• Published 1st Jan 2020
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Destiny's Calling - Crimson_Moon

A portal to Equestria leaves a certain Witcher stranded without any memories, along with many monsters from his world.

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Epilogue: A Nightmare's Dream

Nightmares were sneaky.

Princess Luna knew that more than most. They dove into dreams and twisted it to their satisfaction, all to gain a bit of power out of it. It sickened her to think she used to be possessed by such a thing. Shaking her mind of such thoughts however, the Alicorn began to ignite the spell to dreamwalk.

Like a snake being charmed, magic eased its way out of her horn and formed a sort of stasis field, putting anything in it into perpetual sleep. She had tried it on the Elements a long time ago, and though she had every faith that Twilight Sparkle would be able to replicate the spell perfectly, it took a certain strength of character to monitor the dream realm.

Luna had found Twilight's character severely lacking, ever since the Trial of Grasses ten years ago. Although it was true she had taken responsibility for the committed deed, she had felt that the mare shouldn't have taken it to such extremes. Making herself out to be the villain was in no way a good method to earn penance, something Luna herself learned during the incident involving the Tantabus- a lesson she thought Twilight knew, given she was the one to help the Alicorn understand it.

Her world-view shifted suddenly, the outlines blurring out into distant starlight, and the floor underneath her to a road paved out of the same. It seemed she entered the dream realm once more. Getting up, the Alicorn began to explore her charge for any signs of due distress. The dreams here were not perceived by a locked door, but more by an orb showing mere glimpses of the contents inside. Many of these orbs floated by, some by mares and stallions but most were by small fillies and foals. A particular orb caught her eye of a small Pegasus foal trying to slay a dragon and rescue a very scantily clad copy of her sister. She almost went in to investigate further, and more than likely earn an embarrassing story for her sister, but quickly banished the thought.

"No time for admiring good dreams this time, Luna." She reminded herself, trotting past the more tempting ones. "Someone very important takes priority first."

Thankfully, the dream realm seemed to be at peace. There were no major nightmares, and due to her previous endeavors involving the Tantabus, Luna developed a spell much like the original, save this was more of a benevolent one, instead guarding for the more tame nightmares. It had certainly taken much stress away, and freed up her time to handle the more intense dreams. One such dream was currently waiting for her, and if she were being completely honest, it sent a jolt of fear up her spine.

Floating through the ethereal landscape, the midnight blue mare wandered to the deepest corners of the dream realm, searching for the one dreamer that had always eluded her. In fact, in her previous attempts at accessing this particular individual's dreams, it had always repelled her. It was as if the dreamer actually didn't want Luna to come in. Only one other pony had this sense of awareness, and she was currently dreaming about a mountain of chocolate fudge and an abnormally large pet alligator.

Another peculiar thing about the dreamer was that instead of an orb showing glimpses into the dream, this one was locked behind a tall, and albeit very old door. It was outlined with cast iron, and featured the one thing that gave away who it belonged to at first glance: a silver wolf with glowing red eyes etched into the wood itself. Approaching said door, she almost lifted her hoof to knock, but hesitated- past attempts were met with hostility, thus she still held an air of caution. Sighing, Luna steeled her nerves and knocked quietly three times, then waited.

Time froze, as if even it was afraid of what would happen next. Slowly, the door creaked open, showering the mare in a powerful light...

To Night Princess Luna, of Equestria:

I have a request to ask of you. When I first arrived in Equestria, I had no memory, or at least I thought I didn't. Now, I am not so sure... I find myself remembering snippets of information that have helped me, but the memory as a whole is cloudy at best. Rather than boring you of such things however, I write to you in regards to my dreams.

I know you're trying to watch what goes on when I sleep, and I encourage you to stop straining yourself. My Witcher mutations bar ALL forms of magic, including that would affect me when unconscious. I am not mad, and am quite rather impressed at your tenacity.

One week from now, I will drink a Concoction that will allow you temporary access to my dreams, but only for you to record what transgresses. I believe whatever magic that has been making me the amnesiac you see today has a failsafe for those who look deeper into the subconscious. As Witchers we don't dream much, but I find myself having them on a frequent basis. It leads me to believe these aren't dreams, but in fact memories.

