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PSA... · 7:36am Yesterday

Most of you probably don't know this, but I am epileptic. You might be asking yourself, what does that mean? It means that I am prone to having seizures without warning. Well, last Friday night, it happened at work. When it was all said and done, none of my co-workers or supervisor knew what to do. So I figured I'll give a quick overview and some first aid tips in case any of my fellow bronies or pegasisters happen to be in a situation where they need to help someone having a seizure.

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Questions From My Followers (And Others)


What is, as of yet, your favorite SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles story? I'd have to say Sunset's Day. It was the first romance fic I ever wrote and it was the fic that started the SciTwi Shimmer Chronicles.
Tangentially related, what's your favorite story you've read on this site? Tough one. The story I go to the most on here, especially when I need cheering up, is Goodbye And Hello by Jet Storm.
Question: What do you gain your inspiration from? Usually television shows or just random stuff that pops in my head.
Where do the ideas for your stories first get that special little spark that builds into a blaze of "HOLY CRAP, I GOTTA WRITE THIS STORY!"? If the idea stays with me for a couple hours and during those couple hours I begin going through multiple scenarios in my head, it turns into a need to write.

* * *


1. Have you heard of me before? You personally or the TV show?
2. What was your first exposure to the show? I was watching the show with my daughter one Saturday and it happened have one of the catchy songs on the episode. I saw Netflix carried MLP and began binge-watching it.
3. Who is your best friend on the site? Quillian Inkheart. He started off as an editor for one of my stories.
4. Do you know what Marcellus Wallace looks like? Who?
4.5. Does he look like a b- Uhhhh... Don't know.
5. What is your favorite Youtuber? That's an easy one. Games Done Quick

* * *


What was your experience like writing you're first fic? It was interesting. I spent the better part of twenty-one chapters doing my writing on here before learning about Google Docs. Actually, my first fic was inspired by Argodaemon's Remembrance.

* * *


1. Favorite Band Charlie Daniels
2. Favorite Movie Remember The Titans
3. What's your advice to aspiring writers? Start small. If you try going all out with a huge story right away, there's a chance you'll be smacked in the face with writer's block quickly. That's the reason why Friendship Is Forever took as long as it did to complete.
4. In regards to writing romance, how do you go about it? It may sound cliché, but write from the heart. Let your feelings do the writing.
5. Favorite five games from any genre Mega Man X, Life Is Strange, the Forza Motorsport franchise, Donkey Kong Country 3, Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

* * *

Noctus Custodi

1. What is the story you have connected to most on an emotional level either that you have written or that is on the site? Until I wrote Dark Sunset , it was It's Time To Leave

2. What was the impetus for writing the Dark Sunset series? I was in a very low point in my depression and had recently attempted suicide. In order to take my mind off of a repeat attempt, I wrote Dark Sunset.

3. Who is best pony? Sunset Shimmer.

4. Which pony do you think is the most fun to write about? Again, Sunset Shimmer.

5. Who is your favorite or most influential author? On site or IRL perhaps both! :D That would be milesprower06. I stumbled upon a reading of his/her story, A Precious Rainbow, on YouTube. Shortly afterward, I saw Remembrance and about a week later I began writing Friendship Is Forever.

* * *


What inspired you to write these stories? Various things actually. Some were inspired by love, others from depression. One was inspired by Star Trek: Voyager. Three of them were motivated by Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games. Plus I get a lot of time to myself at work, so random stuff will pop up then.

* * *


Why is your profile pic so awesome!? My profile pic changes depending on my mood. At the time of your question, I was having some gaming rages so naturally Sunset's game face had to be my pic.

* * *


  1. What's your favourite video game? Mega Man X
  2. Who's your favourite brony artist (as in artwork)? I really don't have a favorite artist, to be honest. But if I had to choose, it would be Horse Cat.
  3. Ketchup or mustard?

Ketchup, with a side of mayonnaise.

* * *


What is the answer to this question? What is the question to this answer?

* * *


Okay, I finally got a question for you- What made you become a SunTwi fan/writer(if that makes sense)? It does make sense and honestly, I have no idea. I guess it just came naturally when I wrote Sunset's Day.

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You're welcome. I'm looking forward to more chapters to it.

Omg, I'm a big fan thank you for saving Not Our Sunset in your faves and SunLight Ships!

I do plan on writing a one-shot with their break-up.

Hi :pinkiehappy: ! I just finished reading your long road arc and...wowsers. It. Was. AMAZIIIING! :yay: ButButBut now I'm curious. Why'd Dashie and JackJack break up? Will we ever know?:pinkiegasp::derpyderp1:

As more i read your stories the more i like cruel turns in them :rainbowlaugh: im a little bit sadistic :pinkiecrazy:

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