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Destiny's Calling - Crimson_Moon

A portal to Equestria leaves a certain Witcher stranded without any memories, along with many monsters from his world.

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Visiting Home

"Fluttershy!" Geralt yelled in the main hall of Kaer Blathan, looking for the young mare. He had received an invitation from the newly crowned Princess of Equestria for a visit... And a proposition only a Witcher would be able to accept. It was the perfect time to test the near decade of training she had received into action. "Fluttershy!" He called out again, moving onto the armory.

The small room was empty, save for a few barren weapon racks, and armor far too rusted to be worth anything. The real prize was still buried behind a mountain of rubble in the west wing, after all. "Need to commission some swords sometime soon..." He mumbled to himself, exiting the armory and moving to the courtyard. Once he got close enough, he could hear some grunts in the training area. It seemed she was hard at work training again. Slowly, he walked down the wood steps leading to the small yard behind the castle, observing quietly.

Fluttershy had become a ruthless machine in unarmed combat- circling the dummy in front of her, the pale yellow mare front flipped behind it and hit the critical points all along the back of the straw pony- enough to incapacitate a live one, and definitely enough to make it hurt. With the speed of a lion, she had vaulted off the neck of that one and landed near the wood replica of a Werewolf. Sliding under, she had targeted all the main points that would stun it enough to allow a few swings with a blade. Unfortunately, the Pegasus didn't plan on one Critical element of any combat scenario:

The element of surprise. Geralt silently approached from behind, and when he got close enough, the man pulled her tail, kicked the hooves from under her, flipped her over, and held her neck in place with nothing but his forearm. "Always be aware of-"

"Of my surroundings. Yeah." She sighed. "I remember. Sorry." Slumping her shoulders, Fluttershy headed back to the dummies and got ready for another practice sprawl, when Geralt interrupted.

"Letter came in." He opened up his satchel. "A few, actually. Some are from your friends-" before he even had a chance to continue, the mare sprinted over and snatched them out of his hand. Very rarely did the rest of her friends write, and only one ever took the time to come up and visit, even if discreetly. After all, it was her decision to bring Fluttershy up here, why wouldn't she check up? He sighed. "Got a few that require us to travel."

Her ears perked up at that. "Us? You mean...?" Geralt nodded his head. Immediately, she went and hugged him then rushed past to pack her things.

On the road to their destination, Fluttershy couldn't stop asking questions. "Is everypony okay? What about my other friends, do they still live in Ponyville? I'm so anxious to see them again!"

"Calm yourself." Geralt stated. "Remember your training. This isn't a social visit. We're heading to Ponyville for supplies, nothing more." It was a small lie, actually. The last time he visited the town for supplies, the Witcher stopped by the blacksmith's shop (now run by the previous owner's sons, Hammer and Nail) to request something be made as a surprise for when the time came that she come down the mountain with him.

"Of course!" She exclaimed. "It's just been so long, and I- oh..." Stopping on the way, the mare noticed a small abandoned hut in the Everfree, dilapidated and devoid of all life. Zecora hadn't lived there for a long time, it seemed. "... Zecora."

The zebra died to an incident Geralt had to help with several years ago. When he came back to the castle, Fluttershy asked him what happened, and all he said was that a monster attacked and killed her.

"Bruxa. Took out her jugular." He patted the side of the door as they both stood there, admiring the Quen sign that kept the small home from reverting completely back into a regular tree. "It's why we were summoned to Canterlot. An emergency summons of all nearby nations was called, and we were personally requested to be present." He sighed. "Monsters are appearing more frequently. It started with you all those years ago, and year after year, more species and attacks are being discovered."

Looking on, she patted a hoof on the wood next to his, before turning and trotting back down the path. "Best we keep moving then. Don't want to make her wait." She spat, rushing ahead suddenly.

The next stop was to the animal sanctuary, one of the few places Fluttershy was allowed to visit, supervised by Geralt of course. Being isolated was... Difficult, but at least she had solace in visiting with her animal friends. Whenever she came down from the mountain, she visited Angel Bunny, the now proud father of his twelfth son. It was strange coming back to a place that used to be her home, she thought. So much has changed, she was curious to see how the town had changed as well.

From the letters her friends had sent over the years, they all had drifted apart, following her training. Applejack still worked at the farm, once in a while keeping an eye on Big Mac's two daughters, Apple Tart and Spice Drop. Rarity stayed in Ponyville, but retired her shop, due to complications brought upon by age- Blindness does make it hard to sew dresses after all. Pinkie Pie visits the town regularly, but ends up wandering the country most of the time with her husband Cheese Sandwich and their wonderful foals, Curly Q and Banana Loaf. Rainbow Dash steadily trains the new generation of Wonderbolts as Captain, but always comes home to the Apple Farm to help Applejack. She was the catalyst for her friends drifting apart. Her, and Twilight.

