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At the beginning of the Age of the Great Frost, Canterlot has fallen. The ponies who lived there either dead, hiding inside their houses or having joined the Ponyville expedition to find the fabled Generator.
Those who decided to stay in the mountain city fought a constant uphill battle for food and firewood. In this collapsed society, a mother and her two fillies are part of the battle, but their mother just lost it.
Hyper Sonic and Gooseberry were on their own now and all that was left for them, except for trying to survive alone, was to give their mother her last honor.....

The first story ever set in Yudhaikeledai's "Frostpony" universe! Inspired by his wonderful and epic animation!

The cover art is an edited screenshot of "Between Dark and Dawn" and was created by me and DinkyUniverse.

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*watched video and read chapter before taking out shotguin*

More please or the derpy gets it :derpytongue2:

Very nice! Great job! I always find FRostpunk interesting. While never played it, it still came in handy for me


Derpy is a good thought here. She and Dinky have a very prominent appearance in "Frostpony". We even know their occupation in New Ponyville! I should eventually go and write a "Frostpony" story for them too. The story is just the first one I felt inspired to write.
I definitely will write more stories for "Frostpony". And I am also interested in writing more about Hyper Sonic and Gooseberry in this universe, in a multi-chapter story that goes into detail about life in the post-apocalyptic Canterlot during the Great Frost.
I want to write a lot more chapters for my other story "Dreamwalker Dash" first and update it regularly again, a story in which Hyper Sonic and Gooseberry also have roles, but after that I want to go and write more about their life in this universe.

Thank you for reading! :scootangel:

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