• Published 1st Jan 2020
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Destiny's Calling - Crimson_Moon

A portal to Equestria leaves a certain Witcher stranded without any memories, along with many monsters from his world.

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Contract: Ponyville Predator

Beware all those who lurk in the night, for many a myth may yet prowl the streets...

-Starswirl the Bearded

The next morning, Geralt prepared to leave for Ponyville in secret. His appearance as well as his intentions were to be kept hidden, save for a select few. "First things first, I must let you know the dangers you are allowing in your town." The Witcher stood in what appeared to be Princess Luna's private Chambers, given the overall theme. Blues and blacks made it a very mystical yet dark room, much like the pony in question.

"There is more you have yet to divulge?!" She trotted close, trying to intimidate him, though it was pointless. He faced worse things than a pissed off horse.

"Much more." He grunted. A knock came upon the door, before a small unicorn in a maid's outfit entered with Geralt's gear. "The items you requested, your Majesty." It bowed, levitating the items over to the bed. Opening it's eyes, the pony jumped out of shock.

"You may leave." Luna ordered. The pony didn't hesitate, rushing out as quick as it could.

Inspecting the custom Witcher's armor on the sheets, he laid everything out systematically, looking for signs of magical tampering. The first to go onto him was the pendant he'd always worn around his neck since he was a young lad. Immediately, it began to vibrate ever so slightly, interacting with Geralt and telling him of the latent magic sewn through the strange land he found himself in. "Going back to our conversation," He latched the boots on tightly; any inch of looseness and any monster could pry it off like a nail to rotted wood. "There is a fair bit of knowledge I possess, though none of it has a word for the world I am in, or for what your are called. 'Winged Pony' I'm sure isn't the correct term." He moved for the grieves next, ensuring the same level of tightness as the boots.

"We are of a species called 'Alicorn'. Currently, only five exist in Equestria. You've met two, me and my sister, and are about to meet a third."

"Quite an exclusive club you got. Endangered species?" He questioned, heaving the iron weaved chest piece over his shoulders.

"We have answered your question, so now indulge us with the danger you speak of!" Luna stamped her hoof in frustration.

He sighed. "This Lycanthrope, it may hunt again." The Witcher tightened the final piece of his armor- his arms, before turning to face the Alicorn. "No idea what kind it is, not from secondhand information."

"You mean...?" He simply nodded.

"If you can, alert the captain of the local guard, but do it discreetly. No telling who might be afflicted, it could even be one of yours."

"Impossible! They can't be, their bodies are immune to such things!" She snorted.

"There's many things that you can be, but immune isn't one of them." He grunted. "Only Witchers and exceptionally powerful beings are immune, aside from other monsters, or at least that sounds right..." He shook himself before continuing. "Your club of Alicorns are probably the only things on this plane of existence that aren't affected. My medallion rattles fierce by just glancing your way."

"This medallion..." The Alicorn stared apprehensively at it. "What exactly does it detect?"

Another flash of memory came to Geralt, this one from much later than the last one. It was after the Trial of the Grasses- an old and now forbidden ritual turning him into the mutant he is today:

Vesemir smiled down at the two sole survivors of the Trial of the Grasses. No longer were they men- their Wolven eyes had betrayed that much. The other boy, still a vague blur in his mind, was the first to receive his Witcher's Medallion. He stepped up and knelt before their Master Vesemir and accepted his token with utter disgust. Geralt didn't blame him, even back then. After all, it wasn't an easy test like it had been before...

Only two of ten survive the Trial. The rest die.

"Geralt of Rivia!" Vesemir spoke, dragging him out of the silent brooding he had always slunk into at times. "Step forth, and embrace Destiny as a Witcher of the school of Wolf!"

Slowly he stepped up the pedestal, and like the other one, knelt to claim his prize. "With this Medallion-" Vesemir turned around and presented the necklace- a small trinket with the likeness of a wolf, made out of the purest silver. For a small second, he had thought the eyes had glowed a subtle red, but it must have been a trick of the light.

"With this Medallion, I mark you as a Witcher borne into the school of Wolf." He had placed it around his neck, and almost immediately could Geralt feel the subtle vibrations thrumming in it.

"Now rise, young Wolf, and take your blade in the name of balance of the natural order..."

Snapping back to reality, he stared at Luna for a moment. "Well Princess, if you're asking if it detects evil, I'm afraid you're gonna be disappointed. It contains the same magic that transformed me into becoming a Witcher." He lifted it up closer for her to inspect. "More of a magic compass than anything, really."

