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Is it just me, or does it seem that you can always help others; but you can never help yourself? I can't be the only one who feels like that.

This group is where all the helpers come to help each other. Whether it be on Fimfiction or in real life. This is where you can lean on others for a change, where you can find a shoulder to cry on instead of being the shoulder. This group is where you can make friends, relate with others, and find help and advice.

If you have any questions or you see a folder is missing that you think is needed, please contact Lunestia Storyhart,


1. Don't judge. We all need to be there for each other

2. Don't be a bully. Everyone needs to be nice. Same for attacking. If you bully once, you get a warning. Twice is a temporary ban. Three times is a permanent ban. If you are attacking anyone it will be an immediate ban.

3. Help each other. We can only support each other if we help one another. You help someone in this group, they will help you.

4. No inappropriate content or anything else. If it is a mature topic in the forum, please label NFSW and put spoilers around the content. Also please put mature stories in the mature folder. If this rule is violated the following will take place: once, you get a warning. Twice is a temporary ban. Three times is a permanent ban.

5. Please put stories in the correct folders.

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Happy to join and stay part of the fandom to the end and writing my own fimfiction stories.

Yes my calling and have you heard of a movie called jojo rabbit

especially those who give for nothing on return. It can get quite draining

Everyone needs a helping hand every now and again:twilightsmile:.

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