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Celestia is trapped on Earth.
Not as a human. Not as an alicorn. She's a common horse, an Arabian mare, without her magic, voice, knowledge of the language - not even freedom, forced to work at a riding school.

What can a single Arabian mare do to get back to Equestria from this backwater European country? With only the mind of a princess and a pencil in her teeth, Celestia must find a way home.

[Illustrated] [Alternate Earth] (without Bronies)
Rated Teen for language and some scarce suggestive themes.
Proofreading by AlicornPriest

Polish language version

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to Transistance

Equestria a thousand years into the future. Powerful entities would spare no expense to prevent sentient machines, Equestria's primary workforce, from ever becoming legal citizens. Others, shown the error of their ways, will come to lengths to repair their past mistakes. Trust lost once is hard to restore, but a gift of extreme generosity comes a long way.

This story is an unofficial one-shot sequel to excellent Transistance by ToixStory. Reading the original is mandatory, otherwise this story won't make much sense to you.

(This time I got author's permission for the sequel.)

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Princess Luna orders fun over the phone.

Her appointed call-zebra challenges a cup of coffee, gets involved in a spy intrigue, heroically saves the world from return of eternal night and gets romantically involved with the protagonist of "The Legend of Hay House". Still, in the end Princess Luna gets all the fun she desired and more.

Also, a tome of ancient poetry from Saddle Arabia gets badly damaged. Discretion is advised for people squeamish about graphic descriptions of butchering books.

Ice Pack is (c) Weaver, used with permission.
Proofreading by MrJoshy.
Rated teen for sexual themes, specieist slurs and book mutilation.

Chapters (9)

Twilight wanted it done her way. She was prepared for this. Elements. Guards. Scholars. Books. All the information. The plan seemed foolproof. Sombra should have been stomped into the ground.

Nothing went as planned.

Now she's back at Canterlot and has to report to the Princess, analyze the events and deduce the reasons of her failure. And receive her punishment, some would say unreasonably light - but she learns to know better.

Additional keywords: BITTERSWEET

You may recognize tie-ins to RealityCheck's Parting Words. He takes full credit for inspiration for this story.

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Assorted tiny self-contained stories in the Fallout:Equestria universe, too short to be published all on their own.

Project Revival: Fallout:Equestria 300 words story competition entry.
Keywords: sad, alicorn

A flashback with Ilaris: An entry from Ask RedEye blog, about the goofy googly-eyed alicorn.
Keywords: comedy, alicorn

What's in the name: The origin of Ilaris' name
Keywords: comedy, alicorn

More will be added as they are created...

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