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"Backstage Affair" has gotten a sequel! Check out "Centre Stage Romance" here!

It could have been a normal evening for Twilight. Hanging out with her student, experimenting with magic, trying to fix the map... Thanks to Pinkie, it wasn't.
Now she was here in Manehattan, at night, and to keep the crazy, pink mare at hoof's length, she had no choice than to hunt after an obscure destiny that was supposed to change her life... Something she did not believe in the slightest.
That her life would get turned upside down by a random visit of Manehattan at night was just completely absurd, that's something Twilight was sure about...

Short Twinyl shipfic, commissioned by Rubahhitam for winning the fourth Cutie Mark(ed) Crusaders fic contest. Set after the events of "The Saddle Row Review" and a few days before the events of "Spice Up Your Life".

Cover picture was drawn by MrSpanners on Deviantart.

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Not gonna lie, this is the first time I've ever heard of THIS particular ship.

If you're big on odd ships, might I recommend Fiddling with her Heart, which is a Octavia/Applejack ship story.


Me too. I did not know in the slightest that this is a thing, so I was surprised when I saw that commission. It has a small following, though, there are a few pictures and a tag for it on Derpibooru.^^

7853110 you can't seriously end it there! This needs a sequel!


Thank you! :scootangel:


Thank you for reading and liking this little fic! :scootangel: I'm humbled by you liking it so much that you want to see a sequel after the, more or less, open end.
Unfortunately, it's a wish I can't fulfill. This was only a commissioned fic and I don't write romantic fics, usually, so I won't be following up on that one, sorry.


Have a picture of Luna to cheer you up again:


That said, I'm not preventing anyone from writing a sequel. If someone wants to pick this fic up and continue it where I left off, he or she is invited to do that. I'm even announcing that by including the link in the story and making a blog entry, if someone should do so.
So, if you want to see a sequel, try asking around a little. I see you are a member of a lot of shipping groups, maybe you will have success and find a willing author who is up to the task. :raritywink:

8003381 I know! I already read it and have it in my watch list!

nice work


Thank you! :scootangel: And thank you for becoming my follower! :heart:

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