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-scoober (me)

This site (fim net)has too many pedophiless on it, writing their sicko stories about baby ponis to desguise their sicko sexual attraction to CHILDREN

this is WRONG and makes Me VERY ANGRY and if you are a good person IT SHOUD MADE YOU ANGRY TOO


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I've been reading some of the comments and there are a lot of self righteous assholes that don't really know what they're talking about and because of their ignorance they have resorted to being hateful, I mean yes active pedophiles are terrible people but they only make up less than 20% of people that are attracted to children the other 80% are people that keep it to themselves and in their heads.
anyways that's all I had to say and don't reply because I don't have the patience for your entitlement.

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"Well you see, I'm not gonna provide any sources for my arguement and won't respond to any criticism Either so don't respond lol" thats what u sound like rn. Not to mention the fact that yes, writing erotica of children is wrong. Not a hard concept its the same as making a script of child pn and saying it was fine because it was written lmao

The cum sock infestation.

The only way to deal with pedophiles is a .223 to the head

Hey guys! I stumbled upon a really great tumblr post by the users Smarmyanarchist and Feraltoms; I can't link to it because my laptop blocks tumblr sites and I'm using a proxy site to view tumblr, but I just thought I'd copy and paste it here if anybody tries to argue with us again! Really great evidence and articles.


“child porn has to be photorealistic to count, written or cartoon child porn isn’t illegal” uhhh y'all understand that child porn/pedophilia in general isn’t bad because it’s “illegal” right? it’s important to me that we all understand that.


also while written child porn isn’t illegal (yet), drawn child porn is being cracked down on harder and under the PROTECT act of 2003 drawings, sculptures, and pictures depicting minors (ANYONE UNDER 18, DESPITE AGE OF CONSENT IN YOUR AREA) in obscene acts can be prosecuted (i can’t find any specific sources but there have been arrests made of individuals with “lolicon”).
law inforcement does use, and has been using animated and illustrated child porn to lure and catch predators and for a long fucking time.
pedophiles have been using child porn to groom children forEVER and that includes cartoons.
even pedophiles already in prison partake in creating written and illustrated child pornography.

if your only argument is that your actions aren’t illegal under a technicality? there are a hundred more technicalities to prove you’re guilty.

was reading through this page and wow, some of the arguments. imagine being so committed to dying on the pedo hill that you try to drag people who like catgirls or some tepid shit like that down the same plane of existence as you, just so you can try to feel less bad about being into kids

but yeah, not gonna be very active around here, just thought I'd come by and give y'all some support. you're on the right side here. keep fighting the good fight and boosting this message in the fandom. foalcons being as accepted in the fandom as they have been is one of the worst things bronies ever did to bronies.

now, personally, just to elaborate on my stance; I think that people who suffer from unwanted pedophilic thoughts but who don't actually want to be sexual with kids at all deserve to be treated with sympathy and understanding, not as inherently evil or dangerous or deserving of death or exile or what have you. but only as long as they keep those thoughts in their heads and never actually harm kids. they're people with a mental illness they never asked to have.

people on this hellsite who write and show support for foalcon and die on the hill of it being totes OK actually, though? safe to assume they're not in that category and are just legitimately into kids sexually. which means they're free game to attack and oust in my book.

What a degenerate world we live in where being anti-pedophile is controversial.

Man imagine being so entitled that you think people in a meme-y group owe you PhD worthy arguments. The pedo burner accounts are strong today.

>can't disprove what he said.
>might as well call him stupid!
What a faggot


What studies? Well, the same studies that disproved that violence in video games produces murdering psychopaths. While not one to one, it's cut from the same cloth and interchangeable until proven otherwise.

So, to look into the nature and psychology of child pornography... you misused the conclusions of research on a completely different topic where a crossover wouldn't be applicable?

I honestly have no idea how to respond to this because I haven't read something this blatantly stupid posted in complete seriousness in a long fucking time.

Fun fact: If you call someone a pedo, you are quite literally just calling them a child.

441456 Joined so I could leave this comment here. No need to respond because I won't.

this is you

Joined so I could leave this comment here. No need to respond because I won't.

