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This story is a sequel to A Flurry of Problems

My name was once Noah 'Storm' Smith, but it is now Summer Storm. Once I was a human just like any other, but thanks to an asshole I ended up in the body of a small filly. Hopefully, I don't end up messing up this new life just like I did in my old one. Thankfully this time I have some people ponies that care for me and will help me, as long as I don't do anything too stupid...

Updates on Saturdays.

Credit for the cover art goes to Santagiera on Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/santagiera/art/Good-night-554627232

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I'd hazard a guess that you've seen RWBY based on the narrator's monologue. This was a fun introduction and I can't wait to read the rest!

Yay sequel! Good start too

Woo calm down there Sailem, you monologue can only be so evil before its guaranteed you lose.

Great chap btw

Trey, RWBY opening

Looking forward to to seeing this new one.

“Come into my parlor, Ted. I have cookies!” -Reykan

Yeah personally expecting the person who a baby a month ago to go school and be able to pass anything but the basics is silly. I would have gotten a private tutor to get him her up to speed.

Hence the 'summer school' via Cherilee. who promised last we saw her to make sure Storm was up to speed by the end of the summer.

You have piqued my intrest

As others have said, nice take on the RWBY monologue from Volume 1. The first paragraph was tickling the back of mind... "That sounds familiar, but from where?" The second paragraph cemented it.

Good intro, we have multiple story threads. Events on Earth and Equestria. And a monologuing bad guy!

Looking forward to more. :moustache:

The multicolor wings look nice

for some reason I see a build up of Themis finding herself in Equestria too. Then they can be reunited lol

I really liked the onlooker-like omnipresence feel of the narrative. Kinda felt like the intro to a movie, though I'm drawing a blank on names to use for examples. Actually I just thought of one: Nightmare Before Christmas but I know there's better examples. Looking forward to reading more about Storm & co.

And I can't wait to watch you burn, Concordia.[/spoiler

The name is familiar to me but I do not know from where. Author PM me if she is from another story of yours or just on this site, please.

cool brand new story updated

It's a ponified version of the narration from the first episode of RWBY. Been so long since I've watched it I almost didn't catch it.

That's the name I was drawing a blank on! I love RWBY!

Storm took the hoof and gave it as close to a firm shake as one could do with hooves. “Nice to meet ya, ma’am.”

Didn't stop Applejack. :ajsmug:


But this is merely the first move. So you send your protectors, your guardians. Your Elements of Harmony and Alicorns. And when they fail, know that you will have truly failed the ponies you have so fiercely tried to protect all these millennia. And I can't wait to watch you burn, Concordia.

That... might take a while.
I'm going to paraphrase Silver Quill for a moment...

In a world ruled by Nightmare Moon (for example) there is no hope. In a world ruled by Celestia, there is no LAST hope. If Celestia can't solve a problem, there's Twilight and her friends. Should they fail, there's Starlight and her friends. You could whittle the cast down to the Cutie Mark Crusaders and they would still be ready and able to step up to the plate.

Nightshade is a strange bug. She doesn't want to feed on ponies who aren't her friends, but will murder them at the drop of a hat. I'm curious what she will get up to.

“By Hurricane’s sheath, you’re driving yourself crazy Midnight,” I growled to myself, shaking my head in an effort to dispel the lingering dread from my nightmare. “Focus, filly, focus.”

I could just have a dirty mind, but if this is what I think it is, this is great

What's Salem doing on Equis?

And where's Ozpin?

And who is the "more honest soul"?


I love RWBY!

So do I!^_^


If they would just make WhiteRose canon, I'd be so happy about it!^_^^_^

Okay... Look, my only bit of critique here is the usage of 'POV xyz' prefixes. For goodness sake, find some other way to distinguish POVs.

yooo i just read 'flurry of problems' and now I cant wait for more!!!

keep it up!!!~

wait so the changling is part of the family that is stoned in the house and not just stashing them there?

