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Pretty chill guy. Should you ever need an editor, PM me and I'll see if I can help out. Rah

People I've edited for

Synergy was the first person I ever edited for. I don't know why he accepted my help all those months ago, since I was completely fucking stupid and didnt know what to do. However, he somehow managed to teach me the majority of what I know about editing. The life and death of a DJ Is one of the best fic's on this site, you should check it out here.
I actually don't know where to start with her. I've edited more stories for lauren than any other author. She's cool and fun to talk to. She also may of written me a Birthday present.
If you like Fallout Equestria side stories, I suggest you check out Bob. He's a pretty funny person who nows how to write an interesting and hilarious fic, all the while staying day and tragic. FOE: Memories
Infinite Carnage
I don't really know much about Carnage as a person, but I do know he great stories. His most popular is how to tell your friends you're dating a changeling here. I liked editing it and working with him since he's a cool guy.
Car Cloth
Gotta love luna.
Ruirik Cool guy, he writes a lot of RD and Spitfire. Not much else to say.
Again, pretty cool guy. He knows a lot about editing and just writing in general. I really like the Honor Guards series, especially this one
ShadowflashA friend of TittySparkles is a friend of mine.
Another cool guy. Kinda a repeating pattern to find cool people on my page. If you aint cool, get out.
Pretty cool gal, upandcoming kinda. I really like working with her, but that seems to be a repeated theme.
Dusk Quill
Just started editing and pre-reading for this fellow. Dont know much yet.
Again, again, another really cool guy that I enjoy working with.
Wolf Waffle
Not his site name, I can't find it :ajsleepy:.
Up and coming writer, he's kinda crazy though. Good thing I like crazy.
Arya Stark

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Me being recognized in any capacity for some of the editing I've done always makes me grateful, thank you.

And I actually did follow you for that story haha, guess the feature box still puts good stories up after all. The way your characters interact with each-other, specifically in chapter 1, is why I followed to be quite honest. It felt, for lack of a better word, very human the way they talked and acted around each other. And, if I'm being completely honest, I did see a few, but they did not detract away from the characters or story. Not to plug myself into your business too much but I'd be more than willing to pre-read and edit for you in the future if your stories are half that good haha. In any case, thank you stopping by, I hope to see more from you in the future.

Many thanks for watching me! Being followed by someone who edits for TittySparkles seems significant to me; I appreciate that.

Did you follow me due to my work on "The Risqué Risks of a Non-Standard Living Arrangement"? If so, I hope you couldn't find any grammatical errors therein. :twilightblush:

Hey, I decided since you are helping me, I would follow you. So have a watch.

I recently finished my first mlp fanfic but I cant get it submitted because its not good enough in terms of grammar. English isn't my main language. It would be super nice if You could help me with it.
Please pm me if You are willing to help me. You Can also send me an email on: Rainbowdashiecloudsdale@gmail.com.

Greetings and stay awesome,

are you available to edit?

Old response is old; since a long time ago I guess.

Wait, since when are you a proofreader?

1388058 It is a really good drawing.

Your avatar is my screensaver. That is my favorite piece of pony art, ever. I hereby decree that you, sir, have good taste in things. :pinkiehappy:

I need an editor... ^^

(Now I stalk you) :rainbowkiss:

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Thanks for writing great stuff.

Thank you for the Watch :twilightsmile:

No, thank you for writing interesting stuff.

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