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Season 7 Fanmade Episode List and Story · 6:45am Feb 6th, 2017

I've been making season 7 episode lists, but this one is a little different from my other ones. Also in case you haven't seen the title, IT'S NOT REEEEEEEAL, MAN! And half of this ain't happening this season, but one can hope for some similar scenarios, right? ;) Anyways, let's get started! Once you're done reading this, I'd like to see your ideas, and some feedback for this one!

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For those of you that are still around, I pretty much retired Fimfiction, but not retired from writing! Like I said in a past blog post, Friendship is Epic is now being remade in it's own universe! FiE was just practice! Now that I know the mistakes I made, it's time to get serious... in a weird way! :3 Keep an eye out for a book called Harmony Brahs in the future! Not here, mind you, a real book.

Hey! I was the one who left you a message on wikia (if you remember).
I read one chapter of your story till now, will read more when I have time.

Any opinions on some of the new spin-offs? I didn't get any feedback about The Friendship Mafia or the FDA yet. Oh what? The stories are good now and the users are afraid to give a compliment to this fanfic writer and Machinima maker, and all around swell person in general? :3 *ding*

Word of advice my friend, just honestly start over from scratch. I understand it's hard to take criticism, especially one of this caliber. But if you want to find good examples of storytelling try reading my stories or others. The key really to making a good character is giving them flaws. I know, shocking. Try thinking of your character not as a self insert but as a human being that happens to look like a pony. I don't mean HiE or anything like that, I mean give your charcter flaws and emotions to react to some situations. Also, don't use memes as your main sorce of humor. They're only funny for the first month or so and then they just get old. I know you've probably gotten complaints like this across the board but honestly, we're here to help. Just take a step back, look at your story as a whole, and see what you can do to improve it overall

I've read both of your stories and I'm gonna give you a review on both on your page via comment.

Book Uno...
Other than the good grammar, spelling, and punctuation, it was...abysmal. I'm sorry, but I dislike it to a large extent.

Book Dos...
Same review as the last one, but I think it was worse than the first one.

I enjoy how your spelling/grammar/punctuation is correct, but you need some serious storytelling improvements. You're certainly not the worst author I've seen, but I think that you can definitely do better; you show great potential. :yay:

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