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"What will happen once we are all gone? Will the future know who we were or will we be forgotten and erased from history?"

Having recently saved Equestria from the most powerful enemies it had ever seen, a victory bought with the strongest fighters of the kingdom, Twilight can't stop thinking about these questions and what the answers might be.
After several sleepless nights and still without any answers on the questions that plague her mind, Twilight decides that the ponies and creatures of Equestria have to take historical matters into their own hooves and claws.
No one knows what the future will bring, but what if they would bring themselves to the future?
The friendships of Equestria are worth fighting for and they are worthy of being preserved. Ponies and creatures die and make room for new generations, but ideas, experiences and stories live forever.
All she needed to do was to ensure that Equestria's future generations can learn about their friendships and what made them special. And Twilight had just the plan for that.

A love letter to all the ponies and creatures of Equestria and to the show, comics and books that gave me the chance to learn who I truly am.
We don't know what the future holds, but as long as we don't forget and don't stop to care about the ponies and creatures we've met, the friendships forged in Equestria will never leave us.

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Twilight closed her eyes and sighed, then opened them again. “I'm okay. Everything is fine. But.....” She looked up, at the time capsule, and placed a hoof on it. “When the Knights of Harmony attacked us..... They were the most dangerous enemies Equestria had ever seen..... It made me realize that..... one day, all of us will be gone.”

Oh yeah those crazy creatures thinking that getting rid of the other harmonies is a good idea but the thing is the final comic is not out yet I wonder how that would end

“Ah think ah understand now what your plan is, Twilight. So what you're sayin' is..... everypony is important?”

“Yes. Everypony, here in Ponyville and all over Equestria, even the creatures who live outside of Equestria, are who make our world a wonderful place to live in. All of them work hard to keep the world and life going.”

Oh we're going to do a Super Smash Brothers ultimate thing everybody is here

I love that idea

Ok this was a pretty nice story and nice to see main six including Starlight spike cmc the pillars and young six and so many background characters Side characters and even the characters from the comics awesome to see them although there was a couple of ponies and creatures missing and I'm not including the antagonist characters like lightning dust or flim and flam but but the ones who are missing from the ones I actually kind of remember is pharynx prince Rutherford queen nova the characters from Rainbow Roadtrip feather bang even the three ponies From Starlights Old Village and the buffalos like little Strongheart and Sunburst and sunset Shimmer and even the characters from Generation 5 I did not see Zipp and hitch they are the part of the main five but this was a pretty good story and it brings back so many memories of the show keep up the good work

And I do not see garble and sandbar family fancy pants fler le de donut Joe stygian grubber Chancellor neighsay photo finish rara aka coloratura and songbird sernade nurse redheart mayor mare the spa ponys silver shell flash sentry ma hooffeild and daddy mcolt saffron masala coriander cumin Scootaloo parents and her aunts cranky and Matilda and Steven magnet

10996422 10996453

You are right, both of you. There is not literally every single pony and creature mentioned in the story. The reason for that is, it turned out that writing a one-shot that not only has so many characters, but also has all of them contribute to the story in a meaningful way, is extremely difficult. And this is the first time I wrote a one-shot with so many characters in it. Eventually, I reached a point where I realized that I have to put a cap on the story if I want to keep it in dimensions that are acceptable for a one-shot and with a wordcount that people are willing to read in one go.
My original intent was that literally everypony and everycreature, those you mentioned and many, many more, including all background ponies, has their own scene at the top of the time capsule and says or does something meaningful when adding their item to it. But I soon learned that this just isn't feasible, not only would it have made the story repetitive with that simple pattern, it also would have meant that I never could have released this story as a one-shot. If I had done that, this story would have to be a multi-chapter story, but a story in that format wouldn't have been fitting for the experience and atmosphere I was going for here.
So I had to change that and focus on a few ponies at the time capsule to serve as symbols for the others and I had to write more diverse and unique scenes for the ponies and creatures that have an actual role in the story. And even that was very difficult to balance, hence why a lot of ponies and creatures are merely mentioned by name or only speak a sentence or two before they leave the scene again.
Writing the story like I originally envisioned it would have resulted in 50,000 or maybe even 100,000 words at the end, with literally everypony and everycreature getting their own scene. And no one reads a one-shot with that wordcount.
The result here in regards to representation of the individual ponies and creatures is not perfect, but I tried my hardest to have as many as possible of them in the story. And on the technical side of things, they are all there, that's why I mentioned that many more guests have arrived in the last three hours before the final contributions:

Three hours and many more arriving guests later, each pony and each creature had added their contributions to Twilight's time capsule.

