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Deep Voiced Maniac

Hello, My name is Deep Voiced Maniac. I`m a Monster, that likes to write about walking, talking, technicolor ponies. I also read, draw, and play video games. Please don`t be mean. Thank you Sir/Madam.

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Sorry guys, but I`m putting up the "Closed" sign, because I`m rereading my favorite Fan Fic of all time:

Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons!

Thank you for the follow, Deep Voice :yay:

Destiny: Equestria will be delayed for now!

Comment posted by Gray Compass deleted Apr 29th, 2015

Please check my story: Destiny Equestria!

Good story!
More Chapters!:pinkiehappy:

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Bleeding Out Season 1 Revise And Bleeding Out Season 2! · 10:10pm May 3rd, 2015

Wow, I haven't made one of these in a long time. Thought I was dead? Was for a little awhile, and will be soon enough, but before I leave, let me announce something:

Bleeding Out Season 1 will be revised and Bleeding Out Season 2 is a thing. I'm too busy with problems in real life, so I will be handing this story over to an author known as Doctor Elite. He is a good writer and you should check out his stories, pretty good.

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