabbed in the eye with a pencil intentionally and the school refused to do anything about it.
I'm extremely quiet and shy, I always have been. But, once you get to know me, I open up as long as I'm not nervous to talk to you. But I also get anxious that I ramble on too much and lose the interest of whoever I'm talking to.
I also really love to travel, mainly to popular tourist destinations on the beach or historical locations.

Welcome to my page!

Hey there, everyone! Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is John, or as I go by on here, Thunderblast, and sometimes PegiGuard. I am from Central Ohio with a massive interest in all things aviation, meteorology, and military.

I joined the fandom in 2012 (I remember clearly only because the Crystal Empire opening to season three of FiM was being advertised prior to its initial airing) and, while I have more recently drifted away from the main fandom, I stick by to write my stories and share them with all you wonderful people.

I used to write my stories in an adapted version of Friendship is Magic's world, officially titled the Pegiverse by me and Skyfire Storm, introducing modern technology like we know in real life. The timeline itself aligns with the first half of FiM's story (and fully diverges after the events of season four, though occasionally recurs with some of the show's story elements and occurrences), but centers primarily around instances created for the plot of my stories. The setting itself takes inspiration from both Marvel and DC Comics in terms of a shared universe, but I try to uphold a level of originality to make the Pegiverse stand out. More information about the Pegiverse can be found further down my page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I certainly hope you enjoy what I have to offer!


Howdy! · 2:21am Sep 1st, 2023

Wowee, it's been a while! I'm still very much alive, as you can see. Last update from me on here was almost two years ago, I can't say a whole lot has changed other than my place of employment and relationship status.

No, I'm not back, although sometimes I look at what I have that wasn't published yet and wish I could have finished everything I had planned, but honestly I think I would still be working on something if that were the case.

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The Pegiverse

Official Pegiverse Equestria map, drawn by me, Thunderblast.

Developed headcanons of a universe I've created alongside my good friends.

Equestria is built upon medieval technology alongside modern and occasionally futuristic technology. This includes airplanes, diesel/electric trains, modern cities, guided missile warships and carriers, phones, computers, guns, and satellites. Cars are, however, excluded. Technology also varies in certain regions. Manehattan and other large cities are highly-modernized metropolises, with Canterlot a mixture of the two, and smaller towns such as Ponyville, Appleloosa, etc., are as they appear in the show. Pony-kind also has the ability to go to space and has, and there is a space station orbiting the planet not too dissimilar to the real life ISS.

Geographically, the map is similar but altered compared to the canon map of the show. The "Discovered West" on the updated canon map does not exist in this universe, and the Eastern Griffon continent is not connected by land to Equestria's. Many cities not canon to the show are also featured. Los Pegasus is also an opposite of Los Angeles in the Pegiverse, whereas it is an opposite of Las Vegas in the show. Las Vegas does have a counterpart, but is named Las Haygas.

Culturally, while ponies are primarily herbivores, they may also eat meat, such as manticore (as a replacement for cows). The Sirens are a mare rock band popular in Equestria; due to the divergence, as such, the Equestria Girls movies do not occur, therefore, the Sirens do not take evil forms and are ponies. Pegasi do not play nearly as much of a role in weather as in the show. Much of it controls itself, meaning tornadoes and hurricanes are an issue. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can also occur. The year in Equestria also goes along with real-life years.

Politically, the armed forces of Equestria are equally shared between Celestia and Luna. The New Lunar Republic exists and serves as Equestria's Navy and Marine Core, but follows commands from Celestia as well. There is competition, but it is civilized (banter primarily) within the military, much like the real-life branches of the U.S. military. The Griffon Empire has two main kingdoms, but with different leaders. One north of Equestria, one across the Antlertic Ocean, far east of Equestria.

Main Pegiverse Stories In Order of Occurrence

The Veins Run Deep
A Sailor's Notes
The Guard of the Sun (replacing UtM, BtD, and WNC)
An Old Friend's Return
Millennia: Beginning
The Veins Run Deeper
Millennia: Eye of the Storm
Deceitful Royalty
Millennia: Starfall
Journal of a Warbound Soldier
The Unsung

Discord Chat!

Feel free to join!

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No problem! And thank you! :pinkiehappy: Dunno about officer right now, guess we'll just have to see!

Thanks for the follow and best of luck building that navy career of yours. Hope you make Officer one day.

dude I totally understand having to use permanent glasses

Nice, I'll have to check those out when I rewatch the show.

well Im glad to help, oh scenes that i am talking about are in season 7 episodes 1 and 15

Well that's good, I was sick of them being treated as useless trophies.

it showed that us that they aren't the joke in a scene that has them

I haven't watched season 7 yet but that makes me happy to hear.

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