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What do you mean this straw I spun isn't gold?

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The Rebirth of Flutter Valley
What did happen to the flutterponies and why are the changelings so interested in the now-destroyed valley that was their former home?

Fallout Equestria
The original epic masterpiece of post-apocalyptic ponydom. Can the magic of friendship still survive and heal the wounds caused by centuries of hate and war?
Now on FiMFiction: Fallout Equestria on FiMFiction

Twilight Lifts a Pebble
Even the smallest of things can have great significance

Luna's return still leaves her feeling an outcast. When a spell goes awry, only the magic of friendship can teach her the way back

The Best Night Ever
Blueblood is trapped in a time loop. Will he ever work out the right way to end the day?

The Amazingly Awesome Adventures of Tank the Tortoise ~ by R. Dash
Rainbow is awesome, so it figures that her pet tortoise Tank must be awesome too, right? Dash turns her hand to penmanship to find out

My Little Changeling: Friendship is Weird
The follow on Story from Thrown Abroad. Suncloak comes to find that the best way to learn friendship is to teach it

The Wrong Fork
Princess Celestia is the most elegant, regal and graceful pony in Equestria. So why does Rarity have a sneaking suspicion that the Goddess doesn't know how to use her cutlery

A Filly's Guide to Not Making Headlines
Twilight Sparkle really needs to learn how to deal with the press. Rarity decides to help out

What if Lyra's constant dreaming about humans wasn't just an idle fixation?

A Canterlot Carol
A heart-warming tale of winter. And bureaucracy

All Octavia wants is to get home, but fate wants to teach someponies a lesson

The Guardian of the Night
Pipsqueak, now a fully grown stallion, joins the Night Guard to fulfil an obligation he made to protect his favourite princess.

Lies and Lyres
Spike encounters mare troubles after a rough break-up with Rarity. Unfortunately now his mother has come to 'help'. If only he could think of a way to get her out the house...

Fluttershy and Celestia Play Chess
With the others going to a Wonderbolts show, Fluttershy takes advantage of Princess Celestia's offer to spend some time doing something quieter. The two decided to play a simple game of chess.

To Make a Spark
When the kingdom of Equestria announces that Celestia has never been seen to smile, thousands of citizens come to try to entertain her. One young mare with a talent for song decides to try her wing.

River Road is a busy pony, but he takes the time out to nudge a couple of younger ponies along a better path.

Aces High
After the debacle at the Wonderbolt Academy, Lightning Dust has little hope of saving her life's dreams. And it's all Rainbow Dash's fault, isn't it?

Cardboard Box

You know... the one up the loft filled with the books you liked, but just aren't reading any more (in this case because they rarely update). If a story disappears from here I've given up on it.

Ofolrodi: Austraeoh Series

This Platinum Crown

What have we here...?

Welcome to my User Page. Here you'll find the books that I like the best.

Check out the favourites sections, and the bookshelves. If it's made it onto one of my shelves you can guarantee it's got something about it and is worth a read.

If you're feeling like reading some non-pony stuff why not take a look over at Open Culture's website where they have a ton of well known books available in many online formats for free.

My Bookshelves


Lasairfion's Favourites
Here reside all my favourited stories. The list was fairly fluid until the addition of a working 'Tracking' bookshelf which now precludes me having to favourite stories I want to track only. So if it's still on my favourites list, then you know it's actually a firm favourite. I've also dropped some that I like a lot but aren't absolute favourites into other bookshelves.

Epic Stories
I love an epic masterpiece of a story. This doesn't just mean length; if it has complex characters, themes and multiple plot threads then that counts too. This shelf is for my favourite stories of epic proportions. If you've got some serious time to spend, take a look at one of these.

Existential Matters
Looking at the heart of who a character is, how they react to adversity... what makes them tick when it's down to brass tacks. These stories answer the hard questions, or ask more.

The Darkness
Everything has it's opposite: light and darkness, pleasure and pain, sickness and health... It is through the hard times that we come to know and understand the good ones. Caveat Lector! (Reader Beware!)

Comedy & Heartwarming
Feeling down, need a laugh or just need some of the warm and fuzzies? These are the best I've found on FIMFiction; guaranteed to lift your spirits or get your giggle on.

Adventure stories, pure and simple! Not quite epic enough to get into the epic list, but a decent story with some twists, turns and good character development.



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Somehow your profile picture reminds me of the art style in Danganronpa series.

I'm a bit late with this, but thanks for taking an interest in It Doesn't Matter Now. I'm glad to see you found it heartwarming; it's most definitely supposed to be a happy story, despite its setting!

Thanks for your interest in The Mare in the High Castle!

Thanks for the fave on The Celestia Code! :twilightsmile: I love the library pic at the top of your page!

Thanks for the fav on Lunam Subriden & for checking out Out of Season. :pinkiehappy:

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