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Fallout: Equestria, the story that started it all, written by Kkat, the Goddess of everything awesome in the world.
Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons by Somber
Fallout Equestria: Heroes by No One
Fallout Equestria: Pink Eyes by Mimezinga

Fallout Equestria: Resource, the collection of all the fan stuff for Fo:E there is.
Fallout: Equestria Wiki, your number one source of information on Fo:E.
Fallout: Equestria Side Stories Compilation Document (Google Docs link)
A "Let's Read" of Fallout Equestria - link provided by Kkat Herself

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hello fellow writers readers and internet browsers I am looking for an editor and sadly can not pay someone to and so I come here to ask for your help to make the story's I wright truly shine I am accepting anyone who knows anything about anything from Kitty

I’m looking to create a story on fallout

There's a Fallout FPS-style F:oE game made by Overmare Studios called Ashes of Equestria. Here's a link: https://overmare.itch.io/ashes-of-equestria

Enjoy! ;)

Comment posted by SilverStarApple deleted Aug 9th, 2018

Hey guys!Is it possible to find pre-readers and editors here?I'm currently working on a side fic and would definitely love some help......

Is this place still active?

Hey there, I am pretty new to this brony thing and even newer to Fallout Equestria (only finished it yesterday) I am super excited to read other fics just like it since I am a fan of violent ponies. Anyway what I am trying to say is nice to meet you all!

Has anyone here heard of the Professional Fallout Equestria Audiobook project? If they can raise enough money by August 21, there'll be a professionally voice-acted Fallout Equestria Audiobook.
Anyone who wishes to donate can do so on this site here.

Okay, so, just decided to toss this into the comments in case anyone hasn't found it thru one way or another:


This is something that I ran across on Deviant-Art awhile ago, and the project has moved forwards majorly. To stop being such a suspenseful little drama-lover, It is a side-scrolling, Fallout: Equestria game. Everything is randomly generated, from the maps, to the loot, to the types of enemies. So far, I've only played it up to the next checkpoint I found, 'round 20 minutes in. No idea if there's a quest system or not, but, the base idea is here.

V for S.A.T.S., tab for inventory, LMB to fire, interact with objects close enough with E, use telekinesis with Q (It's got a limit depending on the weight, top right corner), W raises your weapons, S makes you lay down, A-D go side to side, shift to sprint, general stuff.

I literally shuddered with ecstasy when I started playing this. The dream is here, a FO:E game.

Happy hunting! :twilightsmile:

hello! i just joined! i will be making a FoE side story! i hope you enjoy!


I pref to write about changelings so aside from my original theory I got nothing. Save an old addage of a wise yet stubborn old man "Man plays dice with fate. God does not."

But we have seen that radiation in FO:E can cause mutations. Maybe its a side effect of mild exposure.

406838 I understand as much. But, the original train of thought was; why did their cutie-marks change so quickly? The environment and how they live change could explain it, but only as a way of copping out. That said, my personal theory is that, much like a pattern, equestria goes through a certain number of cutie marks, maybe a thousand per year or more. But, when the environment the ponies live in as a whole, changes, the cutie marks change as well. Because, let's be honest, how often have we seen a raider-relate cutie-mark? How many times have we seen that EXACT, SAME, ONE? The pattern would give a logical explanation as to why this has happened. It could also explain why technology and how fast it progresses could effect it (I.E. Littlepip's PipBuck cutie-mark). That said, I on't believe that we could have a limit on how creative the universe is, so it could be up to purely random chance.
But I like to think that the cosmic workings above have a plan, and this pattern follows that plan.

403950 I guess it kinda makes sense from a certain point of view. A cutie-mark is what a pony is good at. If all a foal is good at is being a psychopath because it was raised by other psychopaths(RAIDERS) Then I cant see how the cutie-mark would become anything OTHER then something like a skull on a pike.

Comment posted by RedlinRanger deleted Aug 9th, 2018

Out of curiosity what would you people would think if it is a good idea is littlepip and Celestia got their bodies back?
I am debating on writing a story but need ideas and/or remarks on current ideas.

Author of Fallout Equestria: Surviving Light here.
And I'm in huge need of an editor. Anyone who has read my story can tell that things aren't even near to perfect. So, I need help. Please, if your willing, and you have proof of your skill, contact me.

Whilst re-reading Project Horizons for the umpteenth time, I thought about something; If ponies of the fallout universe were getting cutie-marks related to guns, mechanics, and general not-so-cute stuff, does this mean that cutie marks are influenced by current events in the part of the world the pony is living in?
I mean, think on this. The raiders in the original FO:E had blood-and-gore type cutie marks. Were they deformed, possibly branded onto them? Or were they actually given a cutie mark based on the fact that the pony the cutie mark was on eventually went raider. I mean, I know cutie marks can change, but going from something as simple as a crossed-shotgun cutie mark to a bloodied skull seems ridiculous.
I started thinking about this when Spike in FO:E:PH started talking about how Stable 101 was Earth-ponies only. Earth Ponies are notoriously strong, so would they start getting mechanical cutie marks? Security, maybe?
Just me thinking out loud. Any thoughts?

Not to be mean or anything, in fact I'm happy about it, but who discovered my Fallout: Equestria - Neo Fantasia fic and posted it on here?

Hey, I accidentally put "Dusty's Trail's Bad Ends" in the wrong folder, could someone remove that?

Thanks in advance.

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