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Here are some afterthoughts on "School Daze", the Opener of Season 8. I'm publishing this after my general review of the episode, which I won't copy over here to not postpone this blog entry, but you can find it on Deviantart if you want to read it.

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Two Years until the Equestrian Exodus: What we should do now and how we can go on from here · 2:30am April 12th

I bet everyone of you has heard about the bad news we got in December. I am very late with this, but I want to share my thoughts about it here, talk about how the future will look for us in sight of this and what are the best things for us to do in this situation.
It is a long read, but an important one, so I ask you to please stick around and read until the end.

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I know. I shouldn't be shocked anymore at this point, but I love Silverstream, and seeing her dissed like this..... It makes me realize more than anything how much EQD has changed for the worse.
I even tweeted We Are Borg about this, so far no answer, as expected, and I don't think he will pay attention to the reprimand I sent him. Most likely, he blocked me on Twitter already and moved on, shrugging what I said off as "pestering".
What makes this worse is, that more and more Episode Followups are as negative or insulting like that..... I can practically see Sethisto telling Followup writers to be negative and foulmouthed because there are a lot in the fandom who are like this and this is raking in views for EQD by catering to those people.
These days, EQD is really just the mouthpiece of the negative part of the fandom anymore.

Not surprising. One of the reasons I left ED.

Comment posted by Fluttercheer deleted August 8th


Relating to? Diamond Tiara. Similar "family" situation.

Also, a little off-topic here now, but this needs to get out:

I suppose books and everything else paper didn't really survive the underwater transition. Doesn't sound great for a society as a whole. Silverstream might need a regular school.


Saying that Silverstream is an illiterate, just because she lived underwater for most of her life, and that the hippogriffs couldn't think of a way to educate their foals after having retreated under the ocean.....
WHAT. THE. FUCK, Equestria Daily?

Which foal can you relate to the most?

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