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I'm just another Brony that decided to chip in his 2 bits in the creative side of the fandom. Let me know what you think of what I put out there and I hope you enjoy. :)

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Sad State of Affairs · 10:29pm Apr 11th, 2018

If you've read my past blogs, things haven't been going the way I have planned.

The newest chapter to Devils Never Cry was originally supposed to be released in January, but there have been obvious recent controversies since then.

ToonKritic, Performance Major, Dusky Novel and the whole shitstorm that erupted, especially with Toon.

Reactionaries like Lily Peet, Josh Scorcher, and Dr. Wolf had not made it any better with the damage control.

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Thanks for the fave on "One More Dance". Glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

:ajsleepy: Yeah...I have hit a creative wall on A Clockwork Fursona and I don't want to can this, but I have no choice but to send it into development hell...for now at least. I don't feel like working on it for the time being. In my hiatus. I spent the holidays with family and not much progress has been made in the past few weeks. (Mainly because I'm a lazy arsehole that would rather play Doom than write)

All in all, Happy New Year and here's to being 1 year older! (My 19th birthday was on the 14th of December) :twilightsmile:

I am also announcing a new story that will be released in January 10th. I did make a video for it, but it got removed as I uploaded it on my Facebook because it violated copyright laws. :fluttercry:

Enjoy the rest of your New Year's day wherever my fellow Bronies live.

UPDATE: It was canned on 1/10/2017

2320652 Soon; after I finish the latest chapters for Heart of a Nobody and Devils Never Cry

2266577 When will A Clockwork Fursona continue.

If anypony has any questions about any story of mine, feel free to ask. This Blog page will double as a Q&A section.

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