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My little Ori - Animefan608

The spirit tree lost of its children to the great storm. Instead of Naru finding Ori it was Luna who found him. They lived a happy life together until the Nightmare moon incident. Now Ori is all alone and is seeking a way to free his mother (Luna)

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Chapter 2: Raising Hope

(Green Words background music starts. Red Words mean background Music stops)

It was another day in Everfree Castle, as Ori was looking around the kitchen. He noticed that there were sweets here earlier, but there weren't here anymore. Suddenly, Philemina flew by, and got Ori's attention as she squawked at him, and pointed her beak at the iron metal door where they kept the frozen food.

Ori knew that Philemina was trying to tell him that the cake was in the freezer, but how was he going to get to it? He was small, fragile, and the metal handle was far from his reach. However, Philemina decided to help him out with that as she flew towards the metal door, and pushed the handle while flying. It was tough, but the door manage to slowly open. Even Ori tried to help even though he was too little and weak.

Twenty seconds later, the iron door was wide open, as Ori could see what seemed like heaven; A giant, delicious birthday cake that was as big as a wedding cake. Ori licked his own lips in excitement, as he was about to have his very first cake.

Meanwhile, Luna was trotting down the halls and made her way towards the kitchen, calling out to Ori. "Ori, Ori where are you ? Its time for your……L-lunch?” Her pupils began to shrink to tiny marbles as she saw Ori on top of her sister's cake, eating it. His fur was covered in her sister's cake. Luna was completely horrified. She knew what will happen if her sister found out about anypony touching her cake. If there was one thing Celestia loved the most, it was cake. However if her sister found anypony touching her cake there will be serious consciences.

"Ori noo!! Get off of that cake, It's not yours!!" Luna needed to protect Ori from her sister's wrath at all cost, so she quickly got him off the cake and dipped her face into the cake so that way she could take the blame. Luna quickly used her magic to flout him up so she could carry him out of the freezer. "Lets get you cleaned up before-"

When they exited the freezer Luna looked to her left and saw her older sister stare at her with surprised eyes. Luna felt her heart skip a beat as she realized she was busted. "Uh….h-hello sister. Hehe." said Luna with a fake smile. Celestia looked at her sister, then at Ori, then back at her sister again. Luna may have some frosting on her face but she knew her sister wasn't buying it. She could already see her glaring at the Spirit Guardian with pure anger which turned into rage as Celestia’s face became red as steam (comically) started popping out from her ears.

“HOW DARE YOU, YOU LITTLE RODENT!!!!” Celestia attempted to approach Ori aggressively. Luna didn’t know what her sister was planing to do, but she was not going to take any chances. Luna quickly grabbed Ori with her magic and floated him away from her rampaging sister.

“Tia, stop. He’s just a baby. He doesn’t know any better!” said Luna worryingly, as she saw pure hatred in her sister’s eyes. She tried to push her sister back as much as she could, trying keep her away from Ori.

The Light Guardian’s body was shaking uncontrollably by fear, as he saw the pink mained alicorn attempted to harm him. “He’s not a baby. HE’S A RAT!!!!”

Luna then heard Ori make noises, a multi tone squeak of some kind. Luna wasn’t sure what he was doing, but it was obvious to her that he was crying. Luna could see the tears streaming down his face as she knew he was scared of her older sister’s rage. Struggling to hold back her sister, Luna used a freeze spell to temporally stun her sister. “AAH!!”

Luna quickly grabbed Ori, and made her way out of the castle. All she could think of was getting Ori away from her sister. She was galloping so fast, that she didn’t realize she past her luner guards, and Star Swirl who was calling out to her, but Luna didn’t hear him as she ran toward Everfree forest.

When she finally got there, she started to slow down, knowing she was far from where her sister was but she kept going just incase Celestia was still chasing her. “Its okay, its okay. She’s gone now,” said Luna, as she stroked Ori a little with her hoof to comfort him. “I’m sorry you had to see that Ori, but now you know, you must never make my sister angry. Its not your fault, between you and me my sister was never really good with kids.”

