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Birthday Thoughts · 10:22pm March 30th

So, today is my birthday, an occasion that I have mainly written off for the past few years as nothing more than another day. For what reason had I resorted to such a pessimistic view of my own birthday? Well if you must know it's because of all the usual ideas I had filling my head, ones shared by many depressed friends and family of mine. "Birthdays are only big deals to people who have inflated egos or want to feel good about themselves for doing absolutely nothing." Or, "Everyone has a

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My... Work?

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Comment posted by JohnTheFair deleted April 1st

No problem. I saw your post advertising the overpriced writing advice, so I checked it out and was instantly hooked. Crazy to think you started it back in 2016, but honestly I applaud your consistency. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the follow! :heart:

Thanks for your kind words. Gotta be honest, it has been too long since I've binge read a good story for, quite literally, the entire night. Can't wait to see more!:twilightsmile:

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