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*makes something up*

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I use it as my general amused mischievous face. In this case, the name got a big chuckle out of me.

I...cannot figure out what that face is supposed to be. A villainous frown w/ evil mustache? A cat smile and a protruding chin? *very lost*

As to my “Read Sooner!” Library, I started it because I add so much to my read later list, everything I’m even marginally interested in, and I wanted a place to concentrate the fics I’m most interested in so when I’m searching for something particularly engaging I’ll have all the stuff I thought was really interesting (especially completed long fics!) all in one place, and I won’t lose track of stuff that finally completed that I waited to read

The use of a Read Sooner library amuses me greatly. :3c

Thank you for faving Breaking (Down The) News.
Your endorsement will certainly make headlines. :moustache:

My pleasure! It was a good read :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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