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Destiny's Calling - Crimson_Moon

A portal to Equestria leaves a certain Witcher stranded without any memories, along with many monsters from his world.

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Sol Invictus

A/N: Fair warning- if you haven't yet, re-read the Heralding of Myths(unless you're reading this series fresh. If that's the case, welcome!). I reworked it to include an important scene to help provide context into a character that is going to be set up in an arc that I have codenamed "Dark Past".

Anyways, with that, I bring the finale to Destiny's Calling! Don't worry this isn't the end, it's just Act 1 ;)

Do you remember your promise to me, Sister?

...No I don't. I don't remember anything. All I had thought for thousands of years was revenge! Why would you think I even care about some silly promise anyways?! I am the Night, and the Night shall last forever!

*Sigh* Then I have failed you.

Gasping, Twilight awoke but not in the place she thought she would be. Instead of a dilapidated castle currently being bombarded by a mad Alicorn who only sought destruction, instead it was an old yet familiar sight:

Golden Oak Library.

"I've gotta be dreaming..." She concluded, glancing around at the old tree she used to live in all those years ago. "It's the only thing that makes sense-" suddenly, a shrieking pain struck her head and the walls of the library darkened into an ominous black.

...What fun is there in making sense?

Brief flashes of memories flooded her... Memories of Discord, and how her friends defeated him. "I-I don't understand, what-"

As if the library heard her, its walls rumbled and transformed into crystal then stretched and morphed. The next sight she witnessed was the Castle of Friendship, though it felt like it was more than that. The walls still held that crystal sheen, but it seemed almost as if they were physically breathing. Suddenly, her cutie Mark flashed and physically wrenched itself from her haunches, launching down the halls at a tremendous speed. "Wait, come back!"

Galloping after her Cutie Mark, more memories came flooding back and forth, warping the endless hallway she ran down. Canterlot High, the battlefield she defeated Tirek on, Tartarus, Ponyville, the Everfree; all of the adventures she had lived, all of them came rushing into her as if she had just lived them again. Her Cutie Mark finally made a turn and stopped, hovering above the Cutie Map. Twilight made a reach for it, but a magical barrier stopped her.

"What?!" She tried again, this time it forcefully sent her back a few feet. "What is going on, where am I?!" She barked at the table. As if to answer her, 6 crystalline chairs erupted from the ground around the table, each one baring the Cutie Mark of one of her friends, save one:

Fluttershy's. Instead of the pink butterfly sigil, the throne lay dark and the top of the chair that housed her friend's mark had been broken off as if some great force took a hammer and shattered it into nothing.

Suddenly, the map pulsed and all 6 chairs lit up and shot a magical beam towards her Cutie Mark still hovering in the center. The sigils disappeared from them and joined hers, circling themselves slowly at first, then speeding up until no characteristics remained and there was just a clear white circle hovering brightly above the map. The ring pulsed 3 times, then the map changed to Kaer Blathan, where to Twilight's surprise, contained two symbols, both of which she recognized:

Fluttershy's Cutie Mark of three pink butterflies...

And a Silver Wolf. The wolf's eyes glowed a blood red and with an earth shattering howl, pounced on the butterflies. They disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving only the Wolf behind. "...What does this mean?"

It means a choice has been made. a dark yet cheerful voice spoke.

The scenery disappeared once more in the wake of the mysterious voice, leaving the mare in pitch black darkness. "Who...What are you?"

A friend.

"...I know you, don't I?" She heard that voice before, but it eluded her as to where.

The voice ignored her question.

The Elements are incomplete without Kindness. Your friend no longer embodies it. Three butterflies flew in front of the Alicorn's muzzle as soon as the voice continued speaking, disappearing a moment or two after.

"But without the Elements of Harmony, the world isn't safe!"

The World... Or you?

Suddenly, the darkness gave way to a familiar scene- the night before Twilight had departed with Fluttershy to Kaer Blathan, where they had talked in the inn.

It changed again to the several times she had been called to the throne room of Canterlot Castle in order to discuss peace with other nations.

It seems to me the World is safer than ever, so why have need of such relics?

Twilight snorted in anger. "What about the monsters? Werewolves, vampires; Every bad folklore and myth ever thought of and more, now leaking through!? We need the Elements to fend them off! Geralt isn't enough-" a sudden and maniacal laugh echoed through the dark void in reply, interrupting the mare's speech.

