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Best I will do · 12:24am Nov 12th, 2015

Ok so there was a big hiatus with Weaponmaster and I ended up forgetting how the story was supposed to progress so I read trough the story.
:ajsleepy:I learned just how badly I had written it so I can't really end the story the way I wanted unless I completely re-write it and I am not doing that because I don't really remember exactly what I wanted to say with the story.
And I don't really feel like writing a story that has no point to it.:ajsleepy:

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Thank you for faving my story.


Hey! Thanks for the fave on "Her Majesty's Royal Guard!"

Love seeing that bell lit up. Thanks for the fave man.

Thank you for adding Blank to your bookshelf about length!

Also thanks for following me!

Thank you for the stalk!:rainbowkiss:

That story had been amazing, and its sad that its gone :ajsleepy: especially since i had noticed it had been deleted when i was editing chapter 56, i think and was going to send it to you :c rip Night Shadow's story, but atleast he got to bed luna (still want to kill cadence and pinkie for that, especially cadence :pinkiesad2: "Some things need to be boring in order for the interesting things to stand out." Last words of our hero

Is all I am going to say about that

1841422 Oh, sorry if I scared you. Here's some cute German to balance things out. :twilightsmile:

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