Twilight... Her she didn't think of at all. Fluttershy knew what happened that day, and never forgave her for subjecting the Trial of the Grasses upon her, even though she didn't commit the act and only observed. Regardless, she knew the Castle of Friendship would be abandoned, save for the two Unicorns in charge of the school that lived there.

Hugging Angel one last time, Fluttershy followed Geralt into town. Many had greeted the Witcher as if he lived there, but shied away from her. It unsettled her slightly, but no matter. She knew it would happen. Suddenly, a familiar face stepped out of a nearby shop. "...Rarity? Is that you?" She smiled, trotting up to the unicorn being escorted by someone. Geralt left them be and went into a nearby shop for some supplies he needed.

"Oh my! Could it be?" The unicorn muttered, smiling. "Sweetie, is it really her?" The other one trotting alongside the mare was clearly an adult now, it took a few minutes for Fluttershy to recognize her.

"Yes, Rarity." Sweetie smiled, turning the mare to face the two. "It's Fluttershy!" Rushing forward, the young pony rushed and grabbed the much taller Fluttershy's hoof to bring her closer. "She's finally back!" She yelled, drawing onlookers to witness the reunion for a moment.

The mare went to hug Rarity, but Sweetie Belle stopped her. "You need to know something." She motioned for her to come closer. "Extreme Magical Deterioration. Pushing herself in the shop as hard as she did all those years left her blind..." She whispered into Fluttershy's ear. She was going to ask more, but was stopped by a gasp from Rarity.

Tears welled up in the pony's eyes. "I... It's been so long since I last saw you!" She waved her hoof in the air, searching for a muzzle that no longer was at eye level. Leaning down, Fluttershy nuzzled into it. Carefully, Rarity inspected it with her touch, frowning at the feel. "You've...Grown." she simply stated.

"Yes, a side effect of the Mutations running in me. It... Made me taller." She chuckled, rubbing the back of her head.

"More beautiful too, I might add!" Another voice piped up from behind them. It was... Blueblood, shockingly.

"Oh yes, I must have forgotten to tell you in my last letter." Rarity cleared her throat. "Meet my husband, Blueblood."

"Husband?!" She gasped. "Wasn't he a complete and total ass to you at the Gala?"

"Language, Please!" Rarity exclaimed. "Besides, he has become a much more respectable stallion since then. I mean, Captain of the Guard!" She beamed. " Who would've thought?"

"Yes, it's true. I am now Captain of the Royal Guard!" The stallion bowed. "And I must ask your forgiveness in my rather... Harsh treatments to my wife all those years ago."

"...I don't think I'm the best judge of character. At least, not at first glance. I'm sorry, Blueblood." She stated, shocking the others slightly.

"No matter." He sighed, holding Rarity's hoof and bringing her close. "I will love her all the same."

"Awww!" Rarity cooed. "I love you too."

"Was there anything else?" Fluttershy asked, smiling.

"Anything else? Why, it's been near a decade darling! We simply must get you a dress, maybe a spa treatment as well-"

"Oh no. No dresses, thank you!" She interrupted. "Though I appreciate it all the same. It would be nice, however, to enjoy a nice relaxing bath one of these days. Unfortunately, I must be going now." The Pegasus trotted off, leaving a trio of confused ponies in her wake.

"Fluttershy, refuse a spa?" Sweetie Belle spoke. "I know you said she'd be different, but I didn't think-"

"Blame Her Royal Highness." Blueblood spat. "She's the reason for it happening in the first place. Poor mare never deserved that done to her..."

"Fluttershy, do you mind if we stop by the Blacksmith's? I have something there I need to pick up." Geralt asked.

"Of course. Geralt-" she started.


"I was wondering if... You heard from anypony else about Discord? He hasn't seen me since... Well, you know." She asked.

"Hmm..." The Witcher thought. "Wasn't he your demonic friend?"

"Draconequus, yes. He was a dear friend from before, and I wanted to see if he was doing alright without me."

Geralt thought for a moment. "Last I heard, he was chasing a lead for the princesses before their retirement, and shows up in different places of Equestria from time to time."

She sighed. "Yes, of course. I just hope he's alright."

Opening the doors to the blacksmith's, Geralt was greeted by the two owners with a friendly smile. "Welcome!" A steel grey bulky Earth pony greeted, with a thick Scottish accent. "Oh wow, Geralt!" The stallion exclaimed. "Look who's here, brother!" He yelled to the back of the store. After a few bangs and clatters of various tools and metals, the other brother came out.

