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Hoarse Phuqer

All opinions expressed here are representative of a major corporation and not my own. I am your ultimate guide to riding horses, preferably the lewd kind.

It's a Self-Biography not an Autobiography you Car Fuckers

Proffesional Shit Poster and Expert on the Physics of Infants and Catapults

I blow things up

In the name of Freedom

And in the name of best pony.
Your socialist opinion will always be inferior to my Capitalistic and Democratic facts.

No Canada, milk does not belong in bags or before the cereal.

Fucking marxists.

I also own an Xbox 1 because PC is for the sexually impotent.

<3 Red White And Blue

Three generations from first to last laying down their lives on the line, and I won't be the last.

Stop Asking Me To Make You a Licensed Shit Lord