• Published 1st Jan 2020
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Destiny's Calling - Crimson_Moon

A portal to Equestria leaves a certain Witcher stranded without any memories, along with many monsters from his world.

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(INTERMISSION) Recollection of Events

It took days for Fluttershy to recover, even longer to be able to be strong enough for travel. Geralt had made it clear her training were to begin as soon as she was well enough for the journey. Deep into the mountains, past the Everfree, and to the North West corner of Equestria, the two had travelled. Many of her friends were in shock at the announcement from Twilight that she was to be swept away. It pained the Alicorn to bear this news, but it was her burden and hers alone to claim responsibility.

Many of Twilight's friends had ousted her as a scoundrel and lunatic, once they learned the true nature of Fluttershy's sudden recovery. They had called for a recession of her status as Princess, last Geralt had heard, and very rarely did she come outside the Castle of Friendship near the final days of his and Fluttershy's departure.

The two other rulers had fared no better; Luna had become the more level headed of the two whereas Celestia had done nothing but make strict decrees and increased guard rotations along the border. Any other creature witnessing this would just shrug it off as a shift in Dynamics and the older was letting the younger rule the court for a time. The Witcher knew better- war was on the horizon, but he wasn't sure from whether or not it would be an outside threat... Or within.

Nevertheless, they told him of an area they could begin Fluttershy's training in the Northwest, past the Everfree and into the mountains. There, they were told, was an old and abandoned guard post that fell in ruin some time ago. What seemed like weeks trekking through the woods with nothing but the bare minimum, eventually they arrived. To the Pegasus, it was another place to fear- filled with unnatural and unsettling things that used to terrify her, but now just unnerved her. That lack of emotion, in turn, unsettled her even more. Something was lost during the Trial of the Grasses, but she wasn't sure what... At least, not until Geralt had told her at the beginning of training.

To Geralt, it reminded him of Kaer Morhen. A stone castle built in the side of a mountain, overlooking a river leading to a small lake. It remained in poor state, but that was where it all began, just like his training- from the ground up.

As he inspected the fortress the first few nights, more of his memories returned, but not all. Vesemir was now all too familiar to him now, yet any fellow Witcher he had come across were still hazed in his mind. Voices were static, and faces were blurs, but he could at least make out partial silhouettes of them. It wasn't until he gazed at the courtyard when his memories of training had begun to return. Wasting no time at all, he had begun to train the mare in the ways of his life... A Witcher's life.

It was tough and demanding, and there were very few hours where the both of them had sleep. Brick and mortar were brought up at the request of the Witcher, and every shipment that came in was immediately used. Days of training turned into weeks, which turned into months, then finally years. Fluttershy's body had transformed in that time, but this was normal for anyone that had the mutagens of a Witcher running in them. Her body had become lithe and narrow, rivalling even the slimmest of mares. Her height had increased as well, making her just a head shy of Luna.

The next part was even harder. After the castle had been reinforced and dubbed the new name of Kaer Blathan, Geralt had begun combat training for the mare. Constantly, she was taught the methods of execution and defense needed to defend herself from both monsters and friendly creatures alike. Though she could not wield a sword, the Witcher was able to teach her hand-to-hand, or in her case hoof-to-hoof. The combat was gruelling, involving breaking several bones and nearly severing limbs a scarce few times, when weapons were involved. The magic was even worse- for every word learned to cast the signs Witchers use, Fluttershy would unintentionally cast it wrong and burn, freeze, or even knock herself unconscious, only to be woken up again and start immediately.

Nevertheless, the years of training had paid off.
She had transformed from a small Pegasus afraid of her own shadow, into someone worth the title of Witcher. Now it was time to put her skills to the test, for an old friend had requested a Witcher...

It was time for her to head home...

Author's Note:

An intermission, to catch up readers just in case they want background for the next chapter (which goes up soon!)

Kaer Blathan- Fortress of Flowers, when translated from elder speech, in case you're interested.

EDIT 6/8/20: lines added to help with continuity