"Now that you're satisfied-" He grabbed the Alicorn by the neck and looked her dead in the eyes. "Where's my damn sword?!"

"Spike!" Twilight Sparkle trotted back and forth in the Castle of Friendship's Map Room, frantically pulling out every book of Myths and Legends she could find. She even went so far as to pull out vague rumors that were written down by less than reliable sources. "SPIIIIKE!" She yelled once more, calling for her number one assistant.

"I'm right here, Twilight- Woah!" Bursting through the doors, the young dragon tripped over a scroll, sending all the supplies she sent him for spirallomg into the air. Thankfully, she was able to quickly catch them in her magic and set them down on the table. "Heh heh, sorry!"

"It's alright Spike, I'm just so nervous!" The mare went about organizing the various empty papers and ink wells her assistant nearly spilled into a neat section on the table. "Princess Luna never sends me letters unless it's urgent. Plus, she spoke about a research project she wants me to do!" She beamed.

"As much as I appreciate your enthusiasm," Spike began, clearing the rest of the hazards his friend had made. "Can you at least take a breather?! It's not like the world is ending! Well, at least not now! Though there was that weird rumor going around..." Glancing back up from picking a scroll, he frowned. Twilight was buried into a book.

"Ahem!" He tapped his foot.

"Hmm?" She peered up. "Did you say something, Spike?" Twilight smiled.

"Ugh, forget it!" He threw up his arms in defeat. "I'm going to Rarity's. At least she pretends to listen..."

"Uh-huh" was all he got out of the Alicorn. After the doors slammed with obvious intentions, suddenly Luna appeared with a strange creature she had never seen before. It was similar to the form she took when passing the mirror, but strange as well; it was clad in some sort of armor, but that wasn't altogether unusual. The unusual part was it's eyes and hair- yellow slitted eyes observed it's world around it whilst silver hair settled from the teleportation onto its shoulders.

"Can you at least warn me before doing something like that?!" It spoke to Princess Luna, holding it's stomach with it's arms. "Makes me nauseous."

"Oh nonsense, it was just a portal! Besides, we're here." The midnight blue Alicorn gestured to the Map Room the two found themselves in. "Twilight Sparkle, I would like you to meet an... Acquaintance of mine."

The creature waved its hand at Twilight. "Name's Geralt. Came here to help with your monster."

"Monster?" Twilight cocked her head. "I wasn't aware there was a monster attack."

"No doubt preparing for your research project?" Luna cocked her eyebrow, staring at the piles of books scattered about. Earning a sheepish grin from Twilight confirmed her suspicions, and a smack of her hoof to her head. "This trend is getting too out of hoof!" She teleported the morning's newspaper into existence, pointing at the headline:

Tragedy in Town! The Ponyville Predator Strikes: is No House Safe from Terror?!

It included a picture of the crime scene, but moderately blurred out to save the reader from vomiting no doubt.

"I-I didn't know, I-"

"You now have a Witcher, whatever that is!" Luna exclaimed. "Now give him whatever he needs, then ask your questions. He's your research project. Consider it a test from me to see if you're ready to take over my Royal Duties, once Tia and I finally decide to retire." With a quick burst from her horn, the Alicorn vanished, leaving an awkward silence to hang about the room.

"Impressive!" Twilight exclaimed, jotting down note upon note in the various papers she had prepared. "And these 'signs'- only you can cast them?" She glared at the glyph now carved into a piece of wood this "Witcher" asked for.

"No, what's impressive is the fact you haven't heard a single word from me, despite casting Yrden!" Geralt all but yelled. "I... Need...SILVER!"

"Nonsense, Werewolves were proven to be a Myth!" She chuckled.

"Hmph!" Getting up from the chair his host graciously offered, the Witcher grunted and headed for the door.

"Um, where are you going?"

He stared back at the pony, slowly losing his patience. "I told you, I got paid for this job, and I intend to see it through!" He gripped the handles, before a purple aura washed over the doors, holding them tight.

"Oh no!" Twilight exclaimed. "I was told to keep an eye on you, and what better place than this castle?!" Geralt glared at her, this time with the intent of murder in his eyes. She sighed, letting go of the doors. "But, if you insist on leaving to take care of this 'Werewolf', I guess I can tag alongside and take notes."

"Hmm..." Was all he said. Twilight took it as approval and followed him.

