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Admin and official Story Scavenger of the Cutie Mark(ed) Crusaders group. If you need help with sorting a story into the group folders, send me a message! Once Quest writer for "Legends of Equestria".

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"School Raze" Review: The Most INTENSE Season Finale Ever · 12:08am October 15th

The season finale has arrived..... And, wow, was this an INTENSE Finale! I hardly know where to begin..... Cozy Glow turning out as a villain and as plain evil, Chancellor Neighsay turning out as the lesser evil and even getting overthrown by Cozy Glow, Cozy Glow's brilliant and flawless plan where she thought on absolutely everything, how she got everypony on her side by simply acting charming, nice and adorable, Tirek as evil mentor pulling the strings from the background, the initial

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Fluttercheer News: Stories about Silverstream, Nightmare Night, The Weak Start of Tempest Shadow's Journey, Addressing my Ko-fi page situation, Derpibooru Author Tag + Userlink and "Fluttercheer's Word of Wisdom" · 11:11pm September 25th

As a few of you have probably noticed, I am finally back in the writing business proper since Sunday, after three months of basically zero output courtesy of depressions that let my writing tempo slow down to a crawl. I have finally released a new story that I had promised for a long time now (I will talk more about this one below, for those of you who wonder about the

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Two Years until the Equestrian Exodus: What we should do now and how we can go on from here · 2:30am April 12th

I bet everyone of you has heard about the bad news we got in December. I am very late with this, but I want to share my thoughts about it here, talk about how the future will look for us in sight of this and what are the best things for us to do in this situation.
It is a long read, but an important one, so I ask you to please stick around and read until the end.

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Thanks for all the adds!

Thanks for the add :yay:

Thank you for adding Devil in Me to your reading list


Well, that's a good thing, so you could have just told me. :twilightsheepish: I'm humbled you like it so much.^^

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