I ask that you observe what you see, do not interfere. I don't require a reply, unless if it is either to exclaim your success or failure at this request.

-Geralt of Rivia

Once the light had cleared, Luna found herself in the hallway of what looked like a stone castle. It reminded her much of the same walls that the Castle of Two Sisters was made of. Slowly, she began to walk down the halls, observing the various tapestries and decorations strewn about, most of them foreign to her. After trotting for a time, the mare came across several doors, though none had handles. They all bore that same sigil as the one in the dream realm, leading her to believe these were personal doorways to... Something. She didn't know what.

Curiously she stepped closer to one, and was met with a strange magic coming over her. A hazy smoke blew out from under the door and swirled around Luna's head before her eyes glowed a brilliant white, the barest hints of voices coming to her followed by images:

And what do you know of this 'Girl in the Forest'?

"Nothing at all, Geralt! To be honest, I'm surprised that you would come to your old pal Jaskier for some help with folklore of all things! You know my true art is with composing Bard's tales, not repeating them."


"Don't you 'Hmm' me! *Sigh* What's so important about this anyways? It's not like you to take an interest into something like this."

That business is my own, Jaskier.

"Ooh, touchy! Must be really important to you then."

Just drop it!

...Regardless, thank you all the same. You were... Helpful.

"...That is the closest you've ever gotten to saying 'Thank You'.


"I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for, Geralt."

Gasping, Luna leapt up from the floor. Once she recovered, the Alicorn looked back to where the door was, only to find it gone. Suddenly, she began to realize what these doors were. "T-They're memories..."

The hall stretched for what seemed like forever, both sides littered with the same doors like she just opened. Luna had a large task ahead of her, it seemed. "*Sigh* If I am to review each and every memory, it would take some time given the amount of 'doors' I see..." She mumbled. Nevertheless she was determined to push through if Geralt were to gain some semblance of what he once was. Renewed with determination, Luna reviewed another memory:

I came for the notice you posted.

"Ah, a Witcher- wait, snow white hair, brown horse... Oy, you're the Butcher of Blaviken! We won't accept help from the likes of you! *spits* Get your filth out of our town! We'll find someone else to do the job!"

I'm a Witcher, you'll do no better-

"Save it! You mutilated an entire town out of rage! If you think we'll be takin' any help from somebody that fucked up, yer sorely mistaken! Now leave before we make you leave!"

...Fine, but I warn you- that Ekkimora is still thirsty for blood.

Two days later, the entire town was deserted. They couldn't find anyone for hire, so they packed up and left. I came back on another contract to clear it of Ghouls...

When Luna next recovered, tears were streaming down her face. "Those emotions... They were well buried. This is what is suppressed deep in Geralt?" Fueled by the emotions of the previous memory, the Alicorn yanked the next door open like a band-aid:

Not many get the drop on me, you know.

"Hee Hee! I know, isn't it delightful? I hope I surprised you good, old friend!"

We never met.

"Oh that is where you are wrong, old friend. We will yet to meet, and have always known each other."

Who are you?! Speak!

"Oh I'm no one really. I mostly collect and trade things."

Is that supposed to calm my nerves?

"No, not really. But I Insist you hear me out before resorting to what your kind knows best.

...What do you collect?

"I'm a merchant. A merchant of mirrors, so to speak. I come both with a proposition, and a favor. From one old friend to another."

Is it a-

"Contract? ...You could call it that. I assure you the reward will be well worth the wait!"

I'm listening.

"Good! Good..."

"*Ahem!* This concerns another realm, though I doubt you'll remember it after it's done, much like this conversation. Taking it on requires you to purge your memory. Certain events are taking place that interest me, and you must be a part of the chain of events that are about to occur. However, you'll probably end up looking for answers before the time is right, thus I must do THIS

"Agh!" Luna screamed out in pain as she was thrown out of the door violently and into the stone wall. Though this was a manifestation within Geralt's psyche, she could have sworn that hurt. "W-what was that?!"

That, my colorful Equine friend, is not for you to go snooping around in! Not yet, anyways...

Recovering quickly, the mare readied her horn for anything. "WHO ART THOU TO PLAGUE THIS ONE'S MIND?!" She yelled in the Canterlot Voice.