The duo trotted out of the castle and towards the town market, Twilight levitating a notebook and quill behind her. "Why are we heading to Ponyville Market? The murder is back that way." She pointed to the left, down at a house on the end of the street, currently cordoned off by guards.

"I need silver." Carefully, he scanned the streets for any sign of a blacksmith or armorer, when suddenly he found what he was looking for; it was a building shaped like a giant melting pot, and attached to said building was a small forge. Rushing ahead, Geralt opened the door and took stock of the shop owner's inventory. Dozens of blades, axes, and blunt weapons lined the walls, but none of them silver, much to his disappointment. Stepping towards the counter, he rung the bell setting on it.

"Geralt, are you sure about it being a, you know, Werewolf?" Twilight stared at the various weapons lining the shelves as well, mostly out of apprehension.

"No." He rang the bell again, only to have an irate Earth pony mare with flame orange hair and a dark brown coat enter and stop the bell from ringing.

"Yeah, yeah, I heard ya! Welcome to Chamber Pot's Weapons Depot, the finest Forge in all of SWEET MOTHER CELESTIA WHAT THE BUCK ARE YOU?!" She screamed.

"Geralt of Rivia. Witcher." He clutched the medallion on his chest, eyeing the mare suspiciously. He wasn't sure if it was her or the latent magic around him. In the end, it was probably both.

"Well, if you w-want weapons, I-I'm afraid, we're suddenly c-c-closed!" She shook nervously.

The Witcher was about to speak up, when Twilight's hoof stopped him. "If you really mean this business about getting Silver, then let me handle it." She spoke softly. Turning back to the cowering pony, she took a deep breath and stepped closer. "Excuse me, Miss Chamber Pot."

The mare looked back up and Twilight smiled, hoping to ease some of that fear the poor thing had. "Please forgive my friend, he may seem a bit... Unorthodox, but he's definitely a good person. Don't pay him much mind."

"Y-you sure he ain't t-the Ponyville Predator?!" She glanced behind the Alicorn, jumping back down at the shape of his eyes. "He had the same eyes! I only seen a very fast blur, but there was no mistaking those eyes!" This got Geralt's attention.

"Were they bloodshot? What about the pupils? I need to know if they were-" he approached the mare only to receive another yelp of fright. "Alright enough of this!" Shoving past Twilight, he crouched down near the mare and made a gesture with his hand before speaking. "Calm down and tell me what you remember about the creature."

Suddenly, as if in a trance, the mare calmed down and explained in a borderline monotone voice what she saw. "Whatever it was, it was quick. Sped past my store as I was shutting up shop and headed for the Everfree Outskirts." Getting back up, the mare leaned over and supported her weight on the counter. "Couldn't see much, but I could tell it's eyes were a lot like yours, only darker. It also looked... Lost. Kinda like it wasn't all there." Collapsing, Twilight went to the poor pony's aid.

"Hmm..." Thinking on what he knew, Geralt began to speak aloud. "The fact that it looked dazed could mean it was a first for it to transform. And the speed..."

Twilight checked the unconscious mare's vitals before moving away and confronting the Witcher. "You did something to her!" She went into a guarding stance.

"I just used Axii, she'll be fine." He grunted. The pony didn't ease up. Rolling his eyes, he explained what the spell was. "You heard of hypnotherapy?" The mare nodded, glaring coldly. "Think of it like that, but as a spell."

Glaring at Geralt, then back at the mare, then Geralt again, she relaxed and smiled. "Fascinating! Can you tell me more about-"

"Later." He spoke, looking again at the walls of weapons the mare had. "If silver won't do, I can at least find a good sword I could douse in Cursed Oil." Eying the many swords upon the wall, he eventually found a good sized longsword, with an obsidian handle.

Taking it down, he inspected the blade. "Hmm..." Giving it a swing or two, Geralt inspected closer. "Sturdy rope grip." He looked down the blade. "Bevelled edges, deep well in the center." Suddenly he thrust the sword into the wood of the floor much to Twilight's demise, anchoring it so he could test thrust depth. "4 inches. Enough to Pierce the skull, but might not be enough to actually finish it off." Grabbing the angled guards, he pulled, nearly losing balance. "Hmm... Good blade, but no hard thrusts." Quickly, he sheathed it in the leather previously attached to the wall it was resting on and tied it to his back.

"Geralt!" Twilight exclaimed. "Just what is it you think you're doing?!"