So all that pandering back in Canterlot was just show, then?

The mare was stunned to silence at that, for the voice had a point. "...No, there needs to be preparations to handle it a different way, in case-"

In case they fail, which I wholeheartedly agree! the voice interrupted once more, chuckling darkly.

...But what about poor Fluttershy? What does she think? As if to answer it's own question, the pitch darkness suddenly exploded with noise. All around her, Twilight could hear the same voice talking, overlapping incoherently with the other echoes, like the same pony was arguing with herself. They started out as questions, but over time Twilight understood what their true purpose were- they were thoughts, Fluttershy's thoughts:

What do my friends think?

Is there any chance at a normal-

I can't feel kindness anymore...

But what does-

They don't care! I am as good as dead to them...

As time went on, the thoughts twisted from questions to statements to finally, accusations. She had blamed her friends, Geralt, and most importantly, herself. It broke her heart to hear the words echoing about, but the voice played them because it knew they would convince her what she knew all along:

"Kindness is dead." She sat down dejectedly.

Kindness? Yes, but the bond with your friend? Not necessarily.

Those words stirred her from the bout of depression, if ever so slightly. "...what do you mean?"

Tut Tut! Not the right time to ask that question! the voice chuckled. After all-

Suddenly, the void started to break, cracks of light shining through. The deal wasn't made for the sake of you...

Gasping awake for a second time, Twilight immediately applied as many defense spells as she could, preparing for an attack that, ironically, would never come. Sighing a breath of relief, she looked around the room only to find a pile of dead Emberwolves blocking the tunnel entrance they had dug through, and... Fluttershy, unconscious in front of them. "Fluttershy!" She gasped, running to her friend's body.

"Celestia, please be alright!" She begged, looking at the still body on the ground. Lighting her horn, she scanned her body for any major wounds. Luckily, it only showed minor scrapes and burns, her Witcher regeneration factor taking care of the more damaging ones and turning them into scars- her first. Sighing with relief, she all but collapsed next to the mare. "Unconscious, but alive..." Looking back at her friend, Twilight looked at the scars... And how they now completely purged her friend's Cutie Marks on one side of her flanks.

Circling it with her hoof, she traced the outline of the scar. To her, it didn't feel like a normal burn that healed into a scattered pattern that scarring of that type was known for. Instead, it felt almost shaped into a distinct form, like some sort of animal or-

She gasped. "Or a wolf..." Upon closer inspection, she noticed another thing. There was a note tucked underneath one of the wings currently tucked in on the mare's unconscious body. It only had a few words, but it all but confirmed she didn't have a simple dream:

The deed is done, and you now have the upper hand.

Use it well...

-Gaunter O'Dimm, a humble merchant

Attached to the note was a vial of some sort of red potion labelled "Swallow, for the bird who flew too quick" and another page, detailing the same exact spell matrix she was going to use on herself before Daybreaker showed, except it was modified. Reading it over, the formulae made sense; they could most definitely pull it off! Now all that was left was to give her friend the potion.

She knew it was a risk trusting the note from this "Gaunter O'Dimm" character, but what other choice did she have? It was only a matter of time before the Emberwolves found them again, and there was only so much castle they could retreat into. Hovering the potion over her friend's lips, Twilight popped open the cork, hesitating for a moment. "I really hope this isn't some sort of poison..." Gulping down her heart, the mare poured the red liquid into Fluttershy's open lips, the reaction almost immediate.

Gasping awake, Fluttershy doubled over in pain. Her veins exploded outwards, their once invisible pathways through her body now painted a sickly black and grey. Bones could be heard popping back into place, sinew repairing itself, and gasps of pain slowly dying down into grunts of discomfort. The shocking scene brought back memories of what happened on the might of the Trial of the Grasses, though magnitudes more mild. Finally with a final sigh of relief coming from the now conscious Witcher, the brew did it's job; he previous wounds were almost non-existent and her energy seemed lethargic but clearly there again.

"Wh-" coughing out a batch of black sludge, she cleared her throat. "What happened?"

The mare was nervous in seeing the sludge coming out of her friend, but Fluttershy didn't seem to care, so she concluded it wasn't anything to worry about. "To be honest, I don't remember. I fell unconscious once we broke through to the Mess Hall. You probably know more than I do."