The lithe silver tinted stallion ran up to the counter. "Geralt! Our favorite customer!"

"To what do we owe the pleasure?" They spoke in unison.

He cleared his throat, gesturing to the pony next to him. "She is in need of that surprise I had you two working on. Care to fit it?"

Immediately, they perked up. "Of course!" The smaller one exclaimed. "Hammer, would you care to do the honors?" He grabbed a small brown box from underneath the counter.

"Oh absolutely brother! Nothing would please me more!" Quickly he opened up the box and gestured for Fluttershy to lift her front hooves on top of the counter. "So you're this 'Fluttershy' character Geralt kept yapping about whenever he hit the town, eh?" Hammer got out the tools and measured her hoof width.

"Um, I suppose..." She muttered, confused as to what was going on.

"Oh Lassie, you must be something special!" Nail guffawed. "Every time he came down from that wee mountain, he'd have a sack full 'o' bits especially for this 'secret project'!"

"And Everytime we took it, we would improve the designs!" The other one spoke, bringing out the first piece and drilling it to the fastener he had placed on her hoof.

Now she had their attention. "...Is it some sort of crossbow? Or armor?"

"Ha!" Nail spoke up. "Crossbows are boring! And according to Geralt, bulky armor just slows yer kind down, unless it's specially tailored. Too bad our resident seamstress retired, otherwise you'd have one epic piece of hardware to match along with this beauty!" He kissed the final piece of metal before fitting it.

"Nay, this-" Hammer gestured to the completed weapon attached to her hooves. "This is art!"

It was a small horseshoe, fitted with a strange contraption attached to her foreleg. "Go on!" One of them gestured. "Give it a squeeze!"

Doing as instructed, she squeezed her forehoof and out popped several serrated edges on the outside of the shoe. "Genuine Silver, and no expenses gone to waste!" She turned her hoof to inspect it. Almost like a serrated knife, the front of her hoof was now turned into a deadly weapon, perfect for monster and creature alike.

"It's nice." She smiled. "Thank you."

Suddenly, the doors burst open to reveal a blue Pegasus with greying rainbow mane. "WHO ARE YOU, THINKING YOU CAN TRICK RARITY LIKE-" Then Rainbow saw her, as if she were meeting her friend for the first time. Collapsing, she fell silent.

"Oh my!" Quickly, Fluttershy deactivated the weapons and held her friend close.

"... So it's true, the rumors." Rainbow teared up as she spoke. "You're finally back! It's been so long..."

"I know, Rainbow." She sighed. "I know." The Pegasus let go of their embrace and looked into Rainbow's eyes with a serious expression. "But you need to listen to me. I'm... Not like I was."

"Yeah, no kidding." She dryly chuckled. "The eyes I could deal with, but now? Now you're some sort of alpha Pegasus or something! I mean look at you, 'Shy!" She gestured to the mare's body, tears becoming visible once more. "You're easily the size of Luna or even Cadence." In response, Fluttershy gently grabbed her friend's hoof in her own.

"I'm not talking about the obvious. I changed, Dash. Creepy and scary things don't bother me anymore, and I don't smile like I used to." She sighed. "But, I still remember what friendship is, and I hope you and everypony else understand that."

The smaller mare stared into her Wolven eyes, unsure of what to say. "I... Yeah, sure." She gave Fluttershy one more hug before standing up and approaching the doors. "I'm glad you're okay, Shy." She smiled. "Oh, and Geralt?" The mare looked behind her shoulder before leaving. "I don't blame you. You're not the cause of this."

The Witcher stood silent, nodding in understanding.

"Is it alright if we leave Ponyville now?" Fluttershy asked suddenly.

"No, we still have work that needs done here. As I said, I received many letters that require travel. Ponyville is the sender of such a letter, or rather an individual that lives here."

"Fine!" She spat with venom. "Where does this pony live?"

"... The Castle of Friendship."

It was close to midday, and the two still had much to be done in preparation for the summit. As such, they both took a break at the nearby shop- Sugarcube Corner. Many ponies had given Fluttershy odd looks, and some even mistook her for another princess before realizing she didn't have a horn. That didn't bother her as much as the frequency of unfamiliar faces among the crowd. Ponyville was a small town so everybody knew everything about everyone, and to see very few familiar ponies...

It was jarring, to say the least.

"Geralt?" She asked, thanking one of the waiters that brought over her food.

"Hmm?" He mumbled, in the middle of eating a small muffin.

"Why are there many strangers in Ponyville? What happened to everypony I knew?"