Ori wasn’t crying anymore but was still shaken up. He looked into his guardian’s eyes and could see her smiling at him softly. Luna then nuzzled against him, holding him close to her. “I promise, I will never let anything happen to you and if anypony tries to hurt you, they will answer to me.” Ori could not talk but he could tell by her soft words that he was safe. Ori always felt very safe with Luna around and was hoping it could stay that way forever.

“Hey, I know a village not far from here. Lets go exploring. Ooh wait, lets give you a bath first.” The motherly alicorn said, as she levitated Ori on her back. “Hopefully my sister will calm down by the time we get back.”

Moments later, Luna gave Ori a bath at the closest lake, scrubbing his head with a sponge. “Don’t worry Ori. This may be an old fashion way to take a bath, but it gets the job done.”

Ori wasn’t too happy though, frowning the entire time. Ori was struggling at first but then was overwhelmed by Luna’s magic to hold him still. “Almost done,” She said as she then took a towel and began to dry him off. That annoyed him more than the bath itself did. “Alright, you're clean, and ready to go.” Luna said with a smile.

An hour later, they finally arrived at the city of Canterlot, which is still in the making at its current moment. It was just a small tiny village on a mountain side, and not the huge utopia it'll become in the future. Luna and Celestia made this village, and were planing on making their new castle here. “This place is Canterlot, and it will soon be our new home. And your new home as well,” said Luna as she finally landed.

Suddenly, Ori was struggling to hold on, and began to fall off of Luna’s back. “ORI!!!!” Luna quickly caught Ori before he could fall on the floor.

“I’m so sorry Ori. How could I be so irresponsible! Okay, No more riding on my back until your older. Were getting you a baby carrier.”

Later on, Luna had gotten her carrier for Ori, though it was just a regular saddle bag at first glance. Ori didn’t like it too much, but he didn’t resist either. He knew Luna was just keeping him safe, yet, he couldn’t help but noticed that everypony in the village was staring at him. Some in fear, others in awe as they couldn’t believe princess Luna was carrying something like that in such a way.

Luna wanted to pick up a bed for Ori, but where should she go was the question. She was about to head to the pet shop to pick up a doggy bed for Ori, but she stopped and noticed a store that sold stuff for babies. Something told her to head to the baby store instead of a pet store, but wasn’t sure at first. Should she go to the pet shop and pick up a basket, or should she spend on something pricy like a crib? That was the question that had Luna thinking for a while, but she wasn’t sure what to do. Her brain told her to go to the pet shop, but her heart told her something else ...

The owner of the baby shop heard someone enter her store. When she checked to see who it was, she was shocked on who she saw enter. “Princess Luna ?! T-This is an honor!”

“Just here is pick something for a new born,” Luna replied.

“Aaaww, did one of your cousins have a baby?” She asked. Luna shook her head.

“No, I did,” Luna admitly said.

“…..What?! Since when ? I don’t recall anypony from your kingdom announcing that!”

“That's because it just happen not too long ago.” Luna may have told her sister and Star swirl that she was gonna raise this Light Guardian as a pet, but she can’t help herself. Something deep down told her that this baby wasn’t an animal. Even if it's true, was she ready to become a mother of this child? What would her sister say? Would her sister even accept it? Luna is a Two hundred years old, so, of course she was old enough to raise a child, but if word gets around about it, would Equestria even accept it? Would anypony accept her raising such a thing that is alien to the ponies?

The magic of friendship burns bright in this land, that is true, but that doesn’t mean hatred and fear that have plagued these lands for centuries had left completely. Ponies only care about being friends with other ponies. Not with Griffons, Yacks, Dragons, Deer, or any other species that wasn't a pony for that matter. Sad as it may be, it was truth, and Luna was worried about that fact mostly. She was worried that everypony would hate Ori, but she shouldn’t care about it, for she loved him, and will do anything to protect him and make him happy.