Fluttershy tried to remember, but a subtle buzzing from her choker and an enormous headache told her whatever happened was powerful... And foreign. "Well, whatever it was, it was strong enough to mess with my head. Damn, this hurts..." She held her head waiting for the pain to pass.

Thinking back on her dream, the Alicorn began to suspect who it was, but she wasn't quite sure.

Another time, when we aren't in danger of incineration.

Shaking her head, Twilight got back on task. "Fluttershy, do you remember the ritual I was going to do?"

"Really?! We just had an entire army of undead Timberwolves try to devour us, and you're worried about that?!" she exclaimed. "You need to get your damn head away from fixing mistakes-"

"That's just it, Fluttershy!" Twilight interrupted, stunning the Pegasus to silence. "I'm not thinking about it!" She sighed, calming down enough to continue. "The ritual can be modified-" hovering over the schematic, she began to explain.

"The catalyst rune can be altered. Instead of draining my magic and..." She gulped, almost too afraid to admit what she was about to. The distant sounds of fighting urged her to continue, however. "Killing me, it can be changed to be both a containment array and a drain spell."

"You were going to... Kill yourself!?" The mare exclaimed.

Twilight's ears splayed back in response to her friend's understandable frustration. She knew Fluttershy wouldn't feel too happy about the real reason for the ritual, but it hurt all the same. "I-I know you would rather scold me, telling me I am a coward and other things, but right now that isn't important!" The Alicorn exclaimed, slowly shaking away the tears that threatened to pour out. "We have to help Geralt, so can you help me with this spell? ...Please?"

Fluttershy hesitated, but then another rumble shook the castle and her mind was quickly decided by the imminent threat outside the room they were in. Grunting in frustration, she trotted closer to help her friend. "I'm not gonna let this go, I hope you know that..."

Earlier at the castle grounds, Geralt was fighting a slowly losing battle against the corrupt Alicorn named Daybreaker...

"AGH!" The Witcher cried out, being tossed into the air by another large meteor impact. His landing wasn't smooth either; one of the many trebuchets he had built for defense broke his fall, shattering it and setting some of it ablaze with the pieces of his armor now red hot to the touch. Sounds of another fireball whizzing his way spurned him into further action, dodging out of the way just in time.

"Had enough yet?" Daybreaker snobbishly asked, descending from the air with her head upturned, as if she were looking at a creature inferior to her. "Because I can always use more of my power to KILL you." Flicking her head, the entire area was encircled in a ring of fire. "However, I respect you as a duelist and would love to humiliate you before you die."

Coughing up blood, Geralt slowly got up from the ground, leaning on the hilt of his sword as a makeshift cane. "That may be your last mistake you make, Celestia." He chuckled dryly. "We Witchers are experts in close combat."

Suddenly, the ring of fire exploded with rage. "DON'T YOU DARE SPEAK THAT INFERNAL NAME TO ME!" Daybreaker exclaimed, her own enchanted mane reflecting her rage at his discovery. "SHE IS DEAD!"

Slowly, the Alicorn began to cool down. "I apologize for losing my temper. It's not how Warriors greet each other on the battlefield." Bowing, her horn ignited and summoned a battleaxe made of the purest flame.

Grinning, Geralt understood. Once his wounds recovered enough to let him stand, he drew his Sword into a proper stance. "Last chance, Celestia, Daybreaker... Whatever you choose to call yourself, I still extend my hand. I can help."

"Hmph, you wanna help?" Lifting her battleaxe, she charged. "THEN DIE SO I MAY RULE THIS LAND WITH NO OPPOSITION!" Her attack was deflected by the Witcher's sword, but barely; the red-hot blade sliced cleanly through his side. Thankfully, the wound was cauterized from the metal itself.

Rolling away to recover, Geralt got into an overhead stance and began to circle. Daybreaker followed suit, angling the blade of her axe toward the ground. Making his move, he arced the sword over his head. Daybreaker made to deflect it with her axe, but it was a Feint! At the last second, Geralt spun around and sliced horizontally: it was the first attack he was able to land since the fighting begun.