"Getting a sword." He simply stated. "Princess told me you'd pay for supplies I need." Sighing, he leaned down yet again. "Believe me or don't, that mare described something fast that killed somebody. Do you really want to take the chance?" He eyed the mare.

Looking back and forth between him and the now silently sleeping pony, she sighed. "How much?"

"Remind me again, why do we need Dog Tallow and Wolvesbane?" Twilight asked, looking at the shelves back in her castle for the ingredients requested.

"Lycanthropes resist normal metals, but burn at the touch of Silver, or..." Opening another cabinet, Geralt noticed the telltale smell of Wolvesbane leaking from inside. "Hmm..." He studied the vial giving off the aroma before showing it to Twilight.

Taking it in her magic, the Alicorn popped the cork and took a whiff, before reeling back. "Ugh! I forgot how much it stinks!"

"Remind you of anything in particular?" He asked in that gruff voice.

"Yeah! It smells like wet...dog... Huh, I never noticed that before."


The second ingredient was a bit harder to find for the reluctant duo, mostly due to the lack of distinguishable characteristics. After what felt like hours of searching, Twilight eventually found it.

Bringing the ingredients closer to the table they set up in the alchemy room, Geralt ground the Wolvesbane in a mortar, then poured the Tallow into the bowl. "The other ways to cause harm to Cursed Ones is to use a special oil, made of the ingredients we just gathered, or drinking a Concoction." He stated, igniting a fire underneath the bowl.

"What do you mean by Concoction?" The mare asked, taking notes of what the Witcher was doing.

"Think of it as a 'Witchers Only' potion. That's all I will say until the job is done." Keeping a close eye on the mixture, he waited until it turned a deep copper color and the bubbling settled before letting it off the heat. "I promised your Princesses answers, but for a lot of it, you gotta wait." He sighed, looking away from the table for a moment. "At this point though, I only have questions..."

"Like what?" Twilight asked, stepping closer.

"Like why your two other rulers noticed me before you did, for starters. Makes me suspicious of them."

"That's simple, really!" She beamed. "I was away on... An important errand with my friends and only came back last night. They probably got updated by the guard about you!"

"Hmm..." He grunted, thinking.

"Is it alright if I ask a question about you? Just you- nothing else. You seem... Different, but I'm sure you have a friend or two from, well, wherever it is you come from!" To prove her point, Twilight set down the quill and paper and waited patiently.

A faint memory of a bard with a unique taste in liquor, and an even more unique taste in woman, came to the forefront of his mind. "...Jaskier." Was all he said.

"Right... Jaskier. So is that a friend or name or...?" Suddenly, Geralt moved back to the table and poured the now cool oil into a small glass flask, provided by Twilight.

"Oil's done. Let's go."

To say the crime scene was brutal would be like saying Rarity hates dresses. The house was painted with the distinct red hues of blood, claw marks and broken furniture thrown everywhere.

"OH MY HUUERGH-" Twilight Sparkle vomited at the sight of the corpse lain in the center of the bloodbath. Far past Rigor Mortis, the victim now began decomposing, leaving behind a pungent smell as well as attracting bloat flies.

While the Alicorn was busy regaining her composure (if she even could), Geralt went to work. Kneeling down towards the body, he took great care in his observations, noting all distinct clues present. The first he investigated was the exploded chest:

"Forced open, just like the princesses described. Though, it doesn't seem like a Werewolf, more like..." Thinking, he motioned for the guard to bring him a pen and paper, and noted that down. Next was the decomposition of the body:

"Hmm... Cataracts as well as temperature indicate it happened sometime last night- around the same time I was hauled away on that transport. It fits the timeline for Lycanthrope." Moving the ribs out of place, much to the dismay of onlooking ponies, the Witcher looked for any missing organs:

"Liver...Heart...And...Well now this is an interesting find!" Dislodging a rib, Geralt pulled out what looked to be a tooth. "Medallion's humming, so it's something powerful. What's more is the tooth is flat, much like..." Grunting, he got back up and nudged his partner.

"Get up, we're done here."

"Done? DONE?!" Twilight exclaimed. "A pony is dead!" She held back another wave of vomit. "Nopony is safe! Not from... That!" She pointed to the remains of the unfortunate soul. "Everything me and my friends faced always left us alive! Even Nightmare Moon had mercy! This this thing is-"

"Is a pony, just like you." Geralt interrupted, showing her the tooth he found. She levitated it out of his grasp and inspected it.

