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Applejack is the best pony.

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I like the emoji of applejack its cute🌝🥰

I could use some help finding a story i read once
I really enjoyed it but

I cant remember much about it other then ( applejack is dating thunderlane and she gets trapped or hurt somehow so a pony runs to get spike to save her, (Also thunderlane has claustrophobia) and after spike saves applejack she goes to hospital everyone goes their check on her thats when thunderlane shows up an she ask everyone to leave so she can talk to thunderlane and she break up with him and starts falling in love with spike over time also he becomes honorary apple and applejack fights herself over if she can truely love spike becuz he considered family becuz of being a honorary apple.

Srry if my spelling is bad not my best forte, but i hope that helps with finding the story

That's about the most i can remeber about it i hopes still on fimfiction and hasn't been removed by the author

I love Applejack!!! She is my favorite pony she is my girlfriend :ajsmug:

I have a lot to say and I just wanted to say it here. Please do excuse my um... essay.

I watched a few people's reactions to "Honest Apple" and I have to say that people are really think and rude sometimes, no offense.
I mean the whole moral of the episode was to be honest but not rude and impolite, and what do people do? After watching the episode they say, "Well Applejack was an a-hole in this episode."

I personally think that other than the hat shredding, Applejack was doing fine. I mean she was just mentioning her opinion, others didn't have to follow or listen to what she said, she was a judge, not an instructor.
Like the 100-buttons dress, she just said that she thought the buttons were kinda pointless and would waste time but she didn't ask the designer to remove them, yet the designer did. And then people were like, that is rude. But Applejack was in the right, she was being practical and honest and what she said was not wrong, they were a lot of buttons.

Then there's the fact that people said that Applejack was so rude and uncivil, when Rarity and the Strawberry pony did the same thing.
Rarity was yelling at Applejack being all like, "This is all your fault." and "How do you feel now, huh?" She was being rude while being honest just like AJ. And Rarity could of explained to Applejack nicely that her opinions were hurting others but no she took her to Strawberry Sunrise and that pony was just mocking AJ and her apples so rudely when I am sure everyone in Ponyville knows AJ and that she owns the biggest apple farm in ponyville (maybe even Equestria) and that she is the element of honesty. (Strawberry knew Rarity after all.) And still she was being so rude at expressing her distaste with apples.
It was like they were teaching, "If someone punches you, you punch them back to teach them a lesson." And that's the exact opposite from what the moral should of been.

And Rarity could of told AJ that her brutal honesty was hurting others, but no Rarity just let Applejack keep going even when she said, "I don't think they liked what I had to say." Rarity just said that, "Everyone needs a healthy dose of practicality every now and then." and let AJ keep going just the way she was. And we literally jut learned this lesson in Season 7 episode 2, "All Bottled Up" when Starlight said to Trixie that she is sorry, she should of told Trixie before hand that all of what Trixie was doing was making her angry and hurting her but she bottled it up and kept encouraging her, and in the end it turned out bad for everyone. That's what literally happened here. Even when Rarity was already aware that AJ is a little too practical, she even said so herself in the start of the episode, Rarity still choose AJ to be a judge and when Applejack messed everything up by her passive-agressiveness, then he got mad at AJ.

Also personally I think that episode was pointless since I think that AJ already knew this lesson long ago, the writers brought her character down to the season 1 AJ to make this episode work. I can't remember much right now but in Party Pooped, when the Yacks are destroying everything, AJ is still like, "I think it is going satisfactorily." when she knows it a mess but she doesn't wanna worry Twilight.

It makes me really sad because AJ is my favorite pony and she never has any good episodes really. In all the AJ central episodes, she is the one that is in the bad and then learns her lessons, when that is never the case with Pinkie or Rarity or Fluttershy. In Canterlot Boutique, Rarity shines so beautifully and she is still the good pony in the Episode.

(P.S. Sorry for my rant.)

Dear God, she's taking over :pinkiegasp:!

Only joined here to be able to write a comment about the Strawberry Sunrise takeover. :pinkiehappy: This is the most hilarious reaction to a new episode I have ever seen. :scootangel: Even made a screenshot to preserve this for when it's gone from here:

When is Applejack's birthday?


I have found my people. AJ is indeed best pony.:ajsmug:

Agreed. They should just keep their yap shut.


He has no idea he's bumping into a super saiyan. :pinkiecrazy:

I just hate people who insult my dearest Applejack. :flutterrage: They all must rot in Tartarus. :twilightangry2:

Make that two of us! He has no idea who he's dealing with.


But he better back off of my mare, or he'll be crushed. :twilightangry2:

Ignore the try-hard troll. This idiot has been attacking me and my friends on Deviantart as well.


:ajbemused: Go home, kid. This ain't a place for playing.
Make a change and stop this useless background pony from ruining the show!

I just realized it would probably be a good idea to mention here (it's already been discussed on the forum) that this group is basically adminless and deadish.
It has been revived. Long live best applehorse.

Now with admins and icon/banner.

Comment posted by Julia deleted Dec 8th, 2015


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