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Ah, I see you have found my group. Welcome to the personal dimension of the scary porg man (dat me lol) that resides within this humble website. Within this group, you will find the knowledge of what goes on in that nebula of madness I call my head, such as fanfiction ideas, characters, lore, fanart, and most importantly,
M E M E S.
You can also share with me your fanfictions, fanart, characters, and memes with me, as I will with you. Sharing is caring after all. Who knows? You might even introduce me to something lifechanging.

If that doesn't get you hooked onto this group, I dunno what will.

The only rules I have: No flame wars, no political agendas, and don't share any of the big bad lewd. This is a holy Christian Minecraft server. But not on Minecraft. I feel like I'm missing something here.

Anyway, that should be it.

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I have arrived. :3

I received them in my feed. I'll check them out when I can.

Hi, just put in some new stories that I think you'll like:twilightsmile:.

Well, it's only one of them, anyways :P

I see only Anti's stories are under "Pure GOLD"......🙃

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