• Published 1st Jan 2020
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Destiny's Calling - Crimson_Moon

A portal to Equestria leaves a certain Witcher stranded without any memories, along with many monsters from his world.

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Intermission: Chaos Intervenes

I... I made a huge mistake. There's been too many red flags and that's saying something, even for me! Oh dearest Fluttershy, I hope you get this message and soon...

Otherwise, you might not ever see me again...

There are things in nature that states the balance among things. These rules are there to help protect the things living there from fates worse than death itself. They are called Universal Laws, and breaking them is taboo amongst even the most power hungry individuals; it was why the distinction between good and evil were black and white, versus a very moral grey...

Discord frequently breaks all of them, and most of them at the same time, to boot. A snap of the fingers here, a basket of severed limbs there, there was not a single one he didn't dare break. However, knowing what these Laws were, he knew when to respect it being implemented to someone else, however cruel and unusual it may seem. One such case happened a little more than a decade ago, when his friend became mortally wounded by... Something. He didn't know what, but he could feel Fluttershy slip away with every second. The draconequus was about to snap away from his pocket dimension and save her, when suddenly he stopped.

Nature knew how to be kind, as the small Pegasus had taught him, but it also taught him through experience how cruel it can be. He felt Destiny grab her string and intertwine it with the fate of the anomaly near her. It felt... Unnatural, as if it forced the strings to attach themselves rather than tie them like it should. Something happened, that much was certain, but he didn't know what yet...

Until the new Princess of Equestria had told him personally of the Trial of the Grasses, and how it led up to that point.


All at once, Discord broke the one rule he shouldn't have, and severed the connection between the two. The world shook, or at least to him. It still does, even after 11 years. He broke taboo multiple times because it was his job to stir the pot, that's what Chaos is meant to do after all.

However, what it wasn't meant to do was be direct and precise. There was to be no planning involved when he used his powers, so when Discord severed the connection, it was just retied within an instant, though this time he couldn't snap them away even if he wanted to. If he did, then he felt it would be far more than an everlasting uneasy feeling that awaited him...

A few years after Fluttershy's training began, he had been asked by Celestia to look into an ages old Artifact that not even the original tribes of Equestria were sure existed. It was a small orb no bigger than his paw, and was made of the purest topaz known to Equestria. The Everlasting Sun was it's nickname, though nopony knew why. Discord heralded a guess though...

Throughout the years he had found many magical trinkets and baubles in the various ruins scattered throughout Equestria, but none matched the description of The Everlasting Sun. That is, until he ran into Ahuizotl on a particular expedition. Pith helmet and whip in tow, Discord broke into the temple he was protecting this weekend (he guarded a different one every other week), he busted through the various traps, alligator pools, and yes, a giant boulder oddly enough. "Alright, I'm here! Now hand over that gem, Owie Zowie!" The draconequus pointed his claw at the pedestal in the center of the obviously trapped room.

"What, this rock?" Ahuizotl cackled madly. "You can Have it for all I care! It lost it's power a long time ago anyways." Snatching it with his tail, the beast tossed it to Discord. "I was just using it as a placeholder for another particular artifact anyways." Shuffling through his satchel, he pulled out a leather bound book and placed it back on the pedestal before the room had begun to crumble. "I have to keep my secret recipe for Quiche somewhere you know!" He laughed maniacally.

Shaking his head, Discord teleported out of there with a simple snap of his fingers and arrived at the miniature castle that Celestia had built at the beginning of her retirement. Poking his head through the smoky quartz doors, Discord echoed out a "hello!" Before walking through.

"Celestia?" He called out, walking through the halls within the small palace. "Talk about Vanity..." He muttered, glancing at the expensive decor littering the building. Several banners of the finest silks were attached to the walls, pure white tables and chairs lined with gold, and the most expensive vases he had ever seen were lined along the walls of the palace. Eventually, the draconequus came across what looked like Celestia's bedroom.

Knocking softly, he heard a voice muffle "come in!" Doing such, he entered the room. It was an exact replica of her old one at Canterlot to the T.

