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That’s amazing. And yeah crazy and in a cool way. I wouldn't have expected that. Maybe they figured out that the fish humans give them are more nutritious and/or better tasting idk XD.

How high can dolphins jump out of the water?

Dolphins primarily eat fish. They also sometimes eat other sea creatures, like squid, etc., but fish are the biggest thing. All the dolphins I've worked with have had herring and capelin as their main food, with some other types making up a smaller portion of their diet for variety and differences in nutrients. Interestingly, the dolphins I've met don't seem interested in wild fish. There were a ton of fish in and out of the dolphin lagoon at one of the places I interned, because it was in like a little cove/harbor thing directly connected to the ocean (just fenced/netted off) and I only ever saw the dolphins play with wild fish. The 2-year-old liked to chase and snap at the tiniest ones, and I once saw one of the adults catch a fish, then take turns playing with it with two other adult dolphins, then give it to their trainer for a "food fish" like it was any other toy. Crazy, right?

Hmm.. where to start... What are dolphins’ favorite snacks?

Tell you everything about the dolphins? :ajeyebrow:
That would take a really really REALLY long time. I could talk about dolphins practically for forever. Is there anything specific you'd like me to start with? I've actually done two internships these past two summers with dolphins, so I have some firsthand experience! EPIC.

Ah I see. Well I still really appreciate it! :moustache:

Tell me more about dolphins... tell me everything! :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks! I hope so too.

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