“Is that the little bundle of joy?” asked the owner, who noticed the baby carrier on her back. Luna kept Ori hidden. “Can I see her?”

“It's a boy, and he’s shy so I don’t think that such a good idea,” answered the princess, unsure what the owner's reaction would be.

“Oh….okay. Well congratulation Princess Luna,” said the owner, who was little disappointed at that. After a few minutes, Luna had gotten a number of baby items; a crib, high chair, bib, and even a Smart Pants doll. Ori noticed the Smarty Pants doll, and made a few echo sounds, telling his mother that he wanted to hold it. However, the owner heard that, and she started to look scared.
“What was that sound?!” asked the owner, who was now in panic. Luna shrugged, acting oblivious.

“Hhm. Must of the been the wind,” said Luna, who handed the doll to Ori so he could stop making noises. She paid the shop owner extra to have her send the stuff to her castle, and only then was ready to leave. Before Luna made it out the door the shop owner noticed Ori, as her jaw dropped to the floor, and she saw a glowing furry like animal thing in Luna’s baby carrier. “Thank you very much.” said Luna before she made her way out the door.

“T-thats the Princess’s baby!?” shouted the owner.

Spirit Tree: “She then asked herself about her actions.”

Later on, Luna, and Ori, were at the park enjoying the nice weather. She thought it was best that Ori stayed with her instead of being with children his age. She just didn’t want the other mothers of those children to mistreat Ori. While Luna was enjoying the fresh air of nature she began to think to herself about what she did today. “What am I doing? Do I really love Ori that much that I would buy him all those things? Why did I even buy him those things? Do I care for him that much, I mean do care for him dearly but…..do I really love him that way? I already told that shop owner that I have a child. Why did I say that anyway? Not to mention I’ve been walking around, carrying Ori on a baby carrier like he was my own in front of the whole town.”

Luna was keeping a close eye on Ori, who was playing with his Smarty Pants doll. She could tell that he loved that doll, as he was playing around with it. It was enough to make her smile, seeing him having a good time. Ori wanted to play with other children playing in the sand box but Luna said no.

Watching Ori play reminded her of something long ago back when she was little.


Mama, mama play with me!” shouted little Luna, trying to get her mother’s attention but she was too busy with her older sister.

“Sorry Luna, but I’m teaching your sister how to use magic. Maybe later.” Said the motherly Alicorn.

“But Mama!” Luna plead.

“Luna, Please. We will play later!” Said her mother who gave her a stern look. Luna felt very sad that her mother couldn’t play with her but what upsets her is that her mother has been saying that ever since her Celestia accidentally turned the guards into cactuses with flowers bots. It has been a week since her and her mother had a mother and daughter time.

“There is never a later,” Luna mumbled. She decided to play by herself. Having a tea party with all her stuff toys. She wished her daddy was still around. If he was still around maybe she wouldn’t feel so lonely, but he’s not here. Its just her, her sister and her mother in this large castle.

Luna could hear her mother praising Celestia outside the castle. It made her feel upset. All she wanted to do spent some time with mother but no. Her sister gets all the attention. Luna than stared at the horizon as she noticed the spirit tree in the distance.

“Maybe I could go over there and take a closer look at the Spirit Tree. Mama is busy with Tia anyway. I could comeback before she even realizes I’m gone.” Said Luna as she headed outside into the courtyard and snuck into the forest without her mother noticing.

Thirty minutes later, Luna noticed she wasn’t too far from the spirit tree now, however she hid in the bushes as she noticed deer guards from Thicket were patrolling the area. “So remember rookie, our duty is to watch over and protect them and the spirit tree at all cost.”
“Yes sir!” the younger deer responded.

“Thats what I like to hear. Our shift is over. Now lets head back to Thicket,” responded the older one. Luna waited till they walked passed her than proceeded towards the giant tree.

