Shipping the straight way 79 members · 91 stories

I am going to keep this simple. If you want old fashioned straight shipping, come right on over

Anyway. This is for all your favorite straight ships. enjoy, have fun, and follow the rules.


1. This is just for straight shipping. BOYxGIRL. No gay.

2. No inappropriate stuff, bad words, and no mature stories.

3. No pedophillia/foalcon.

4. No hating each other. You can disagree, but no attacking.

5. Please put stories in correct folders. Such as, what ship they belong to, the rating, and there will be a folder for friend shipping. in this folder you can have friends shipped together as friends. Example is Trixie and Starlight. or Lyra and BonBon. They are a good pair for friend shipping, but nothing else in this group.

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  • Viewing 1 - 6 of 6
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