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Got a new story. · 3:49am May 12th, 2014

I just got a new story called Ace Combat: Divided Feelings. The old author AceCombat101fan gave me his story for I could continue it. If you want an explaination just look at his blog post here...

I will wait a while till I post it. The reason is that I need to find some editors and pre-readers for the story. After I do all of that; then I will put it back up. Well bye.

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Really? Well, if you want to talk further, take this to PM. Make sure we don't clog up the comment section.

2126629 Just saw Ace again in someone''s comment section and decided to see if he had made yet another dodge account.

With basic knowledge of Fimfiction's code.

So, what brought you here?

2110009 How do you fabricate links like that?

Oh, dear God, guys, I've just received horrible news. This idiot is plotting revenge against all those who said they disliked his fic!


EDIT: Well, thanks to the user above me, I guess I have no choice but to give up the transparent charade.

I'll admit it, what I said earlier was all a lie to troll other people.

That being said, don't click on the link. It doesn't redirect you to a real news article, just something completely irrelevant.

Thanks for following me. I've got a lot of war stories.

Also thanks for the watch!!

That is all.

why did thou wish to becometh our follower?

Ecocat, stop talking like that, you know nobody cares...


Thank you very much for the watch.

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