Yeah uh if the cmc can't solve the issue you know we got a problem XD

Good chapter, also overworking yourself is bad

Bats don't like the sun. Bet she will prefer being nocturnal.

I rolled my eyes, forced to squint due to the sunlight still being just a bit too bright, despite the trees offering a little shade. “Ya have like twenty years of experience over me, that’s cheating!”

She's also, what? Thrice her size?

My eyes widened at what they found, a small hiss coming forth from my lips. I grabbed a quill in my magic and noted a certain area with a flick of ink, passing it back to my guard. "What I circled is to be censored on my orders. Nopony will know what lays within."

Reminds me of

The exchange teasing Rainbow over her age is a little weird, given we haven't seen Storm fully resolve her internal struggle over having a past life. How old is she viewing herself, at this point?

My eyes widened at what they found, a small hiss coming forth from my lips. I grabbed a quill in my magic and noted a certain area with a flick of ink, passing it back to my guard. "What I circled is to be censored on my orders. Nopony will know what lays within."

Methinks that Shining Armor may have more kids than he knows about

so they have an idea of who the changling was. question is if they will check up on this lead and find a house of statues with one missing

oh what do you have to hide there celestia

Wouldn't be surprised if it is her fault all along, having somehow interfered where it would have been better to simply watch and wait.

I want to know more about this forced to cheat and what military figure got redacted by Celestia. Will he be investigated?

I really hope Nightshade gets her happy ending and this works wonderfully

She didn’t seem to be that young. Certainly not if she has two spouses and a foal trapped in stone for who knows how long. But who knows how changeling maturation goes? :twilightsmile:

Edit: just read the follow up chapter. Maybe you weren’t referring to Shining’s brief time as Chrysalis’s personal love bag, or maybe we’ll both be surprised when the actual redacted name is revealed. :rainbowlaugh:

Probably not a military pony, could be a royal or someone related to the mane 6 or a royal

. . . Holy crap, these “Nightmare Forces” that Celestia and Luna talked about at the epilogue of the last story are just Eauistria’s version of the Grimm!

I mean, just from the name alone, you can tell they they probably have a black color scheme, cause/are attracted to negativity, and are really scary. Like Grimm

Eh, I'm torn. On one hand, her actions are directly responsible for Flurry's death, even though she was not the one to kill her. Some form of punishment is in order for that fact alone. On the other hand, yeah I hope she gets her family back, though not at the expense of another somehow.

neither of the two ment for flurrys death but tecnicly i think that due to the situation they might be both responisble to about the same degree. Since she then after being captured proceeded to kill a guard and flee she defenetly will get a worse punishment then twilight (even before twilights was likely lessend due to the need not to expose her as killing her own niece and the protection that being a hero of the country and princess provides)
If the future works out for the best i think we can hope for her to after being reformed have her be storms personal guard for the rest of her life. Because we already have twilight in boot camp so it would likely be a fitting punishment

Great start but i have to ask: Who is Concordia? Or is Concordia the person monologuing between the character set ups? If it has to do with RWBY as i saw in the comments then you have to know i have never watched RWBY. I hope the person monologuing is revealed as well as who is Concordia and why they are vital to a story about how Summer Storm/Flurry Heart are adapting to living as a reborn child in Equestria

Damn i was hoping to see the part that scared Celestia so much that she had it "REDACTED" now you've gone and made me soooo curious that it is going to drive me crazy if I don't find out. You better reveal what she redacted in the next few chapters or it will be really hard for me to enjoy the rest of the story because i'm going to asking you and myself time and time again: Why did Celestia redact the medical examination? What scared her so much to redact it? What did the form say before she redacted it?
Plz i need to know these answer!!!!

I ain't dead yet!

Drat foiled again!

i have a feeling its no coincidence that agent sweetedrops is there to tac along
if not then karma just took a dump on her xD

what a convenient timing for this chapter to release, i just finished reading this and the previous fic.

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