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I'm an amateur writer who enjoys creating new short stories, but I mostly write crossovers. If I have a story that's not been updated in a while, I'm sorry. I try to work on them when I can.


Equestria wakes terrified one morning to discover monsters have invaded, and not the average ones the resident ponies had come to know. These ones could not be persuaded, bargained with, nor befriended. It was as if the Everfree Forest had taken over the entire continent, plunging it into chaos.

Around the same time, a certain Geralt of Rivia awakes to find his memory lost, as well as himself. Will Geralt finally know peace in this world, or will it be just another day for a Witcher? Only time will tell...

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Good so far, let's see what happens next.

I just wanna say that you're doing a great fucking job and Im asking you to please keep going. I love how you captured geralt's personality perfectly, your storytelling Is great and you make it fucking interesting to read. Trust me... I made this account just to tell you this.

hi, i'd like some feedback myself , I wrote my own Witcher fanfic.. but instead of Geralt. it's Ciri.

Geralt just can't keep ahold of his goddamn memories, can he?

Can’t wait for the next one

And so it is done. Fluttershy has now joined the clan of the Witchers. She is the first true female Witches. Ciri only had the training, and never went through the trials. History has been made this night, though it never should have been.

Can’t wait for the next chapter

Failsafe99 I think there were female Witchers in the cat school

Great fakin chapter again m8

I have never heard of the cat school, so I will go research.

Its a Witcher school that rivals the School of the Wolf. The other Witcher Schools are more brought about in the video games. Griffon, Ursaine, Viper, Cat, Manticore, and Wolf are all of the Witcher Schools in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Its due to their armor mostly that you know they exist beyond working with a Viper school witcher and fighting a Cat School Witcher. Manticore only gets an armor set through the Blood and Wine DLC while getting Grandmaster variations of the main armor you can get.

Well, that just means I need to continue playing then. Though I will still research it, as I love reading and learning lore for various universes. Its really fun to hold conversations with someone who is a fan of one series, when I havent played it, but know it's story and backstory.

Okay, real quick question, which feiends decided to oust Twilight, and say she shouldnt be princess anymore? Because I hope it wasnt the rest of the mane 6.

Kinda scared for flutters I don't think she'll be treated nicely by other ponies

Well, I got my answer. I understand what Twilight has done. She took the full blame. She became her own Scapegoat in this matter. Her decision, while frowned upon by the rest of Equestria, including Fluttershy. I, agree with her decision. And I respect her for what she did. It was the right choice, to make her a Witcher, even if nobody else realizes, or agrees.

Another thing. Fluttershy. You better be happy that Twilight, shot herself in the foot, and disgraced herself, to make sure you could walk Equestria without worry of being called monster. You can be angry at her, but she still made sure you have a future after the trial.

Tbf what twilight did was save fluttershy from dying a slow death and this is how she gets treated so much for pony society standards

A legendary comment. Pfff

And we see the choice of the condemned. Twilight is imprisoned to her choices. Yet she knew it would come. I still stand by my agreement of what she did, in choosing to save Fluttershy, and then sacrifice herself in order to keep Fluttershy safe.

I thought Celestia would become a problem or will she in the future?

she definitely will be, but for right now, we can just pretend she's kicking back sipping on a margarita on some beach somewhere instead of plotting something ;)

Ooooo, Twilight might have fucked herself there. But, this could still end well.

Truth be told.
Didn't see that coming.

well i think its Laith aen Undod or its common name One Speech

Aight, hyped for the next chapter

Damnit Discord, your supposed to be the one friend through the years. That one friend that Fluttershy will always have, throughout time. Why did you have to die? Rest in Peace, Discord.

Well, Twilight didn't fuck herself over to bad. She is going in to this with knowledge of what will happen. She just didnt expect for Geralt to give her to Fluttershy. Also, IT TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH TO FORGIVE HER, FLUTTERSHY! Damn, you can hold a grudge.

To be fair, imagine if your insides felt like they were on the outside, and then on top of that you were basically drafted into an army that did nothing but beat and starved you for close to a decade. She's got ten years worth of not seeing her friends and getting the living shit kicked out of her by Geralt. I'd say she earned at least part of that resentment, don't you think?


I got that. No, she was resentful for things that Twilight did, and wasnt looking at the things Twilight did after. As I said before, she made it so Fluttershy wouldnt be run out of town wherever she goes, that she would always be loved. While taking the fall herself. Other things along those lines, Fluttershy refused to see, and that made me a little angry. I understood her pain.

I am happy. The rest of the six, bar Applejack, thought the same thing I did when I first heard what Twilight did. Some took a bit more time to think it than others, but they still reached that point in the end, and thats fine. They finally realised Twilight just wanted her friend to live, and then told Equestria what she did so that Fluttershy wouldnt be called a monster. Thank you for this chapter. Also, that end is concerning.

Actually, it's Nordic and Dovah(from Skyrim). It was a good guess though! I did think about doing languages from the universe but it didn't have a complete translation for the words I wanted to use.

becos all of them come from slavic and germain

10070005 A legendary Umbreon! *readies a pokeball*

Hope to see Day Breaker broken and see how Celestia laments on being the greatest failure of a princess and ruler of Equestria.

The Witcher has a TV series?!? I must live in a cave or something.

Twilight: :facehoof:

Vis hi mindoraan daar?


Vér erum ruleranórr Equestria. Hvat er þinn intent?


Just realized google sucks at some things

It's on Netflix. So, kinda?

For all it was worth, she was glad to see her friends one last time before leaving. For Twilight Sparkle held a secret about the ritual they were about to perform:

It was lethal to Alicorns.

Somehow I got the feeling this is somehow going to be relevant for when Daybreaker attacks.:scootangel:

Why in God's name is twilight so reviled by everyone? Sure, she put her friend through some excruciating pain. Should she have let Fluttershy just fucking die? I understand Fluttershy being a bit miffed, but why tf does everyone else seem to think they know everything that happened?

I thought Blueblood hated Twilight? And so did Rarity? Why did you bother with the whole Rarity hating Twilight bit a couple chapters ago of they're apparently perfectly amicable?

this whole story seems like a mess. 10 years, and Gallus the child groffon is an old man? Rarity, the mare portrayed to be in the middle of her life is an old crotchety lady? Wtf?

I want to leap off this train wreck but I want to see how much worse it gets...

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