The Witcher sighed. "After the Trial of the Grasses, someone asked why you were sent so far away." He looked down at the reflection in the empty silver platter before him. "Most were ready to blame me, and wanted me to be purified by your Elements of Harmony. Seeing as how they couldn't do that until you recovered, that was quickly shot down." He looked around the room, at all the faces in the small Cafe. Some were familiar to him from all the supply runs he had to do, but many still remained fresh and new. "Then one pony stood in front of the rest, I think her name was Cheerilee if I remember correct. She asked not what I had done, but instead..." He remained silent.

"... She asked what my friends did." Fluttershy finished his sentence, receiving a morose nod from her mentor.

"You and your friends were almost always surrounded by problems, so it made sense to ask if they had something to do with it. The rest admitted they had no idea what the Trial was, or even what it meant to go through such an ordeal. Save for one." He gestured with his finger. " And she was already contempt in taking the blame."

The mare scoffed. "You mean to tell me that the one pony that had written off on my CURSE, was the one that took the fall for it?!"

"Hold your tongue!" Geralt slammed his fists in the table, drawing silence around them for a moment. Once the silent stares of curiosity ceased, he continued. "Being a Witcher is not a curse. I taught you that. It's a fucked up life, sure, but you are not to tell yourself this is an affliction!"

"I... Apologize for my outburst, Master." Fluttershy spat, slouching further into the cushioned seat she sat in.

"Hmm..." He grunted, before continuing. "Yes, she took the blame and only her. However, she took it one step further and confessed and even explained what the Trial of Grasses was. The rest of your friends were shocked, some even appalled. Most ponies shunned her, including your friends. After that, Cheerilee was the first to leave for good. Followed by Mayor Mare, Doctor Hooves, Lyra, Bon-Bon, and many others whom I don't recall. Only a few stayed, including the scarce number that still believed you were coming back. The tabloids wanted to say you were just gonna be buried in the mountains to hide the evidence." He chuckled.

"... So is that who we're seeing? Twilight?" She asked, only to receive a firm shaking of the head from Geralt.

"No, I'm afraid she's still waiting in Canterlot. She hasn't been told of your arrival, in fact." He smiled wryly. "I figured she spent enough time pretending you were locked away in some far off castle."

Fluttershy laughed. "Is that really what she thought you did?"

"Yeah," he chuckled. "It's kinda funny, but-" the twitching of his medallion cut him short.

"I feel it too." Fluttershy patted the special choker Geralt had made for her to detect changes in magical atmosphere.

The entire Cafe rumbled and shook, the interior growing darker and darker. Geralt brought out the steel sword strapped to his back, while Fluttershy unsheathed her silver claw blades. They jumped from the table and slowly backed away from all the windows, ponies huddling close behind them for protection. "Remember your training!" Geralt exclaimed. "This is your first real world test! What do you sense?"

Time slowed to a crawl for the Pegasus, focusing on basic instinct alone. The house rumbled, but it wasn't Earth shattering, so a minor elemental? No, she sensed something else. The darkened interior, it reeked of alteration magic. It had to be that creature, she thought. "Sylvan?" She asked her mentor. Suddenly, the darkness and the rumbling died down and the two checked to see if everyone was alright.

"It's what we're here to find out. Now come on, we've delayed enough." He sheathed his sword and exited the building, noting any oddities along the way.

After walking to the outskirts of Ponyville, the two had made it to their destination: Twilight's Library for all things Magical and Friendly, or what used to be known as:

"The Castle of Friendship." Fluttershy spoke. Geralt opened the door to reveal quite a shocking sight. What were once halls filled with nothing but crystal and banners bearing Twilight Sparkle's Cutie Mark, were replaced with shelves upon shelves of books, scrolls, and everything in between. What's more was it now didn't feel empty; every corner they turned had either a student of Friendship opening books for study, or a library clerk reorganizing said books. Making their way through the changed halls, Geralt and Fluttershy arrived at their destination- the Cutie Map room.

This room, in stark contrast to the halls outside, had been left relatively the same, save for the lack of chairs bearing all her friend's Cutie Marks. Looking around the room, her eyes were wistful, but that changed into a look of surprise at the mare standing up in the center. "Long time no see, Fluttershy!" The lavender mare spoke.

"Starlight!" She rushed over to hug the unicorn before letting go just as quick. "What brings you here?"

"I'm not gonna lie, I am so glad to see you!" Starlight Glimmer smiled, for a moment at least. "I just wish it was under better circumstances."

"What's wrong? You know I'll do whatever I can." She smiled.

Starlight sighed. "We need your help..."

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