If this group is against real-life pedos, that's fine by me. Though what I find chuckle-worthy is how you state that anyone who produces foalcon/loli is inherently a pedophile. It's a pretty funny meme but there's plenty of studies that prove otherwise.

What studies? Well, the same studies that disproved that violence in video games produces murdering psychopaths. While not one to one, it's cut from the same cloth and interchangeable until proven otherwise.

I'm sure I'll get hate but I felt whimsical today and wanted to shine some light on this obvious echo chamber.

lol there's people complaining about it on 4chan? that's how you know this group is doing god's work \o/

Damn, I'm down for stunning pedos and their simps like that any day, sister.


If he goes any lower he's going to be underground

Damn is this dude a limbo champ because how low can he go?

You know, complaining on 4chan about a group being against pedophillia isn't a good look for you right?

Posh #31 · February 15th · · 2 ·

441403 Years ago, I had a job working with social services. Part of my job was investigating reports of child abuse or neglect handed to us through the school system. Counselors or teachers would pass messages up the chain of command; eventually, they’d land on my desk. Mine, or one of my colleagues.

I remember, one year, we got this note about a kid named Darnell. Darnell was an eighth grader, pretty average kid, mediocre student, mediocre athlete. Gifted artist, though. Very skilled with watercolors. The file we got on him was full of his creations; they were very expressive, if abstract, pieces.

Anyway, Darnell came to our attention because his teachers reported him coming to school without any socks. Frequently, over a period of weeks, he would come to school without socks. I don’t mean he was wearing sandals, or anything; he just wore no socks. He’d take his shoes off in gym, and his skin would be filthy, sweaty, cracked and broken, bloody and peeling on the soles. His gym teacher caught this by complete accident one day, and it dovetailed with reports of sweaty foot-stink reported by teachers and classmates in his other classes. Calls were made, people were contacted, and suddenly, my colleagues and I were off to investigate Darnell’s house.

Darnell’s mother was the stay-at-home type. Single parent, telecommuted, brought in a decent wage. Enough for her and her kids to live with relative comfort. She was incensed when we showed up, didn’t like the questions we asked, or their implications. Of course, we had to ask them anyway, and she had to answer them truthfully, you know? We ran through the standard Q&A, and then, because I insisted on doing our due diligence, I asked to inspect the household.

We ventured into Darnell’s bedroom. Pretty tidy place, all things considered. Sort of... conspicuously so. You expect the bedroom of a young boy to be cluttered, strewn with dirty clothes that sort of thing. And there was clutter, to be sure: books, video games, old childhood toys, all scattered here and there.

But no clothes. I found that very curious. What I did detect was a sickly sweet, cloying odor. I followed it to his closet door, and opened it up. That’s when I found the clothes.

More specifically... I found his socks. All of his socks. They’d overflowed from a laundry hamper that was filled entirely with socks, one piled high, almost halfway up to the closet’s ceiling. No other clothes, no underwear, nor shirts, nor pants. Just socks, looming from the bin like Chernabog from Bald Mountain.

The socks looked like they’d adhered together. Indeed, when I nudged at them with my pen, I couldn’t dislodge a single sock from the pile. They moved together, as though glued. Stained yellow in patches, with ants crawling here and there, resembling nothing so much as an extra heaping scoop of instant mashed potatoes, left to rot, to be picked over by colonies carrion insects. I wondered what they could have been feeding on.

That’s when it all fell into place for me, when I finally understood. I knew why Darnell had been failing to wear socks to school, why his feet were sweaty and broken and thick with scaly rash. At thirteen, Darnell was a chronic masturbator. And his socks... they were receptacles for his emissions.

A sense of horror, of revulsion, and of terrible enlightenment fell over me, and I dropped to my knees, there in that very room. The thought rattled about in my mind like a hamster who’d trapped himself in a dryer. Darnell was using his socks for purposes beyond those for which they were woven and knitted. No longer footwear, they were as cock sleeves. No longer toe-warmers, they were jackin’-jackets. Knitted Love-Gloves. Dickin-Cozies. Spank-Bank Legal Tender.

God have mercy on the Darnells of this world, and all the stained and crusty socks in all hampers everywhere.

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