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Welcome to Gaming Bronies! The group for bronies and pegasisters that have a passion for both writing and playing video games.

Here you can find other gamers that use the same platforms as yourself, games that you play and even promote any gaming channels that you or your friends may have.

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I'm still playing FlatOut 2, any other FlatOut fans?

What is the meaning of this interruption? Jarl Balgruff is not receiving visitors.

This might seem ironic but I have gotten hooked on Legends of Equestria but I also play a lot of other games too.

I mainly play Nintendo games.

This is my actual gaming status:

PS4: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Online (often) or Black Ops 4 online ( extremely rarely)
Destiny (not anymore)
Battlefield (not anymore)
The Division Online(not anymore)
The Elder Scrolls Online(not anymore), Offline( waiting for : The Elder Scrolls VI)
Fallout Online( Never interested) Offline( waiting for the next episode)
A variety of offline games such as Red dead redemption 2 (often), Far cry 5(rarely), Ni No Kuni 2(extremely rarely) and others that I don't play anymore

PC(not anymore as a game platform): Company of heroes series Online(a long time ago)

I play all kinds of games

I play horror games.

Does anyone play Minecraft anymore?

Cuz I do!

Anyone play destiny 2 PC? PM me your tag.

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