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The First, The Last, and The Only

Welcome to the group dedicated to the classiest fashionista around~

News of the Group:
-New folders have been added to reflect the new site tags. Enjoy~! Au revoir!

Rules and Story Submission:
-Follow site rules
-Don't spam forum threads, nor post off-topic threads
-Only add stories featuring Rarity in a prominent position
-Add a story to as many relevant folders as you like
-And, of course, use common sense

Current Admins:

-Icon's Source
-Banner's Source

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The beautiful, fabulous, generous Rarity, everyone!

I just found this gif/ clip. It makes me wonder why she ever bothers about her hair!

And btw, does anyone know how to tag people? I NEED to know :applecry:

Rarity is EPIC :raritywink: p.s. Anyone want to roleplay if were allowed?

I joined because even though I HATE fashion and think Rarity is a real drama queen, she reminds me of Glory from G1 MLP and Glory is so AWESOME
And Rarity storiesrare also funny :raritystarry:

Hitler told me that his favourite pony is Spike. That's the main reason why "he" commited "suicide". #hailhydra

366131 Thankfully, it seems as if you got your wish.

Oh, and hi. I am new here.

:raritywink::raritystarry::raritydespair::raritycry::duck::raritywink::raritydespair::raritycry::duck::raritywink: beat this awesome pony!

There should be a comedy folder

yes a group dedicated to rarity the best pony

RARITY IS BEST PONY!!!!!!:duck::raritywink::raritystarry: I love her rule 63 version Elusive too!!!!!

Rarity is my best pony by a landslide :raritystarry: Glad I could stumble across this group!

I agree soooo much with all of you! :raritywink:
Rarity is the most fashionable, most stylish, most amazing pony designer EVER!!! I'm writing a fanfic rated Everyone about Rarity planning a fashion show to show off to a :pinkiesick: jerk. I'm probably going to be done on January, so check it out:twilightsheepish:! Sorry for the long comment...:fluttercry: :facehoof:I should have known better...

  • Viewing 31 - 50 of 50
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