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My Little Pony Episodes that are Inappropriate for the Target Audience · 10:02pm Dec 14th, 2018

I've noticed quite a few episodes, that are dangerous for the target audience:

S5E6: Appleoosa's Most Wanted:
The CMCs hang around a man who their babysitter tells them is dangerous (and the man's a known criminal to boot). The episode shows them as being right to disobey their babysitter.

They Crusaders got lucky, the man turned out to be harmless. It could have ended very badly for them! It could end very badly for a real kid who tries the same stunt!

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New follower from me :3

Polygamy was only really for kings and some of the highest nobles.

I get your first paragraph, but I don't understand your second paragraph. What's only for kings?

Polygamy was only done for the upper class where multiple woman wanted to marry them. In fact the Christian enforcement of only 1 wife for a king is more the exception. It meant that European monarchs had to choose their wife very, very carefully. Marriage is an absolutely essential part of making alliances.

However it was only for kings. In fact what they are describing which is more like swinging was heavily frowned upon even for kings with multiple wives.

Interesting take. But I have my doubts that the Ponies are really more harmonious then us. They seem like just people to me, as flawed and virtuous as we are. I still say: Polyamory is necessary in Equestria because of their gender ratio, but very problematic in our world because of our gender ratio.

And Like I said in the thread (in my edit to my original post): I figured it was a shipping group, where three or more ponies were shipped together. Not a pro real-world-polygamy group! Perhaps that was a bit foolish of me.

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