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Thank you for the follow and the favorite! Both are very much appreciated!

Comment posted by inacti deleted Nov 12th, 2013

Squee! Thanks for the follow :yay:

Hey, thanks for the head's up, I'd never heard the term before!

However, most sources I can find list "cargo ship" as a subcategory of "crack ship", which generally seems to be defined as "(very) unlikely shipping"?

To be honest I'm finding the group system difficult to get into and focused on cargo ships to start with because they're easier to each for.

Alrighty, while I appreciate what you're trying to do with the group you made, as I am addicted to crack ships, you've misunderstood a few things.

If a pairing includes an inanimate object (i.e. Tom), that's called a cargo ship. Crack ships are unusual pairings for animate characters only.

Just saying. I was just a little disappointed when I looked for crack and got cargo.

Knowledge is power, right?

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