Me? Oh, I'm just a merchant of mirrors. I take it Geralt is looking for answers? the disembodied voice asked.

There was no reply.

No matter. I will grant him what he needs, and give him his memory back. The only exceptions are going to be this one and the one that explains how he came to be here.

"What about us?! We have a right to know what is going on! If there is danger, you would be wise to reveal as such!"

...Would you really like to know?

Luna hesitated. If this entity is powerful enough to hide memories in such an elaborate spell as this, would it really be worth the risk? She had made deals with demons before, and it cost her a thousand years...

"...What would you require of me? Know this: if this is some trick, the Elements will-"

No, they won't. the voice chuckled. I exist everywhere and nowhere. The trinkets you so rely on cannot effect me. As for the cost of knowing what is to come, you must sacrifice something precious.

"Speak plain, demon! If this would require me to sacrifice my sanity again, I would vow to destroy you!" She exclaimed.

The voice laughed. Oh no, I know of your past deeds. I am confident in saying this will not force you to give up trivial things like sanity. No, this requires... Something more.

Luna sighed. This apparition was cunning, she had to learn the risks. "... What is the price?"

Aha! Let the negotiations commence. For the knowledge of what is to come, I require one thing...

Gasping awake, Luna looked around in a panic. Seeing she was in her room, the mare let out a sigh of relief. "That Merchant of Mirrors... He is pure evil."

Throughout the day, Luna had pondered whether or not Geralt's memory truly had been restored or if it was just some fallacy the Merchant of Mirrors had spouted. To be honest, she wasn't even sure if he existed but regardless, something that evil to exist sent chills down her spine.

It wasn't until late at night again when Luna got her answer. She had received another letter from Geralt, simply stating "thank you."

Reading those two words, she let out a sigh of relief. "That Merchant did as promised..."

Luna looked out onto the horizon once more before drifting off to the Dream Realm to tend to her duties. "Now let's hope it was worth the price..."

Author's Note:

The Merchant of Mirrors was always a mysterious character to me in the Witcher, so of course I'd add him to this.

This is also a way of saying sorry for not having any continuity whatsoever until I did my rough edits. That, and this sets up a future story arc I have planned :P

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Its always Gaunter O Dim......always.

So... Was it all a dream for Twilight? Because honestly that's the only thing that explains how everything went. Too many OOC behaviors to make sense... Unless they're from the nightmares of a certain neurotic alicorn. Going to give the sequel a look, it was an interesting story but too convoluted and a tad too unbelievable. If a dream it could use more foreshadowing on that front.

To be honest, with all the criticism I got (though very good and gave me ideas on how to change many mistakes I made) I'm gonna call this a failed project. It started with high ambitions but I guess too many characters were OOC. I might try again in the future with the sequel(which I am currently rewriting to fit the idea you had just given me.) But as it stands I think I'll shelve it.

Nothing against anybody, I just think I tried too hard and as a result, ended up with something not as good as what I hoped for.

Being able to take criticism and revaluate your work based on that is already a step beyond most authors, you got my attention just with that.

Pretty much any DM that tried too hard for an epic campaign knows that feeling. Maybe it's the players, maybe it's the structure, maybe the plot had a big honking hole that you only realized when they stumbled upon it. And it sucks, from experience.
But we can learn from it and do better on the next one.

If I may give some recommendations? Take the turning point of the story, Twilight's decision to go on with the life-saving plan, and let the dream have started in the aftermath. Maybe Celestia raised as a Nightmare and the trauma of dealing with that was too much for Sparkle, maybe it was something else. That's important mostly because it makes absolutely no sense for the ponies to have any hatred towards witchers (Celestia was possessed and labouring under false pretenses, she gets a pass) or for the girls to go "oh no, you should've let her die!". They are ponies from an extremely magical world where your tribe gives you magical powers others can't dream to have, being a mutant is not yet different from being a talented unicorn, pegasus or Earth Pony.
If anything it would make more sense for the possessed Celestia to condemn Twilight, devastating her, but for the support of the other elements to keep her afloat... Unless the nightmare struck sooner and put her under a long, long slumber. The kind that Luna would have to watch over, for possibly decades or centuries.

