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We are Jewish, and we love ponies!

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Hello! I don't know if this is still active in any way, and I didn't do much in this site, but I am Jewish and enjoyed watching MLP. Hi!

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Forget my previous wall of text, I threw way too much at you at once! Let me make this simpler:

That's not the way Christianity (including Catholicism) works. You're not Christian if your father's Christian. You're Christian, if you worship the God of Israel (a.k.a. the God of the Bible), and accept Jesus as God's son and prophet.

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Yes it is. Due to my mum being Jewish and my father being Catholic its is possible. Seeing as religion of Judaism states the mother is Jewish so is the child but in the Catholic one states the father.


"I am half jewish due to my mum."

Can someone be part-Jewish?

I'm not Jewish, I'm American. But in my opinion: There's no such thing as being part-American. You're either American, or you're not.

I like to come in clean. I'm not Jewish. I'm Christian.
However, I joined this here group because of my love and respect for the Jewish community.

Why would you be proud of a race/religion that has destroyed freedom and liberty?

Okay I'm just gonna hide in the corner because I feel like me and Jesse Coffey are the only Irish Jewish people here so *hides in corner*

I may be a Filipino but I have a Jewish uncle and a German uncle both my moms side related through marriage

beep boop.

Random check-in

Wondering if we should all do a collab of Jewish Pony stories

376988 Hmm yes. 11 days is pretty late


Do you have any idea how long I've been looking for a group like this?
I'm currently writing several fics, but the one directly related to us is Fictionationality - Equestria. It's actually part of a longer series I've been working on for the past five years but only started writing it now.
Also, Hey I'm new here

I'm not Jewish but I respect them greatly and am glad to join!

HELLO MY FRIENDLY JEWS! I am half jewish due to my mum. I had no idea this was group. so i joined. Now i know .:yay:

Hellow My Fellow Jewponies! Today We will talk on the trotover, when princess cadnce relived us from the rule of the evil pharoe sumbra!

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