Taking on the offensive, he stunned her further with Aard the kicked the wound he just made. It forced the mare to clench at her gut in pain, slowing the duel to a halt. She wasn't defenseless, however. Shrieking in blind rage, Daybreaker let out a surge of magic that brought the ring of fire to collapse in on itself, resulting in a small explosion that knocked both of them away in separate directions. Daybreaker was the first to recover, closing in on Geralt before he even had a chance to recover. She picked him up with her forelegs and flew into the air at lighting speed.

Looking below only greeted Death, but thankfully the Witcher still clenched his sword in that iron grip of his and began slicing at her hooves. It didn't do much but nip her skin in parts, but that was enough to cause her to flinch and lose her grip on him. He fell towards the now charred earth they were dueling in earlier, some twenty feet down. Carefully, and with the utmost precision, he let loose another magical gust of wind to his side, launching him into a wooden catwalk to break his fall. The wood splintered, and his back hit the stone behind it, teasing out a belch of pain and rolling him to the ground.

At the base of his head, the earth shattered; Daybreaker landed with a terrifying crack, just missing his skull. Gripping his silver hair in her magic, she brought his Wolven eyes to stare at her own. "You were very, VERY foolish in doing that. Now," Daybreaker dragged him as she approached the front doors to Kaer Blathan, the Witcher struggling to break free every second there. "Let's go find what's left of your bastard and her pet."

Glaring at the rubble blocking her way further in, she fired a large spell into the makeshift tunnel Twilight and Fluttershy dug earlier. The resulting explosion not only cleared the way, but disintegrated anything still trapped within. Daybreaker smirked and walked through the ashes gracefully, like an Angel of Death. The makeshift kitchen on the other side was completely empty, but she knew better. Going further in was pointless, especially since the Alicorn could just collapse the stairwell leading to the upper floors. All there was left to go was up, and she knew Twilight was too smart for that.

"I know you're here, in this Barnyard of a kitchen!" She spat to the seemingly empty room. "Not to worry, I can easily brighten things up-" Firing a spell at the center, Daybreaker lit a large bonfire. "And look," she chuckled darkly, hovering over a still struggling Geralt over the fire. "I brought a gift. From the finest chefs in Canterlot: Witcher Flambé!" Immediately the fire burned higher and hotter, just barely licking his back with the enchanted flame. "I hear it's a delicacy!" She cackled madly at his screams of pain.

"STOP!" Twilight suddenly leaped out and doused the flame with her own magic.

"At long last!" Geralt dropped out of her magic, landing on the floor in a heap, showing no signs of moving. "Has the student finally learned her ten year lesson?"

"Celestia, enough!" The mare stomped her hoof. "This isn't you! Please, we can still fix this-" she was interrupted by a kinetic blast sending her to the far wall.

"I guess not." Daybreaker stared at the recovering Alicorn, unamused. "Allow me to teach you, then!" Igniting her horn once more, she suspended Twilight in her magic, the power too strong for the mare to even attempt breaking free. "Play stupid games-" Using her telekinesis, she flung her to the opposite side of the castle, slamming the Alicorn headfirst into a stone wall. Bringing her within arm's reach, she stared down at the now unconscious mare floating in her magic. Summoning her axe once more, she brought it to her throat. "Win stupid prizes. Goodbye, Twilight. You were a good friend..."

Swinging it behind her shoulder, she closed her eyes and brought it in a clean arc. It was then she noticed Twilight was... Smiling.

"Now, Fluttershy!" Twilight yelled, charging her horn with a bright flash and stunning the corrupt Alicorn. The mare now free, she dove behind a table while her counterpart leapt out and poured her magic into a glyph in the ground.

"What?!" The glyph glowed a bright red, before disappearing. Seconds later, the entire floor of the room lit in a purple sigil: a spell matrix! "NO!" Panicking, she rushed the young Witcher with her axe, intent on killing her. The axe dissipated last second as it was sucked into the ward on the ground. Lighting her horn, she tried to summon it again, but failed. "YOU BITCH! WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Daybreaker exclaimed, grabbing the mare with both her hooves.

Fluttershy chuckled at the display before her. "You think we were just gonna let you kill us?" She latched onto both hooves and kicked hard in the mare's chest, backflipping a few feet away and landing beside Twilight.

"Who's going to bring order back to Equestria?! The Heralding of Myths is going to happen, don't you get it!? This needs to be fixed!" More of her magic left her body, the once ethereal flames turning into a regular mane and tail, except it wasn't Celestia's usual coloration; in fact, they were more akin to the colors Sunset Shimmer adorned.