On Discord, he being so easily dispatched by Daybreaker was quite jarring. The spirit of Chaos, that couldn't be defeated by two alicorns, needing the power of the elements to be imprisoned, dying to a single buffed Sunbutt? Not a good decision. Sure, he's a problem for the narrative, but using him tangentially might be better. He could be the one that twisted Fluttershy's thread away from death, he might be running his own chaotic damage control. Maybe the conjunction of the spheres changes things up so much he cave interfere as he once could, so even though he's still extremely powerful his influence's limited.
Having him not be able and/or willing to snap the problem away is excellent, killing him to take him out of the game is not so good of an idea.

On the world, keep in mind the differences between ponies from a nearly-industrial society and the dark ages humans from the Witcher. And even if you do take away the industrial part by making it an alternate world, the bio-magical and world differences too.
Ponies are vastly different in their abilities simply due to tribe. Someone being able to do with none other can is not weird, it's 2 in three for any given pony, not to mention the outliers that can drag houses around, carry baby ursas with their horns or break the sound barrier unaided. Also alicorns.
Witchers being considered weird is expected, hated is very hard, because the monsters, well...
The world of Equestria is filled with monsters. Not legends, there are dragons, manticores, timber wolves, bugbears, hydras. Griffons are trading partners, but are predators with sharp beaks and claws. Steel is not unable to hurt most monsters, just worse at it. And a world that has had to carve their civilization from the grip of such a wolf E KNOWS how to fight it. The knowledge might be partially lost due to time, but someone has to fight those things, keep them under control. Or convince them not to eat them.
Adult dragons would easily rip apart most monsters from the Witcher world, by claw and flame. Big Mac's buck would shatter many in half. Pegasus can direct lightning and, most importantly, fly. Something so simple as dropping stones from high up can HURT, if not outright kill - ask the griffons what claws can do in a dive. Unicorns are capable of so much bullshit it's hard to even start.
That means their witchers have to take those in consideration. You wouldn't risk people in a deadly procedure that kills 4/5 of the trainees when you could just train and equip those guys and get a possible 3/5 fatality rate. But you would risk a 1/5 rate if you can avoid those 3/5. The skills that knowledge brings are more relevant than the supernatural factors, for equestria already has plenty of magic already.

Maybe that's the big difference. There's Zecora already to be a method of change, to work with Geralt to turn "evil transformation that turns you infertile but immortal and awesome, but will most times kill you" into "never get any family, but fight monsters better". Maybe the witchers in equestria don't live forever, but assume the mantle for better defend their homes.

If you want to tell a story with the discrimination and all that though, you'll need to work just how much the world changed, and that'll take way more than a measly century. With five alicorns around it'll be very hard for all of them to be out of commission soon, not to mention some ponies living three hundred years like granny smith or the occasional dragon, like spike, that'd keep the memory alive. You'd need the organized nation of Equestria to have fallen, the technology lost, not only there but all around the world. For the stories to become legend, the tribes to fall apart again, for united they'd be a bigger threat to monsters than humans ever were. And even then it's have to take place after most of the monsters were dead, for the monster hunters only began to be so shunned once their work went from "saving everyone everywhere" to "the guys that appear and rob you to shoo a bogeyman". 100 years after the conjunction they'd never be on the second state.

There's a ton of things to think about when trying to cross over the two franchises, but it can be quite the immersive world building exercise. You can either find the story you want to tell and then build a world capable of hosting it, or you can create the world and let it create such a story for you. Or maybe a third road, I'm far from being a writing guru :derpytongue2:

In the end you do have a promising starting point, it's just a matter of finding what went wrong in the first time and avoiding that. Might not be simple or easy, but with willingness and effort I'm sure you can do it :twilightsmile:

You have very good points, and can probably help me proofread the sequel, if you're so inclined :)

Right now, it isn't even a thing yet as I've had to start over from scratch(the direction I took just didn't sound like a good starting point for a sequel and became even more convoluted than this story, and I think you can agree that would have been a bad trend)

Just let me know if you're interested!

I hope you haven't lost interest in a sequel. I can't wait for it:raritystarry:.

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