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"School Raze" Afterthoughts: Cozy Glow, a Traumatized Filly who seeks Safety and Protection from Abusers? · 1:05am Oct 28th, 2018

A few days after the Season 8 Finale aired, I was sitting down and pondered about it why Cozy Glow did all the things she did and why she wanted to take over Equestria.
I was one of those who did not believe that she is evil and found myself surprised over it that she is a villain. However, even with that turnout, I still don't think that Cozy Glow is actually evil, so I thought about why she did all that and what her exact motives were.

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Two Years until the Equestrian Exodus: What we should do now and how we can go on from here · 2:30am Apr 12th, 2018

I bet everyone of you has heard about the bad news we got in December. I am very late with this, but I want to share my thoughts about it here, talk about how the future will look for us in sight of this and what are the best things for us to do in this situation.
It is a long read, but an important one, so I ask you to please stick around and read until the end.

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I hope you enjoy the read. ^^


That's not really necessary. It's my job as the group's story scavenger to determine the status of such fics anyway and I'm very used to it by now.^^

Okay. :twilightsmile: I'll make some edits to the description to hopefully clear up some confusion.

Thank you for adding The Day After Hearth's Warming to your shelf!


Hmm, my bad. I thought I already added the story to the group after I saw your comment, but I actually confused it with another story that I previously added. Right now, your story is still in waiting-mode inside the bookshelf I made for that purpose, until it has become clear if and what cutie marks they have in the story.
I will check on its progress occasionally and add it once they start playing an active and significant part in the plot.

  • Viewing 467 - 471 of 471
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