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  • TThe Guardian of the Night
    The Royal Guard has intensified their training regimen after countless attacks on Canterlot. After months of hard training, they only accept the best of the best. Pipsqueak signs up to join these elite soldiers in order to protect a certain princess.
    Car Cloth · 108k words  ·  1,035  12 · 8.3k views
  • EThe Dream Stalker
    The Princess of the Night must help the ponies of her kingdom through their dreams. Night, after night, after night she helps them through their fears and problems... but who is there to help her when she needs it most?
    Car Cloth · 11k words  ·  411  4 · 3.9k views
  • TThe Star Guard
    The newly formed Star Guard has been given an impossible task: purge the world of the Nightmare Forces once and for all. Can Captain Pipsqueak, an earth pony not gifted in magic, fight against the darkness? Only time will tell.
    Car Cloth · 57k words  ·  320  12 · 4k views
  • TThe Umbra King
    A gem containing what remains of King Sombra has been found. Now that Twilight has stepped into her role as 'Princess of Friendship' she takes it as her responsibility to help Sombra or rid Equestria of his evil once and for all.
    Car Cloth · 22k words  ·  155  10 · 4.3k views