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Princess Luna was never loved amongst her ponies. Her older sister Celestia always got all the attention. Princess Luna even questioned herself why she even became a princess. Her Ponies never bothered to look at the night sky. All they cared about her sister's warming sun.

One night she found something in Everfree forest. Something that changed her entire life.....forever.

It was a child. A child named....Ori who is a Spirit Guardian who was separated from his father the Spirit tree.

Luna took Ori in and raised him as her own. She loved him so much that she began to change more and more. Luna began to care more about being a mom than her royal duties. They had happy life together, but not all good things last forever.

Luna is banished to the moon. A giant owl named Kuro takes the spirit Tree's light and Everfree forest begins to dye and starts to attract hostel creatures like Timber Wolves, Manticores, Hydras and Cockatrices.

Will Ori ever set Luna free ? Will he help Sein get to back to the Spirit Tree before its too late ?

Discover what really happend before Luna became Nightmare Moon. Discover the true secrets of Everfree forest. Discover how everything in pony history came to be. COMPASSION is Magic

Cover art by The-Butcher-X http://the-butcher-x.deviantart.com/

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I say this is a good read if u make more and it pops up more maybe you will get a lot more readers and fallowers but as they say don't count your chikins befor they hatch but still good read


Keep a look out for easter eggs. Some of them will hint the next crossover story.

7488766 ooooooh count on it I will look for them

alright, it's live! Great to see this story up now

My little ori my little ori! Aah ahh ahh aahh! My little ori! This song gives me cancer and diabetes!

This gonna be heart attack inducing and tear jerking isn't it.

7516409 Er ma GAWD! I want one!!!

Great history dude, please keep working on it!

"Welcome to your new home. My little Ori ."

Wonderful story.😍 Continue please. 😊

Still waiting for new chapters.....

Just letting you all know I'm working on the third chapter now.

Just letting you know that I didn't forget about this story and still waiting for the new chapters :)

Still didn't forget this Story. Still waiting for new chapters ;)

Hope to see more of this story in the future :twilightsmile:.

Good. More this, less undertale

The name Ori is actually unisex, and can be either male or female.

Ori is an Hebrew given name, for males and females which means "my light”. Also a name from the Hebrew Bible (Isaiah chapter 60).

Oh hey I remember when this wasn't dead

It's not dead. Author is working on this story.

All seriousness though glad to see you back!

Celestia was dumbstruck. She never would have expected that thing to speak. She now knew things were going to change around here and ponies everywhere would want to know who is their new prince is. Rumors will spread across the castle that will soon spread everywhere. The princess of the sun was curious but at the same time, a bit worried. What would this mean for Equestria?

Easy there, Celestia, let's not get too ahead of ourselves there

I saw something pop up in the feature box mentioning Ori, and thought, "Oh, a Stargate crossover?" From the description, clearly not, but I have no idea what it s referencing...

Ori and the Blind Forest is a 2016 Metroid video game made by Moon Studios. It's a great game. And they're releasing a sequel this year called 'Ori and the Will of the Wisps'.

Yay, it’s back!!! :pinkiehappy: I thought it was going to die off. Glad I was wrong. Though, it did take a bit while to wait. But worth it. Hope to see more soon :twilightsmile:.

Comment posted by Nova Eclipse deleted Apr 13th, 2019

Don’t worry about it, it happens to everyone who are making there own story. I’m just glad your continuing it. Hope to see more of your great stories progress. :pinkiehappy:

p.s, great art work, it’s very awesome you can do art.

"Oh no," Celestia mumbled as she watched her sister dance with her baby.

I don't think it was just me that heard this with knuckles voice

please continue this story.
And might I suggest getting an editor.

I believe Ori is female as i remember the Spirit Tree called Ori a "Her" in dialogue.


The tree was actually talking about the giant Owl.

Ah, i'm new to playing, 3 and half hours, 130 deaths :p, found about half of the pick ups but yea, thought that line was referring to Ori then.

I've liked this so far, good work but this last chapter badly marred with frequent wrong word usage. It felt very rushed because of that along with simple mispellings that change the words you meant to use to other words entitely, example, you said "witch" when you meant "which" and "than" when you meant "then". I highly advice going through this chapter to correct the mistakes of the mispellings and wrong words.


I try to fix the problem when I get the chance.

I wish you the best of luck. I'll try to help out for future chapters by letting you know if see similar errors. I like this story so i'd like it to do well.

🤩🤩 :twilightsheepish: so much mix expressions, so much cuteness, SO MUCH ORI!!!
Btw the image on this chapter is not showing...
Other then that this is Alsome!!

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