I included this line after realizing that I simply can't have literally everypony and everycreature be in the story without hurting the reading quality, to at least imply that all of them (minus most of the Wonderbolts who are mentioned to be busy with stunt shows that day) are there and have added something to the time capsule.
I have something more planned with this story, however. The story itself is technically over, so it will remain tagged as "Complete", but I have thought of something special to add to it that will give the ponies and creatures who weren't directly mentioned in the story or who didn't have their own scene still their time to shine.
I am going to make an announcement about that in a story-tagged blog entry once I have figured out the details. The trip down memory lane here is not over yet.
Thank you for reading! Both of you contributed to the tremendous success this story has in the Popular Stories section and you have all of my gratitude for this. :heart:

Archer Bodkin and Monochrome Sunset

Damn. I didn't think I would ever get feels from reading up what happened to them. Archer got erased because she is likely an animation mistake of Scootaloo and the classroom is already full while Monochrome got erased because of Hasbro thinking that she was too "scary" due to sticking out in a brightly colored crowd.

Are there any full stories on these characters online?


Thank you for comment. :heart: This is the best reaction I've got to this story. This story is a story of memories and of showing that everypony is important. And you talked about the two ponies in it who are barely known in the fandom and who are overlooked by nearly everyone. You got interested in them by my story here and that means I managed to make you aware of them and that I made you think about them.
This is the best thing I could've hoped for to achieve with this story, that people become interested in Archer Bodkin and Monochrome Sunset. You won the prize for best comment and best reaction to this story. :heart:

Are there any full stories on these characters online?

I haven't heard of any stories about Monochrome Sunset. There are only the pictures that IslaMilenaria drew of her, the one I've linked in the Author's Notes and this one:


And for Archer Bodkin, there are luckily a few stories of her. Two of them are here on FIMFiction.net:



Another one has been deleted from here, but can be found on FIMFetch:


These are the only three stories for Archer Bodkin in the entire fandom. They are a rare find, make sure to save them and backup them in case they are ever gone.

I have plans to write about Archer Bodkin and Monochrome Sunset myself, and I have already done so for Archer in one chapter of my story "Dreamwalker Dash" this year, but if you want to get a story written for either of them, approach me about it and I'll write it. I currently have a reward on my Patreon account that gets supporters a monthly story about anypony or creature from me, but for Archer Bodkin and Monochrome Sunset, I am also willing to take requests, because they deserve more attention in the fandom.
So if you want to see a story for them, be it any idea, send me a message and I'll write it for you.

Oops, when I meant "full story", I meant what exactly happened to the characters themselves meta-wise, not more fanfics featuring them. But that's nice too.


What do you mean with "meta-wise"? Are you asking from the standpoint of why they were removed from the show? Or are you wondering what happened to them in their universe that they went missing and were never seen again?


In the fandom, it is said they were removed from the show for the reasons you named in your initial comment. I don't know if any of this was officially confirmed, though. Archer Bodkin, however, was seen one more time in Season 2 while Sweetie Belle was singing "The Perfect Stallion", playing an arcade videogame:


What I think happened to them is that they went missing for some reason. Equestria is a dangerous place. Monsters and demons roam the land, magic can get out of control, magical artifacts get abused by villains, there are villains who have strong, magical abilities themselves, Equestria even has some connections to other worlds. There are many things that could have happened to them.

Which one of your stories are the Knights of Harmony from?


They aren't from any stories of mine. They appear in the Season 10 comics, together with the creatures towards the end of the story whose names you probably didn't recognize, like Katherina, Molly or Crystal. You should read them, they add a huge amount of unexpected and incredible, epic worldbuilding to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic right before Generation 4 ends. There is one more issue coming out this month, Issue #102.

That was a really good story.

When the schoolponies showed up, I began to cry. And the speech for Cozy I sobbed.

My only wish was that Discord did in fact appear to meet with the Mane 5 when they found the capsule.


Thank you! It's a story from deep within my heart. :heart:


I was shedding quite a few tears while writing this story. Generation 4's Equestria and the ponies and creatures who lived in it must always be remembered by us.

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