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He never really believed in it, but always wanted it. Now he's in a forest. A deep dark forest where danger is around every corner. But he's not afraid.


Cause he's the Druid of the Four Seasons.


This is my first story on here. So will be bad. I'm also writing this on a wilm. so don't expect fast updates.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 32 )

I like will you continue this

I'm currently working on the second chapter

Great your have done a good job I hope you have a great day

Question: Who's surprised I'm doing this without an editor. ans its good

I am kind of suprised but not completely also I like were your going with this so far

Finally finished with the third chaper, Oh that was hard.

Out of the woods came three glowing green eyes.

Three sets of 'em. It's all in the phrasing.:raritywink:

Oh! I'll change that. Thx

The next morning I cleaned up my campfire, to make sure it didn't catch again. Don't want a forest fire right. I hoisted my saddlebags onto my back and quickly tightened the straps with my claws.

#extrapointtoyou. :raritywink:

"I am Zecora. This here is my home." She points towards the small cottage, "Now who are you." She asks, leaning in uncomfortably close.

#norhyming? :unsuresweetie:

'I wonder how the ponies there are?'

#herpderp :derpytongue2:


Sometimes it can be, coming up with ideas. I usually get my story ideas from dreams.

This has the potential to be one of the greats. Looking forward to seeing more of this. A bit of editing and you're golden. :raritywink:

I still can’t wait to learn more

So. To all the readers so far fro this story. Why do you like it. I'm really curious what makes it so interesting to you all.

Pretty good for your first try, a little rushed but I've seen worse, so I have to congratulate you on a good story

Well I just like the ideas of a druid in equestria, I've always had an interest in druids and so far this hasn't dissapointed me.

Not my first time writing atually. just a pony fic
And this is my own kind of druid. In a way. This type of Druid are like male nature spirits.

Well I like it a lot so far.

I like the stories about beeings with a connection with nature.
And your story, is for your first time, really great.
Thank you and please write more.

Why did I have to find this story? Now I have to wait for updates instead of never knowing about it and then find it either complete, incomplete, or canceled.

It would be great to see this continue.

I'm working on the next chapter. Its taking longer than expected

Good luck. This is pretty good so far.

Applejack nods. "So shall we go Forestoak."

Sorry, but I have to say it. Forest Oak seems... More proper.

Oh I'm going to shorten it out later. I wanted her to feel awkward saying his name. Going to shorten it to Oak later on. But ssh, Spoilers.

I always find it weird when people say forest... Because my name is Forrest... And if you didn't see it, there is a difference.

I do see the difference, and that's understandable if people get confused.

This is really cool. Also is mc some kinda wolf I’m not picking up on what species he is very well.

I have described him in the past but to be clear. He is a druid. A male forest spirit of sorts.

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