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Just leaving this here... · 8:08pm Sep 7th, 2015

“An elderly man was sitting alone on a dark path, right? He wasn’t certain of which direction to go, and he'd forgotten both where he was traveling to and who he was. He'd sat down for a moment to rest his weary legs, and suddenly looked up to see an elderly woman before him. She grinned toothlessly and with a cackle, spoke: ‘Now your third wish. What will it be?’ ”
“ ‘Third wish?’ The man was baffled. ‘How can it be a third wish if I haven’t had a first and second wish?’ ”

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I admire your ability to wait.

I don't like her because she can be horribly insensitive to others, having "fun" at others' expense, or acting without thinking, selfishly, without a thought about consequences or how it would affect the others.

Fun is all good, but not at someone's expense. If you enjoy the effects of spoiling someone's day, I don't want to participate in your kind of "fun".

You don’t like pinkie because you enjoy depression. You’re just mad she can be happy no matter what and you can’t lol. Luna fans are oversensitive special snowflakes who get offended by comedy. Comedy at the expense of someone else’s suffering is hilarious. I hate Luna fans and this is why. Learn to laugh at misery. pics.me.me/easily-offended-panta-happy-tree-and-hangyourself-from-it-the-5289282.png

  • Viewing 40 - 44 of 44
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