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Have an oc villain? Want a story for it, or even just make a story? We got you covered.

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I know right!? It's so cute!
Chryssie! You were gone for awhile!

AAWWWWWWW!!! :raritystarry: Congrats to them. :twilightsmile:

Eris and Zig'val... Dammit how to say it...
they are having twin sin spawns, also know as babies.


Hey quirky! We have BIG news! Get everyone here NOW!

It’s amazing! :yay: It’s like a better version of Assassin's Creed set in Lord of the Rings.


He made it his mission to have ever orc captain and warchief under his thrall before continuing the main missions. I’m kinda proud now actually.

Sounds cool! Is it good?
good, because I'm not waking up in the middle of the night..

Sorry Got sidetracked playing Shadow of Mordor. Brand is my new favorite ability. :rainbowlaugh:

That I would gladly do.

*Cuddles* Sanguine was getting a tad to into the mind control. I feel like I should be a little worried.

Back from school.
stupid assembly. And nah, I'll just force you to watch over them at night.
and I as well! *Snuggles*

Morning. :twilightsmile:

Well neither am I. I’m just happy to spend time with you.

I can see that happening. Would that make you the strict mom?

So good!
*shrugs* I'm not so sure.
emphasis on angry. And Eris will spoil the living daylights out of them.


So, Eris my love. What are you in the mood for this fine evening?

Ah, you mean invincible.
Also, I could tell. You really took a pounding. Our children will be beautiful and strong. We’ll have little angry Half-Magma Dragon Babies.

*smirks* I know.
damn it I meant invinsabal.

Yup! Apparently there’s also Cookies and Cream and Brownie Supreme versions too.

Oh, well look at you being the sexy vixen.

I sat on a pinecone once. I didn’t notice. Also, Blindsight for the win.

Oh... My... God. Delicious!
*smiles mischievously* only because I don't want anyone to have YOU.
oh, shut the fuck up, go sit on a pinecone. Of course I am, I'm invisible.

Chex covered in chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. They’re like sugary crack.

*hold tightens slightly* Oh but love, *slowly grins, showing off his sharp teeth. Whispers in her ear.* I already have you.

Yeah. Sanguine can blow up sometimes too. It’s not pretty. *shrug* So, How have you been Audrey? Finally able to walk straight again I see.

Oh... What are those? I'm eating gummi bears.
*leans closer* good thing I'm fast.
I don't like being someone's dinner.
you should see her when she realizes she has extra homework. You want to rrun.

Hmmmmm, possibly. Currently I’m eating muddy buddies.

Oh, yes. I’m far scarier than any equation. *leans in close.* I could just eat you up.

Ah. I was thinking that she could use both parts of the pencil if they were sharpened, unless they were mechanical. Meh. She needs to find a way to vent some of that stress.

You should watch it.
like you? Kidding, kidding!
no, she has four. She said every time she broke a pencil, it was the body of a teacher she hated.

Huh. Intriguing.

Love, there’s many things scarier than equations. Though I myself detest them. *grumbles*

Then technically wouldn’t she have 32 pencils left?

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