"Come sit with me, Discord." She smiled, lying in front of the fire. After he sat, she poured him some tea and asked the same question she always did when he visited. "Did you find it?"

For a moment he remained silent, glancing at the flames flickering in the fireplace. "...Yes." he sighed.

Her eyes lit up when he said that word. "Thank you for doing this, Discord."

Snapping his paw, the gem appeared in his claws. "it's a dud, though. Not a single ounce of power left." He tossed it towards Celestia, grasping it with her magic. "I checked. It's just some rock."

"Oh, you let me worry about that." She chuckled, gazing deep into the stone. "I have a... Friend willing to help me in those regards."

"Just remember our deal, Celestia." Discord gave her a Stern look. "Free Fluttershy from whatever that ritual did to her."

"...We shall see." She smirked evilly, her eyes flickering a brilliant orange for but a moment. " We shall see..."

Present day...

The stone was powered up, and Discord knew exactly how. It wasn't a "friend" that helped with powering it, but something much worse.

Clutching his abdomen, he glanced down only to see a pile of blood at his feet. There was a hoof sized hole where his intestines should have been, and that was all thanks to the Everlasting Sun, and who possessed it. It happened so quickly, too!

Celestia had called him to her castle for "their deal to be finally done.", But what he didn't expect was the Alicorn currently cackling madly in his rapidly fading vision. She had the coat and wings of Celestia, but that's where the similarities end:

The feathers of her wings were as sharp as knives, her mane and tail ablaze in a crimson and orange flame, and her eyes- her eyes were slitted and just as fiery as the new hair the mare had adopted. Coughing up another pile of blood, Discord tried to snap away the pain. He was too weak, and couldn't. "W-what a-are you?" He spoke between labored breaths.

"Me?" The demonic Alicorn cackled. "Why, I'm just the one thing that can finally bring order to this world!" She smirked. Leaning down, she yanked up the draconequus' face to look at her in the eye. "I have you to thank for that." Suddenly she bucked his face away, sending Discord sprawling down the hallway.

He could barely move at this point. All his ribs shattered upon impact, leaving him beaten and broken on the front steps to Celestia's castle and painting the entryway in his blood. Slowly, he leaned against the door, snapping in a vague attempt to contact anyone with the miniscule power he had left. A small paper butterfly appeared and unfolded near his paw. Destiny decided to give him a chance...

Quickly, before the twisted form of Celestia saw what he had, Discord sprawled a note to it's recipient in his blood, hoping she would receive it before Celestia escaped.

Suddenly, the mare burst through the doors his body had broken through in a column of fury and flame and descended the steps as if she were an angel of Death. "Celestia, please-" he muttered, while throwing up a last ditch spell to contain her. He hoped it would work.

"Celestia?!" She cackled with Glee. "Oh, I'm afraid you're wrong about that. You may call me by my true name, Nightmare Star." She smiled sadistically. "But the world?" She plunged another fiery hole through the draconequus, silencing him for good. Unknown to her, a wispy trail left from behind and flew through the nearest window. "The world will call me Queen Daybreaker..." Daybreaker tried to open the doors to her palace, but was blocked by a barrier.

"What?! NO!" She glared at the dead draconequus. "YOU IMPRISONED ME?!" Her fiery mane burned away any traces of blood, and began to cremate Discord in a fit of rage, before calming down. "No matter," she chuckled. "I've waited centuries. What's a few days more? Get ready world-" the mare obliterated what was left of Discord, leaving only a single tooth from his head. "A Heralding of Myths is upon us..."

Author's Note:

Something to hold ya over while I work on next chapter!

It's meant to be a good behind-the-scenes for what Celestia's up to, and why Discord was MIA for Fluttershy.

Anyways, a few more days and the next chapter should be up! Let me know if this Intermission was good, I might do future ones when this arc is done.

EDIT 6/9/20: added a small sentence to make a certain scene from a future chapter make a bit more sense