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This group is for those who sometimes get bored on this site, and just want to write stories, do PM's, make blog posts, and other things.. Just to get a reply. And to not be bored anymore.

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Hiiii! =3

Okay, then! (By the way, to reply, click the >> looking button on the post you want to reply to, then do your post.)

I’ll try that out

Oh. Well, have you tried writing a nonsense story marked random?

Comment posted by The Half Brony deleted Jun 27th, 2020

Is it okay if you just add a story here?

Trail of the Royal Mounted part 2

There's a talking horse in it, I guess.

Good. I found it on the internet.

Ha, Ha that picture of Luna is perfect!

I feel very happy for you!

Hurray! I just joined my first group!

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