"Heralding of Myths?" Twilight wanted to question further, but the spell matrix was entering it's final stages. The ground shook and the air around them charged with magical electricity, conjuring a fierce wind and stray bolts of lightning.

"Nature has a balance! Please stop this, before it's too late!" Daybreaker pleaded, her horn shrinking, followed by her entire body.

This time, Fluttershy was the one to speak. "No, no more lies, no more Surprises, no more... Anything! Fate, Destiny, whatever is it's name, we have no say in what past mistakes can mean for the future. Destiny's Calling, but I'm going to ignore it!" Slowly, she came closer to the mare now no bigger than a teenage filly. It was a pathetic sight, but she knew it was necessary, just like the Trial of the Grasses was. It just took her a while to finally realize it.

"I-I'm scared!" The young Daybreaker sniffled, her horn slowly whittling away to nothing. "The world isn't ready!"

"That isn't your decision." Geralt spoke suddenly, limping closer to her. "Witchers don't hunt for sport, and Princesses don't fix destinies. The world has an order to things, and it isn't our right to tamper with it." Using Axii, he gently put Daybreaker to sleep, letting the magic of the sigil take its course.

As if drawing the very nature of the sun into it, the room darkened and the last of her power drained into the spell, leaving the room dead silent. Sighing in relief, all three began to chuckle. Those chuckles turned into guffaws and it began to feel like it did after an adventure with Twilight and her friends had drawn to a close...

Except the spell exploded in power, summoning an unknown source of magic and shook the entire castle violently. Without warning, the magic contained from the spell converged into the center of the room and summoned a portal unlike any other. The roof of the castle crumbled into dust, all of its debris being sucked into the vortex like flies to paper. Once the roof was clear, it shot out a beam into the sky and towards the sun, turning a blood red.

Slowly, the entire forest, and possibly the world, witnessed what happened next: the moon rapidly approached it's zenith from nowhere and hovered in place over the sun. Combined with the Red Sun, the beam opened a gargantuan portal, summoning untold numbers of monsters and mythic creatures into the realm of Equestria. No longer were they leaking out in small packs: this was a proper invasion. "What's going on?!" Twilight yelled out.

"It's a Conjunction of the Spheres- The Heralding of Myths is beginning!" Geralt exclaimed.

"We have to stop it!" Glancing at the beam, Fluttershy began slowly making her way to it's epicenter.

"What are you doing?!" Twilight reached out, but a stray bolt of magic knocked her unconscious.

Each step towards the portal was worse than the last, burning her skin with magical energy and her choker vibrating so violently that it started to singe her neck. Still, she persisted. Fluttershy was now a few feet within reach. "I h-have to s-stop it!" Just one last stretch, and she was there...

Suddenly, a pair of hands reached around her abdomen and tossed her behind. "No!"

Grunting, Geralt looked back at the young Witcher. For the first time in what felt like centuries, he had given his most genuine smile as his eyes locked with her own. Stabbing his sword into the ground, he pushed on, blocking most of the wind from his eyes as best he could. Coating his hand in Quen, the Witcher touched it to the portal and with an enormous flash of white light, everything went still.

Blinking her eyes open, Fluttershy looked to the sky and to her relief, the sun was back to its usual hues, no longer eclipsed by the moon. Fluttershy cheered with joy, genuine emotion she had buried decades ago alive and well again. "You did it! By the stars you did it Geralt-" Beaming, she turned her head to where her mentor should be, only to find... Nothing.

Nothing was there. The portal, along with her mentor, no... Her friend, gone without a trace. The only thing that remained was the silver sword he had left behind.

The White Wolf was gone...

Author's Note:

I would like to give a special thanks to ThatNoobPony for helping point out the small mistakes I made in previous chapters. It wasn't much, but it mattered to me, thanks bro!

Third thing I'd like to state is it's been a real fun ride!

So Destiny's Calling ended. What does this mean? Well, many things! But for those who don't care about spoilers, it means that my set-up for the main character will unfortunately mean we will have to say goodbye to Geralt of Rivia... For now ;)

For those who have read the spoiler, I need your help in finding artwork for the next Arc. Thanks a billion!

Finally, please let me know what you all think! Both good and bad comments help me improve as a writer so I can provide the best experience possible for y'all! :)