She knew her mother would be very upset with her if she found out about this but she knew it would be worth it once she finds herself standing in front of the giant glowing tree. When Luna got close enough her jaw feel to the ground at the site of the tree’s massive size. It was unlike anything she has ever seen. She wasn’t even in front of it yet.

“Woah, I can’t believe how big it is. I’m not that far from it now.” Luna than noticed an army of glowing bunnies surrounding the massive tree. Luna couldn’t make out what was down there. She squinted her eyes to try to make out what they were until suddenly she fell of the edge of a steep hill.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH !!!!!” Little Luna screamed as she was rolling none stop down un able to slow down.

End of flashback:

“That's right, I remember falling down a hill, but that all I could remember.” said Luna as she rubbed her head. It was such a long time ago that she can only remember that she fell, and not much else. She heard Ori yawn, as she assumed that it was his nap time. “Well, I suppose it is your nap time.”

“Alright Ori, lets head back to the castle. Hopefully sister Tia is cooled off by now.” Luna then used her magic to levitate Ori into her baby carrer, and flapped her wings, taking to the air.

(Start music at 2:00) An hour later, Luna has finally arrived at the Everfree castle. As she was about to reached for the door, she was quickly found by Starswirl.

“Luna where have you been? You were about to give an old stallion a heart attack.”

Luna looked at him and sighed. “I apologize Star; I just had to get away from my sister for a while.” Once Luna entered the castle she looked around for her sister. “Star, has she calmed down yet?”

“She’s still upset for what happened this afternoon, but it's safe to say that you won’t have to worry about her. She was looking for you earlier, but than gave up.” Said Starswirl shrugging his shoulders.

Luna looked down with a sigh. "That's a relief. I just wish I've known Ori would get to sister's cake. I need to keep a special eye on him next time."

Starswirl Nodded in agreement. "Indeed. I would hate to see any pony suffer her wrath."

"Well, I need to get Ori to bed. Say Good night Ori." Ori made a small multi-tone noise in response. He was too tired to sound louder. Luna walked him up to her room for him to sleep.

Once there, she tucked him in, and made sure he was comfortable. Luna even noticed that he still had the Smarty Pants doll with him, holding it tightly. Luna stared at him for a while, thinking about her actions earlier. So many questions ran in her head. How could she love some pony that isn't even her filly? How could she love something that could be mistaken for an animal? Why dose Ori make her feel this way? The need for a child to take care of and to love? And for some reason, no matter how hard she thought, she just couldn't find the answer to her questions...

Luna was about to walk out of the room to let Ori sleep,just about to touch the door handle, when she heard something that struck her heart still.

"....Mo-mmy..." Ori mumbled in his sleep. Luna's pupils shrunk into little dots, as her eyes were becoming watery. She slowly turned her head towards the bed Ori was sleeping on.

".....W-what did he say?" Luna thought. A dead silence began to fill the room. She could have misheard it, but she heard what he said loud and clear. Ori spoke.

Did he really think of her as his mother? Luna was too shocked to think straight, but this feeling made her feel like she wasn't alone anymore. Perhaps this was the answer to her loneliness she has felt for so many years. Ponies never cared for Luna or her night sky and her mother was never there for her when she needed it, and now she's gone. The only ponies who care for her now is Starswirl and her older sister, but just like mother even Celestia neglects how she feels. So focused on her subjects. Just like mother was so focused on her but hardly ever Luna. The only pony that has been there for her, was Starswirl, but despite how powerful he is, even he won't be around forever.

Luna wasn't sure if being this Light guardian's mother was the answer to her problems, but she saw no reason not to give it a try. Luna walked towards the bed and slowly bent down, giving the Ori a small kiss on the head. "Perhaps, this is the answer."

To Be Continued.

Author's Note:

Now don't get the wrong idea, Celestia isn't exactly out of character. Remember this took place before the Nightmare Moon incident when they were very young. Even though their like a hundred, they age every slowly so Celestia would be like in their mid or late twenties in this story.

I plan to put images of the story in this chapter later on. Not sure when but I will in the future.

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