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You were an absolute legend. Whatever you're doing now, take care, and safe travels!

Hey man, Lemon here.
Just popping in to say that you were a great dude, and I hope everything is cool, wherever you are.
Righto. Peace.

Dude you alive?

Any possible update on when you might have time to return? :pinkiehappy:

Are you alive?

Well, I'm making a Star Guard Regiment for Only War, would you be interested?

I have to check again. Are you alive?

Clawth! Why you leave your "bestie forever" hangin' bro? Appear once in a while!


Aww. Well at least you're still among us! I had a tiiiiiiny bit of me wondering if you'd up and left without a word.


Hey doorcf, sorry--just been super busy and not at my house. Maybe I'll have time during the holidays and I appreciate the check-up. :3

  • Viewing 112 - 121 of 121
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