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For ship and clop fics that make use of unlikely pairs.

Have you decided that you needed to write a fic about Rarity going on a romantic date with one of her shop's mannequins? Or that Celestia's true love should be a giant squid? Perhaps that Angel the bunny should really hook up with Tirek, the evil centaur from G1? If so then this may be the group for you!

Finally a group for the love shared by inanimate objects and pairings that span universes!

Folder summaries:
- Inanimate/Inanimate = The lovers here have no pulse. Accepting "imprisoned in stone" or such so long as they're not able to move any faster than a plant.
- Inanimate/Animate = One of the lovers has a pulse.
- Animate/Animate = Both alive but still unexpected.

Questions? Suggestions? Go ahead and use the comments!

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Tirek is from g1

I probably won't write any Romace stories, at least for a while, but I joined because 4/6 of my Mane 6 pairings are crack.

I joined your group cause.... I have no idea. :facehoof: Does Apple Bloom and Featherweight count as an unexpected ship?

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