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Here is a story outline for a novel and a Tumblr I'm working on:

Sukhbataar ("Axe Hero" in Mongolian) is an Equinological consultant (like an Anthropological consultant) for Equestria's military, and the father of Scootaloo; he is also a Przewalski's Horse, which, though often described as a Horse, generally have different chromosome counts, so it isn't exactly like other domesticated horses, but in fact, almost a different animal, and since I noticed that there were Donkeys and Zebras in MLP, why not Przewalski's Horses? Anyway, he is revealed to be very depressed, and almost using travelling as a means of hiding from Scootaloo, because he cannot face the shame of something terrible he did, which will be a surprise. After being urged by his friend, who is also the Pony Resources director of the base he was currently working at, to go back to Scootaloo for a while, since his depression is not getting any better, he comes home for a brief spell. Scootaloo has already forgiven him for what he did, as it was only to benefit Scootaloo, and so she is actually happy that he is coming home. Everypony else sees her excitement, and comes with her to greet him home.

Then he comes, and he becomes a marvel of Ponyville, for being its only Przewalski's Horse, and for not having been seen there before (He sent Scootaloo to live with her Aunt and Uncle while he was away, and she is not really a resident of Ponyville, but her Aunt and Uncle are). He is always sad or emotionally neutral, so Pinkie Pie does everything in her power to cheer him up, including parties, so he becomes well-known, and the mares all adore him, because he is handsome and gentle, and they ignore the fact that he is not yet 30 and yet has an eleven-year-old daughter, meaning that he fathered her at a young age. Rainbow Dash is the only one who doesn't really like him, because he is similar to his father when she was a filly; someone who is hiding something, and she knows it. In spite of this, he goes from being really depressed to being cheerful and optimistic, and clearly ready to start all over, because everypony in Ponyville is his willing friend, except for Rainbow Dash, who is his reluctant friend. However, she begins to respect him more as she sees the way he treats everypony else, and begins to build a physical attraction to him after going to a dance with him. One time, she gets drunk, makes a pass at him, but he reluctantly turns it down, and she realizes this, and respects completely and eternally. In turn, at first he thought she was all immature and irresponsible, until he sees just how maternal she is to Scootaloo, and also notices that in a way, she is the most honorable pony, because while most of the ones he's met do good things because they want to, she does good things and yet doesn't want to; she does them because she knows it's right, and thus proves to be the Element of Loyalty

Eventually, he is discovered to have different religious interpretations than most of Ponyville, the first of a few steps to make him an outcast, and then it was revealed that he fathered Scootaloo out of wedlock before marrying the mother. Though he expressed regret at this notion, and warns Scootaloo about the dangers of underaged sex, saying that he knows from experience, most other Ponyville Ponies have virtually no concept of once doing bad things, and regretting them later: Most Ponyville Ponies generally are well-behaved from start-to-finish, so 'redemption' is a concept that is dead to them. Then where his wife mysteriously disappeared to is revealed: She was a drunk, tried to kill Scootaloo, and he killed her to protect Scootaloo. That completely drives all Ponies away from him, because they don't understand the concept of doing something without wanting to do it (they are naturally inclined to kindness and hard work, and enjoy it all the way, so they assume he enjoyed killing his wife, which he didn't); all of the Mane Six reject him, even Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle reject him...except for Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash is a pony whom I observed willingly does good things, but she clearly doesn't do them because she enjoys it; she does them because she knows she should, so she understands the concept of Sukhbataar regretting his mistakes and also not wanting to kill his wife. With that, he turns to her for comfort, and they get very close. As Rainbow Dash tries to explain that Sukhbataar is a nice stallion, Sukhbataar gets increasingly close to her.

I've been told repeatedly that my idea sucks, so be honest, what do you all think?

All y'alls here gon' love me, because almost everything I do is OCxCanon in some fashion.

I have finally found my people! :raritystarry:

Look for Cerulean1313.

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