"But, b-but that makes no sense! It can't be a pony! We're herbivores, we don't eat meat!"

"According to that-" he pointed to the tooth levitating in her purple aura. "You do. Or do you want to tell me again Werewolves aren't real?" Noticing the mare shivering he stepped closer. "Ridicule me, make fun of me, do whatever you want, but whatever did this-" he gestured to the room. "Needs to be stopped, either peacefully or by force. I don't care what you think. Either way, I'm gonna get paid."

"...You're a monster." A mare spoke outside the door. It was a Pegasus, and looking at the nearby picture frames on the wall smeared in blood, something told him they were close. "How dare you come into this place and say these things! A pony just died and all you can think of is money and murder?!" She began tearing up. "My dear sweet brother is never going to breathe again! Shame on you! Shame on you for violating his body! Shame on you for ignoring how the rest of us feel!" She gestured to the crowd outside the home currently placing flowers in a shrine they set up nearby for the victim. The scene jogged his memory of a similar scene he had experienced early on in his career, stoking his anger a bit.

"Here's an interesting fact, your 'feelings' aren't gonna make the roads safer!" Geralt stepped out of the home. "I can't be harmed by the beast, the streets are unsafe to walk on until it's dead, and I don't care what any of you feel. A pony is cursed to hunt and kill you at the sight of a full moon, and all you care about is one dead pony! I'm gonna stop it, whether I get praised or shunned! You wanna stop me? Be my guest. Either that or come help me with the beast."

Silence took over the crowd and grieving sister. He sighed. "I thought so..." The Witcher walked off, heading for the forest to set a trap. The ponies didn't stop booing him as he walked away...

Blood... You can smell it's Divine scent!

The voice spoke again. Fluttershy tried to block it out. "No! No, I'm... I'm a pony, not a monster!" The chains rattled as she tossed and turned in the chair she was bound to.

No, I think not! the voice in her head chuckled. You're an animal, just like your "friends"! Except they know what they are... You? You're something different.

The sun set.


The light of Day left... The haze of night bloomed, and with it, the subtle rise of the Moon on the horizon.

The Alpha...

The chains began to tighten against her body, groaning from the increased muscles and joints growing on her changing body.

The Moon's blank surface broke the sky, showering her boarded up house in it's pale light. Though her line of sight was blocked, the once Pegasus howled at it's new Master, breaking the chains like twigs.

And the Omega... EMBRACE IT!

Her wings evaporated, leaving behind charred feathers and a smooth back. Her tail sagged and changed, losing the loose hair and becoming more canine in appearance.

REVEL IN IT! The mare howled again, this time much deeper, her pony muzzle elongating and her teeth becoming jagged knives to rend flesh from bone. The final changes were the eyes. Her now slitted yellow irises turned a blood red, and her body hair turned into a thick coat.

Finishing one final howl, the creature collapsed. Mere minutes later, it sprang back up. Looking around, it paced back and forth, testing it's new muscles. "Heh heh, ah ha Ha HAHAHAHAHA!

It jumped back and forth, gaining more control of its movement. Nothing could stop it now, the transformation was complete. It began to remember, to feel, to breathe once more. "New body, but I still remember it. All of it!" It spoke, smiling devilishly. "The portal, the Witcher, that stupid horse!" It regretted maiming the animal, seeing as it now was afflicted with the same curse as it had been born with.

It sighed. "Still, the animal lived, no thanks to that Wolf. And thanks to the magic of this world-" it moved it's pseudopaws in front of its face. "I got lucky enough to survive too, though forever bound to this pacifist incarnate." Sniffing the air, it smelled something. It was not too far away, and stank of the musk of Goat.

"Ah, but I digress." It stretched before swiping at the hastily boarded up windows leading to it's host's room. "Blood is in the air, and I'm sure the heart from this goat tastes divine!" It leapt from the second floor of the now silent house and bounded towards the Ecerfree, intent on getting its first catch of the day. However, upon arrival it noticed a familiar scene: an animal paying no attention whatsoever to the noises around it. Almost to the point of...

It's eyes widening, the beast leapt back, almost positive the Wolf lurked nearby. "I know this trick!" It snarled. "I've seen it before!"

Suddenly, a large purple glow erupted from the ground, revealing a rather large glyph etched into the ground. Screaming in rage, it leapt at the edges, only to be knocked back by a magical barrier.

