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Because Pinkie Pie is best pony.

Pinkie Pie is best pony foreveeeeeeer.

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Hello, would someone be so kind as to pass me a story with the plot of how Pinkie feels that she is worthless so she separates from the group of friends but then her friends convince her that she is worth something? pls :pinkiesad2:

need help with idea's and punctuation this is the story i,m doing the human vrn of pinkie pie goes from nice to insane because she lost her friends and broke the mirror in the pony world after pony pinkie from cupcakes throws her in and over time pony pinkie learns to use her pinkamena side for good instead of evil by becoming friends with the human mane six while human pinkie uses a double sided axe and murders the ponyfolk in ponyvile at the end i,m ganna have a battle of the good vs the bad pinkamena

It's sad how everyone sleeps on my girl Pinkie Pie. I understand though. In my opinion, S1-S5 was when her character truly shined. After that she slowly turned into a one-dimensional comic relief :(

Here's hoping I'll find some seriously-written (which is not to be taken to necessarily mean serious) Pinkie Pie.

I feel she's extremely underutilised as a character. "Those that laugh the most cry the hardest" and company. I see that rarely explored... There are depths that have depths to her, I sometimes think. So underexplored... So here's hoping that I can find some seriously written Pinkie Pie here.

AJ is strong; RD is confident; Twi is a born leader; Rarity has life right where she wants it... It's Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy that are my heroes, though... They live their lives in face of extreme adversity that is the average day.

Hello everyone! I just joined your group and thought it would be polite to say hi. I hope you are having a wonderful day full of inspiration. :pinkiehappy: Could some of you perhaps help me with a question? See, I used to be a bit of a loner when it comes to writing and only recently decided to find out what the groups on FIMFiction have to offer. So… what usually happens in a group like this? I understand you can add stories to folders that correspond with the kind of story you have made. Can I do that right now or must I ask for permission? Should I announce my stories as well? Do you have any tips and tricks on how to make the most out of this group? I hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance! :twilightsmile:

Lots of love, :heart:


Hey Pinkie! Thanks for throwing us that welcoming party yesterday! It was fun!

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408224 pinkie pie the party qeen

the hall of pinkie pie


386681 How about they are both going out on a limb and ..
Both does have a history of going out on the insanity branch, from time to time.

Since the folder stated Homicidal, the story goes right in. Pink Shadow is murdering Humans, again.
Is there a folder of Foal-Deer for her murdering anything else?
375198 I love using the various parts of her name on different situations.
So convenient, like when she is on Earth, she is going by Diana.

A mean person would have asked why a group with over 1000 members dosn't have an icon.


<3 Pinkie Pie

I despise Cheese Sandwich... :trixieshiftleft: Pinkie should date my OC!!!

I'm fucking pinkie pie.........that does not sound right so forget that instead. I mean I'm just like pinkie pie. I play pranks, I try to make everyone laugh and I'm always planning stuff like parties.

I was gonna write a story about insane Twilight. Now I'm stuck between two ponies. Twilight? Or Pinkie? Twilight? Pinkie?


Keeping Twilight, but Pinkie's gonna be a major role. :twilightsmile:

I just realised, one of my new to resent stories needs to be here.
She is about to go out on her spree.
Under the circumstances of the premis, she does keep the curls, though.

376643 Pinkie Pie is commonly Hilarious, Pinkamena and diana does have some further fun to spread amongst us.

I just love to explore every opportunity, to see just how far Pinkie can reach, in order to deliver her messages.

Just curious, is this a group that handles multiple Pink ponies or R63 stories? (Bubble Berry)

As it was said, Pinkamena (Pinkie) Diana Pie Rules.

I do have a few stories mphasizing this fairly heavily.

Hey guys! Be ready for Party of Pie! :pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:

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