"And here I was, hoping to catch a mouse." A gruff voice sarcastically mewled. The Witcher stepped out of the shadows, leaning down to the now much more subdued beast. "Been in this situation before, I take it?"

It gave a low growl in reply. "By none other than you, White Wolf!" It broke the barrier, clashing with the Witcher. Bites and slashes were exchanged before a second barrier went up, this one lavender and flickering ever so slightly. It tested it with a swipe before reeling back in pain.

The Wolf steadied his sword on his knee, drizzling a coppery liquid along it's shaft. "Thing is, I don't remember coming across a Werewolf like you. Would've run you in, if that were the case."

It reeled back a bit, shocked it's captor doesn't remember their previous encounter. "You mean you don't...?" Suddenly, it dawned on the beast. "Ha! That's just too precious!" It guffawed.

The Wolf didn't get the joke. "Something funny, furball?"

"No, no! Nothing at all, Witcher!" It's chuckles died down. "It's just, you were a good conversationalist, and now I can't ask if you got what you wanted." It smiled, all malicious intent gone.

"Oh yeah?" He stepped closer to the barrier. "What exactly happened? You obviously know something, so why not use that bargaining chip?"

The beast stepped closer as well, peering into the Wolf's eyes from behind the purple glow of magic. "No idea how you lost your memory, but you at least saved one soul that night." It twirled around to show off the body it possessed. "Me? The Werewolf before you? I'm just wasting what I believe to be borrowed time." It sighed. "I've lived too long to know that this is just too good to be true." It chuckled.

The Witcher sheathed his sword. "Hmm..." It eyed the body the beast was possessing closer, when it dawned on him. "No...!"

"Oh yes, you used your Witcher's Brew on her! I don't know how I wound up alive, but looks like we have another Trial of the Grasses coming pretty soon!" It laughed evilly, but this time reeled back near the end of it. "Looks like that Concoction is kicking into high gear now! I just wanted to tell you that this is not how I wanted to die..."

The Witcher broke down the barrier. "I... I didn't want to have it happen to anybody else. 2 out of 10 survive, I'm not sure she'll pull through..."

"Heh, well..." It looked up one final time, this time with the regular teal eyes of the Pegasus buried somewhere inside. "I have a feeling she's too nice to let something like this stop her." Carefully, it nicked it's own skin. "Best way to do it. Pour that oil in the wound. I'm just a curse at this point."

The Wolf sighed, pulling out the flask of oil once more. "I'm sorry you were tethered to here from my mistake." Slowly, he poured a few droplets into the wound, causing the creature to geowl.

"Oh, I'm sure. Thing is, I think it's not your fault." It stared up at the Moon, the same thing that haunted it since birth. "This place is saturated with magic. I'm sure you felt it too. It brought you here for a reason." It wheezed, breaths becoming ragged, the transformation reversing. "Find it. Destiny's Calling, and now's not a time to ignore it, Witcher." Suddenly, the mare began spasming, the rest of the transformation burning off magically, a white spirit shooting out of her and leaving a very unconscious, but alive Pegasus.

"Destiny, huh?" He eyed the mare before looking on to Twilight hiding behind a tree. Quickly, she rushed over, making sure her friend was alright. Her eyes fluttered open only for a moment, revealing once more the slitted Witcher's Eyes that stared at him in the mirror for centuries.


"You killed it?" Princess Luna asked, reading the report.

"Not exactly, your Highness. What's more is I might've created a new monster in the process."

The two sisters looked at each other, then back at him. "What kind of monster?" Celestia ordered.

"...Another one of me." He looked to be far away, lost in some forgotten memory he thought long since buried.

The Princess of the Night sighed. "We will ask for explanations later, when court has concluded and the crown has deducted the fee for your... Contract from the treasury. At least you rid yourself of the beast, as well as saved Ponyville in the process." Standing up she turned away, walking down from the throne with her sister alongside her.

"What about the victim and his family? Are you to compensate them?" He asked.

Stopping, Celestia turned and faced the Witcher. "They will be recompensed for the tragedy, but the death of that pony will be written down as a tale in one of the thousands of Myths and folklores that exist; a Footnote in the greater scheme of things.

"What happened to showing respect for the dead?"

The White horse sighed deeply. "Respect? Respect doesn't make history..."

Author's Note:

Watch the video. His expression is what he's showing there at the end.

Other than that, I know this one was long and hopefully I'm still doing good. Catch you guys next time!

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